USC’s Baxter admits he “misspoke” about contact

By Adam Silverstein
August 23, 2010

In early June, administrators for the USC Trojans accused five schools – the Florida Gators, Alabama, Oregon, Washington and Fresno State – of illegally contacting running back Dillon Baxter about a transfer to their respective universities.

Less than a month later, USC athletic director Mike Garrett was forced to send letters to each school apologizing for the previous accusations and attempting to make amends for “any inconvenience or embarrassment” that was caused.

ESPN’s Shaun Assael has since uncovered a letter of admission from Baxter, who fessed up to misleading his university about what exactly happened in June.

“I misspoke when I said coaches had contacted me from other schools,” Baxter wrote in a letter to the school. “I am truly sorry for all of the chaos I have caused and it was not my intention to implicate other schools and their coaching staffs.”

Baxter began his letter by explaining that he spoke with friends at the implicated institutions, not coaches or administration officials. While he claims he did not understand the rules, many – including USC – appear to believe the whole situation was a hoax and that Baxter purposely misled them.

That is part of the reason that he has been suspended for the team’s opener against Hawaii on Sept. 2. “I’ve done a couple things, and things happen, and I made a mistake,” Baxter told reporters last week. “But I’m going to move on from here on out.”

USC head coach Lane Kiffin called Baxter’s one-game opening-season punishment “an extremely strong message and a very severe punishment for a player that may potentially be the most skilled player on our whole roster.”


  1. Timmy T says:

    It felt like Baxter was being fishy from the beginning.

    ADAM, I just heard on the radio, (680AM out of Atlanta), that Powell and Pouncey got into a little bit of a scrap with each other this weekend. Do you have any knowledge to confirm or deny it?

  2. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Apparently Lane is wanting sympathy for not having Baxter for one game

  3. No, but 680AM seems to throw a lot of rumors around about the Gators that are completely unsubstantiated. Whether or not a scrap did happen, it is meaningless. That’s what goes on when you go head-to-head 40 times a day for two weeks.

  4. CCG8TR says:

    Well, Dillon has certainly learned the CYA move from Kiffin.

  5. brlgator says:

    Anyone one who has ever participated or watched practice especially before the season starts knows that if there arent a few scraps then you arent trying hard enough. I like that the new phenom is fighting with the O-line/team leader. It means they care and are going 100%

  6. Timmy T says:

    I’m with ya BRL. Nothing wrong with a little mixing it up, and like ADAM said, that’s what happens

    ADAM, to be fair, I listen to their station at lunch everyday, and that show is actually really good if you like the Braves and college football. They are fair and know their stuff more times than not.

  7. Joe says:

    Considering the crap he pulled at Tenn and the slap on the wrist Mike Slive gave him, only Lame Kiffin would consider a one game suspension an extremely strong message and a very severe punishment

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