FOUR BITS: Tebow, hyperbaric, Pouncey, luck

By Adam Silverstein
August 12, 2010

1 » Considering how dominant former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow has been in his career, many believe he should be the opening day starter for the Denver Broncos, too. While that notion has been poopooed by most everyone, The Denver Post’s Woody Paige makes a case for why that is exactly what should happen.

Tebow is a winner. He won 85 percent of the games he started at Florida, 82 percent of the games he started at quarterback in high school and college and 84 percent of the games he participated in from his freshman year in high school (as a tight end) to his senior year in college. His teams have won 13 games four times, 12 once, 11 once and nine once. He was on two state prep champions and two BCS champions in eight seasons. He played three quarters of a game on a broken leg. […]

With the uncertainty of the offensive line, [Kyle] Orton can’t scramble out of trouble. Tebow has his entire career. Tebow can throw the short routes as well as Orton, and certainly can throw more accurately on the run. The Broncos utilize a plethora of plays based on Florida’s spread offense, and Tebow already has proven to the coach’s satisfaction that he can read defenses and check-down receivers. […]

As the starter, Tebow would give the franchise hope, national relevance and excitement unlike anything witnessed in Broncos Country since briefly in 2005 and consistently from the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. Tebow would give them and himself another winning season.

2 » In other Tebow news…it was revealed today that he has been using a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. TMZ reports that Tebow has actually been using the chamber for approximately six months and had one that was originally rented at his home in Florida sent to Denver before training camp to help him adjust to the high altitude.

Two more BITS on Maurkice Pouncey and the Florida Gators basketball team being a victim of circumstance…after the jump!

3 » Pittsburgh Steelers rookie center/guard Maurkice Pouncey is making strides in training camp and is angling for a chance to start as the team’s right guard when the 2010-11 season kicks off. Though many Steelers beat writers believe this to be a certainty, current starter Trai Essex is doing his best to hold off the former Gators star. “I know they drafted Pouncey to come in and play center or right guard, and he’s having a great camp,” Essex said. “He’s a very gifted athlete. But I am still the starter. I want to start. I’m not here every day at practice trying to become a backup. I was a backup for the majority of my career. I don’t want to go back. I had a taste of starting last year. My mindset is that I want to remain a starter.”

4 » Taking a look at Florida basketball’s 2009-10 campaign, Sports Illustrated’s Andy Glockner claims they were a victim of circumstance – even though two buzzer-beaters resulted in victories for the Gators. “According to’s luck calculations,the 2009-10 campaign was the second consecutive season in which the Gators’ overall record actually fell far short of expectations. Last year, based on Florida and its opponents’ overall performance curves, “bad luck” actually cost the Gators almost 2.5 wins, leaving them in the nation’s bottom 50 for bad karma,” Glockner wrote. “If things break right for the Gators, they should find themselves in far fewer close games this season, which is key because blowouts help marginalize luck. After two seasons of relatively bad fortune and with the talent now on hand, simply needing no luck would be a welcome development in Gainesville.”

Photo Credit: Hyoung Chang/The Denver Post


  1. John Shanks says:

    Glad to see fan pandering is just as alive in Denver as it is here.

    As far as basketball luck goes, we just need to have greater depth. We ran out of gas at the end of games. We were competitive with everyone for 90% of the minutes except Xavier, and then lost control at the end when our guards didn’t have the energy to shoot.

  2. tenn todd says:

    start him give gator naton somthing to look foward to on sundays

  3. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I wish I had stock in a hyperbaric chamber company

  4. ApkGator says:

    Quick everone pant your hyperbaric chamber Orange and Blue and hit Ebay…

  5. Amazing says:

    I was injured in the military. I use HBOT to help with my spine injury and it helps. TMZ is a gossip, fact bending web site. Tim is a Christian and a great role model. I hope Tebow brings realization to how HBOT can help our wounded soldiers.
    People are always trying to find fault in people who are succesful. My heart hurts for the people at TMZ looking for sensationalism.
    Thanks Tim for all you do.

  6. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Good points Amazing and thank you for your service!!!

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