Gators’ rookies continue to roll in preseason

By Adam Silverstein
August 29, 2010

Four weeks of preseason action have now come to a conclusion, and the majority of the Florida Gators‘ 10 rookies have been regularly participating for their respective teams. OGGOA takes a look at how they have been performing thus far with only one more week to go before the 2010-11 NFL regular season begins.

QB TIM TEBOW, Denver Broncos
Game 3 Passing: 5-of-10 for 72 yards, one TD, one INT (14.4 avg., 67.5 QB rating)
Game 2: Did not play – ribs
Game 1 Passing: 8-of-13 for 105 yards (8.1 avg., 87.0 QB rating)
Game 1 Rushing: Two carries for 10 yards, one touchdown

CB JOE HADEN, Cleveland Browns
Game 3 Defense: Five tackles (two solo), one pass defended
Game 3 Kick returning: one attempt for 12 yards
Game 2 Defense: Two tackles (one solo), two passes defended
Game 2 Kick returning: Two attempts for 43 yards (long 28)
Game 1 Defense: Three solo tackles, one pass defended
Game 1 Kick returning: One attempt for 34 yards

C MAURKICE POUNCEY, Pittsburgh Steelers
Game 3: Worked as first-team center
Game 2: Worked as first-team center
Game 1: Worked as first-team guard, second-team center

Game 3: Did not play – undisclosed
Game 2: Did not play – undisclosed
Game 1: Did not play – concussion

DE CARLOS DUNLAP, Cincinnati Bengals
Game 4 Defense: One tackle (one solo), two QB hits
Game 3 Defense: Four tackles (three solo), one sack, one Gator Chomp
Game 2 Defense: One tackle
Game 1 Defense: Did not play – concussion

LB BRANDON SPIKES, New England Patriots
Game 3 Defense: Seven tackles (five solo), one QB hit
Game 2 Defense: Three solo tackles
Game 1 Defense: Eight tackles (three solo) [team-high]

S MAJOR WRIGHT, Chicago Bears
Game 3: Did not play – finger
Game 2: Did not play – finger
Game 1 Defense: Seven tackles (six solo)

TE AARON HERNANDEZ, New England Patriots
Game 3: Did not play – undisclosed
Game 2 Receiving: Four receptions for 46 yards [team-highs], one touchdown
Game 1 Receiving: Three receptions for 26 yards (long 21)
Game 1 Rushing: One carry for six yards

WR RILEY COOPER, Philadelphia Eagles
Game 3 Receiving: Three receptions for 39 yards [T-team highs], one touchdown
Game 2 Receiving: Two receptions for 22 yards
Game 2 Special Teams: Two tackles
Game 1 Receiving: Three receptions for 61 yards (long 46) [team-high]

WR DAVID NELSON, Buffalo Bills
Game 3: Two receptions for 34 yards, one touchdown
Game 2: Did not play – ankle
Game 1 Receiving: Five receptions for 47 yards [team-highs], one touchdown

KR BRANDON JAMES, Indianapolis Colts
Game 3 Kick returning: Six attempts for 144 yards (avg. 24, long 34)
Game 3 Punt returning: Two attempts for six yards, one fumble
Game 2 Punt returning: Two attempts for 22 yards (long 19)
Game 1 Kick returning: Four attempts for 99 yards (avg. 24.8, long 28)
Game 1 Punt returning: One attempt for five yards
Game 1 Receiving: One reception for two yards


  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Very nice to see so many Gators doing well in the NFL!

    It’s great to be a Florida Gator!

  2. Daniel M. says:

    Congratulations Tim! But seriously, his footwork was not good and it led to a soft thrown ball that could have just as easily gone pick six.

  3. zach says:

    I am so tired of hearing about his footwork…. The guy is a winner. Look at what Brett Favre has done and he is always throwing off of his back foot.

  4. Daniel M. says:

    And look how many INT’s Favre has thrown in crucial situations…off of his back foot. Making Fav-Ray comparisons is not the strongest argument.

    Look, I’m the biggest Tim supporter there is but I can see with my own two eyes that he has a BUNCH of work to do. That DB got roasted too. Try that against Revis or someone comparable and it’s pick six.

  5. John Shanks says:

    Nice job David Nelson! Hope Cunningham’s alright, the Pat’s are weird about injuries.

  6. Dan- It’s not often I’ll call you out for being wrong, but this is one instance. Tebow’s touchdown play, where he pulled up early and threw off of his back foot, was done because before going through the progression, he realized the guy was wide open – it was a VERY smart (and veteran) move.

    Additionally, his three- and five-step drops both looked solid and consistent the entire game. He obviously excelled from the shotgun.

    If you do want to criticize him, the interception and incomplete third down pass on the opening series are your best bets. The INT he should have known better – took him too long to get the ball there. The third down pass was just unacceptable – kind of happens when people throw short across their body.

  7. Mr2Bits says:

    I will say Adam on that 3rd down pass he looked way too juiced up. He threw it at a speed like it was a 40 yard out. Think he’s just so stoked to get into the game. The way lady Quinn keeps playing looks like it may be sooner than later as well.

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