OL Johnson also moves on from Florida

By Adam Silverstein
August 13, 2012

It was just two weeks ago when the Florida Gators football program nabbed five commitments in as many days (as well as a sixth three days later). After reaching 22 verbal pledges in early August, the team has lost a pair of three-star prospects over the past two days as offensive lineman Roderick Johnson (Delray Beach, FL) joined cornerback Tre Bell (Jersey City, NJ) in decommitting from the Gators.

Johnson, who hinted at his potential decommitment after wide receivers coach Aubrey Hill resigned, told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel on Monday that he was going to pull the trigger only to backtrack and claim that he had not decided to decommit from Florida.

Now Johnson has followed through with the split that was reportedly a long time coming.

According to InsidetheGators.com ($), he was one of two players – the other being four-star wide receiver Rodney Adams (St. Petersburg, FL) – who had previously been put “on notice” by the coaching staff because of their academic standings.

Both players made headlines following Hill’s resignation when they voiced their displeasure with his departure and as a result decided to open up the recruiting process.

Though Adams, as of press time, remains committed to the UF but could sever the relationship at any time, Bell switched his pledge to Vanderbilt on Saturday and Johnson may wind up with West Virginia, which has come on strong for both him and Adams.

The Gators also lost a commitment from three-star linebacker Dillan Lawson (Crestview, FL) on July 19 likely due to similar circumstances.

Florida’s 2013 recruiting class remains strong with 20 members including many of the highest-rated offensive and defensive players from within the state. The Gators are expected to have space for five more players and will have six months to fill those slots.


  1. Gatorgrad79 says:

    If these kids have academic issues, what does that say about West Va??

  2. Tractorr says:

    Ha, that West Virginia is not even close to the same academic standards of Florida. Florida is AAU, WVU is not.

  3. Tractorr says:

    I would rather these guys get out now while we have time to recruit players who want to be at Florida. I still prefer this to Meyer’s “system” where he would put all his eggs in one basket and hope that on signing day they would pick us.

  4. G2 says:

    How do you go to Vandy with these issues? Bell looked like a player to me but with VH3 coming maybe his best move?

  5. Crock says:

    More schollies for us!

  6. Crock says:

    It depends. Are you saying Muschamp is taking inferior players who are willing to commit now over better players who won’t commit until later to mitigate risk?

  7. Crock says:

    This was supposed to be a reply to Tractorr

  8. calgator says:

    Bell wasn’t grade issues – just Adams and Johnson.

  9. Tractorr says:

    I don’t think Bell had academic issues.

  10. Sloth says:

    Caleb Brantley is next. 🙁

  11. Tractorr says:

    @ Crock

    Partially, and especially in Muschamp’s overall coaching philosophy. Muschamp wants to get the players to school and evaluate them (like Saban, why do you think he over signs). Sure we want good players but I would rather take a committed 4 star player over a 5 star player who goes elsewhere on signing day.

    Basically, get a solid class no matter what and hope that the top guys see that they are going to have a strong supporting cast.

  12. Matt says:

    I think Florida is going to do a lot better than most people think this year and many of these kids are going to look at Fl in a new light by season end. Both of our QBs are unproven but both have NFL talent. The OL has apparently gotten a lot stonger and more in sync from what I read so hopefully that means more time to pass. I expect one or maybe two upset wins for us!

    With regards to the two that just decommitted. Perhaps if he has the grades Fl might get Mackensie Alexander now that Bell is out of the picture. What a DB class if that happens! I think Fl should also go hard after Tyrone Crowder since Johnson is gone. I know he is a OG and Johnson was OT still he looks like a beast! Just one guys thoughts on a Monday…

  13. g8ter27 says:

    Not sure why you say that with Brantley…maybe grades that I know nothing about but as far as wanting to be a Gator he is all in.

  14. scooterp says:

    Mack Alexander will not be coming to Florida ………..and when Bell was a commit we already had an excellent DB class. We pulled his scholly because he was dishonest with the coaching staff. He was suppose to workout at camp over the summer, but when he came to FNL he said his HS coach would not permit him to workout. It was later confirmed that his HS coach did not restrict him from working out at camp, then when the UF coaches confronted Bell about the issue he continue to lie about it. Is what it is. Hope he learned his lesson. I still think we’re fine at CB, alot of depth. I would leave spots for Walker and Harris on defense, and throw whats left of the kitchen sink at O linemen and a receiver.

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