Coxson second freshman to transfer in four days

By Adam Silverstein
August 19, 2010

Following in the footsteps of freshman safety Jordan Haden, who was granted a full release with no transfer exceptions by head coach Urban Meyer on on Aug. 16, wide receiver Adrian Coxson has also decided to leave the Florida Gators.

Citing home sickness as his chief reason, Coxson’s transfer has been agreed to by the University of Florida; he will be released from his scholarship effective immediately.

Early Thursday, freshman safety Matt Elam wrote the following innocuous message on his Twitter account: “I hate to see young men my age run away from something because it’s hard. Just destroying our class.”

A highly-rated four-star recruit from Maryland (like Haden) Coxson’s name had not been heard much in fall practice. The Gators signed four other WRs in their 2010 recruiting class including Chris Dunkley, Quinton Dunbar, Solomon Patton and Robert Clark and already have two-to-four committed for 2011 (depending on position choice).

UPDATE: Coxson will be transferring to Maryland, according to numerous media outlets.

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  1. g8ter27 says:

    Sad to see him go but I think that is to be expected when you sign top classes each and every year. This is the reason we have Moody right now, bc USC consistently signed the best running back in the country and somehow they all thought they would be “the man” there. Good luck wherever he goes.

  2. John Shanks says:


  3. Mike says:

    Wasn’t Stephen Alli technically in that class too? Hate to see these guys leave but it’s a good problem to have. Just aske F$U or USF

  4. npgator says:

    Elam is already exemplifying leadership qualities. He is a winner and I for one am glad as hell he is a Gator!

  5. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Why did these guys commit to UF if they weren’t willing to work hard? Did they honestly believe, that they would waltz in here, and everything was going to be handed to them? Guys, this is the University of Florida! We are in the running for the national title every year! If you didn’t come ready to give 100% of your heart and hustle everyday, then you should have really committed to FAMU instead! Instead of wasting our time!

  6. Wingtee says:

    “Wahhh mommy I want to come home please come get
    me. These guys are mean and and they
    are picking one mommy. Please take me to Maryland where they
    are nice and we can win 3- 4 games!!!”

  7. dp says:

    Kids these days…they want everything to be handed to them.

  8. Wingtee, I think you’re taking it a little too far. I went to Florida partially because I didn’t want to be too far from home, for example. I could have gone to Northwestern – accepted with a scholarship offer. Granted, I made that decision BEFORE I went to college…and if I went to NW…I probably would have stayed there. But better he finds this out before the fall semester starts than during the season. Give these kids a break (not just you, everyone).

  9. Wingtee says:

    Northwestern is tremendous school especially journalism. You are
    to be commended
    having a
    scholly offer there. I’m telling you
    that this generation of kids are
    immature and basically punks. I see it everyday
    so don’t
    tell me I am wrong here. They need to get away and try
    to act
    like a man. They
    have no problem partying like an adult do they. Coxson just could not handle getting his butt handed to him. Soft and wants to go back to the titty

  10. g8ter27 says:

    I think it was good he did this before classes, if he isn’t gonna play then open us up a spot for another person to come in here and make an impact. Elam is indeed going to be a leader and I am excited to see him play.

  11. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I agree let’s not take this too far…are a lot of kids punks these days…yes….but we shouldn’t judget this kid based on that….he might be a good kid who realizes that even with hard work he might never have a chance at seeing the field and this might very well be the best decision for him and the Gators.

  12. OldflyerG8r says:

    Geez. I started at UF in 1953, my wife started in ’54. One of her best friends lasted one night before running home to Jacksonville. Wife looked for her to go to breakfast the first morning, and her roommate said she was gone. She came back the next year and did fine. There were many other kids who were not ready for the break.
    Kids in every generation have issues. Some learn to cope with them earlier than others; some never do.

    O&B makes the point. Lots of these kids come out of high school and the recruiting process with inflated ideas of their ability. When they face reality at UF, or other major programs, it can be demoralizing. Better the see the handwriting and cut their losses, and UF’s, early.

  13. El Meester says:

    So if you are a kid these days, you automatically are “immature” and are basically a “punk”, therefore, you should go far away from your family. Yeah, makes sense.

  14. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Part of the problem for many of these kids is the adulation they have received, many of them since PeeWee football. To be brought into a system and treated like a raw recruit, forced to prove themselves ( much like a boot camp) goes against the psyche for many of these kids who have never been treated as anything but a ‘golden child’. It is probably good that the ones who can manage their egos, recognize that their personal goals must be subjugated to theat of the TEAM, and buy into the program stay, while the those who cannot , leave.

  15. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Again, like Bootcamp, the ones who will wash out, usually do so in the first 2 weeks. That is intentional design, to quickly arrive at the tight knit group who will bond and become the brotherhood who stand together for the TEAM.

  16. O-town Gator says:

    Oldflyer is spot-on. Just like people have a certain learning curve as to how rapidly they grasp new ideas and put them into practice, emotional maturity works the same way – some kids right out of high school are mature enough to handle being away from home at a distance and others are not quite ready for it just yet. That’s true for every generation, I agree.

    Gatorgrad79 also makes good points – these kids may have been hot shots and BMOC’s in high school, but college is a whole new game. The preseason separates the wheat from the chaff, and those who have the potential to contribute will see playing time sooner than those who need more development. UF isn’t for everybody, and if Coxson felt out of place there then he felt he needed to make the right decision and transfer to another school closer to home – and I for one won’t hold that against him.

    Wingtee, it’s easy for you to rant about how “immature” today’s “punks” are, but in saying the condescending things about this kid (Coxson) the way you did you’re just as immature – and you cut off your nose to spite your face. Grow up.

  17. Mr2Bits says:

    My question is when are we going to hold an annual OGGOA BBQ or tailgate party so everyone can meet up and debate? I for one am raring for AS to make a personal appearance.

  18. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    We already know how to find you…how many other people wear a tie and yellow sweater

  19. Gatorgrad79 says:

    There are a large group of us OGGOA members who tailgate at Lot 4 ( west side of the track, across from basketball complex). Say the word and we will host a gathering one week!

  20. Cool. Unfortunately, not sure how often I will be able to get there this year. Have back-to-back weddings during games and there are conflicts many other home weekends. Trying to get up for USF though. Either way, you guys should all meet up.

  21. Wingtee says:

    O town nice job in supporting a quitter. Is that what you tell your son? You enable softness for kids and not toughness. Let’s not hurt their feelings O town. Take the easy way out Otown , that’s the way to go.

  22. O-town Gator says:

    Like I told you Wingtee, grow up. Your immaturity, as well as your attitude, is disgusting.

    If Coxson didn’t feel that UF was the right place for him, he did the right thing in transferring to a school closer to home. That’s not being a crybaby or a quitter, that’s making a rational decision. If he has better success at Maryland, then more power to him.

  23. Droppingin says:

    You folks are reading way too much into this. It appears to me that he was homesick and nothing more. Personally, I have never understood being homesick but that is me.

    If everyone thought like me, there would be no such thing as a hometown and families would spread to kingdom come, if you know what I mean, just cities where people were born and attended high school.

    In one consideration, the kid had the sense and/or balls to ‘visor down’ now. The longer he stayed, the more involved, the more involved the more the impact of his exodus on him and UF. Lucky for us that we had phenomenal recruiting last year.

    I do not understand it but glad he did it now.

  24. Wingtee says:

    Will do, I’m done with jt

  25. Matt says:

    I don’t think Haden is transferring, so much as he is sitting out this season. His older brother Josh transferred into UF and will be a RB next season, so I imagine he will want to play alongside his older brother.

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