Florida Gators’ 2010 Nike Pro Combat uniforms

By Adam Silverstein
September 1, 2010

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For the second straight year, the No. 3/4 Florida Gators have been chosen by Nike as one of 10 schools which will wear special uniforms for at least one game during the 2010-11 season. Just like in 2009, Florida will be outfitted in the Nike Pro Combat System of Dress, uniforms “engineered to provide superior protection and durability, while utilizing advanced fabrics and tooling to reduce weight.”

Florida’s version, which features an “alligator-skin motif used in the jersey numbers, pant, gloves and footwear inspired by [the] menacing Gator mascot,” will be worn on Oct. 30 against Georgia at the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party in Jacksonville, FL, (and perhaps on other occasions if the team so chooses). The theme of the 2010 design is “PRIDE,” which is stitched on the inside collar of the jersey and located on the gloves.

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Alabama (11/13), Boise State (9/6), Miami (FL) (11/20), Ohio State (11/27), Oregon State (12/4), Pittsburgh (11/26), Texas Christian (9/4), Virginia Tech (9/6) and West Virginia (11/26) are the other nine schools who will be participating in Nike’s campaign.

Florida was represented Wednesday by former running back Errict Rhett, who led the Gators in rushing for four-straight seasons and played seven years in the NFL.

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  1. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Still love the gloves….the uni’s are better this year as they look much closer to our traditional look….must have listened to the feedback!!!! I can’t reallly tell from the pic what is on the side of the arm?

  2. SC Gator says:

    That’s acceptable.

  3. Luke says:

    I love it! Definitely more in line with what I was expecting out of last years’ unis. I like that they stuck with the original helmet and the gator print pretty much just on the numbers.

  4. Charles says:

    Looks good. We sould wear those gloves every game though. They are sweet. Love the fact the helmet is virtually unchanged with the exception of the blue and white mid stripe. I could see this as the new uniform going forward, if that’s a change the University wants to make, I don’t feel like these are are too off the wall.

  5. Miami Gator says:

    Luke, look again. The helmet is not the same. They also have the gator print.

  6. Daniel M. says:

    Have to agree, the gator print numbers are bad ass.

  7. Dan says:

    Can’t tell much from these pics but the Nike site shows gator print on the helmets.

  8. Mr2Bits says:

    Eric Rhett looking a little thin these days?

  9. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Agree he has thinned down….remember the rumors they would pull him out of practice because he was hurting too many of our LB’s? Guy was as tough as nails.

  10. Fish-Gator-59 says:

    So are the helmets going to have the alligator print on them or not?

  11. APKGATOR says:

    I want one of thos helmets. Any clue if they will be for sale?

  12. MJ says:

    I like the whole uniform. It is tastefully done this time and it is fresh and stylish, while at the same time not straying too far from the regular traditional look. The only thing it could use would be the Gatorhead logo, maybe on the front of the pants over the top of the thigh, on the opposite side from the Nike logo. The helmet is cool even without the stripe and the shoes are just great.

  13. Gatorbuc15 says:

    BAD A$$!

    The uni’s look pretty SWEET!

  14. G8TRKYLE says:

    Ok, with it being a specialty uni I can accept the fact they should be different than the standard unis (however much I hated the helmets from last year). However, I think out of the bunch, for us Gators and even the Bama fans, I am disappointed in the creative aspect of the design (or lack thereof). A Gator is green, when can we get a gator uni that is green skin (obviously with Orange/Blue highlights), maybe with the old fighting gator mascot on the helmets, THAT would be cool!! Did you check out Boise State’s helmet, that was pretty cool, even the Canes uni was pretty freaking sweet (strike me down!!)…JMO.

  15. Ellis says:

    Sure are better than last years….

  16. Bob says:

    Much better than last year’s trashy uniforms that I pretty much blame for the SEC title game loss. (Okay, Bama’s unstoppable running game might have had a wee bit to do with it too.) Still, I hate it when Nike messes with the Gator’s uniforms. I personally love the regular all white unis they wear for most big road games. (The one they wore against Oklahoma in the title game.) Why mess with tradition?

  17. Charles says:

    I hope Nike never makes any Gator uniform that is green based for the University of Florida. That would look terrible and like a completely different team. Let’s stick with Orange & Blue & white. Sorry G8TRKYLE.

  18. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I am a bit confused as Rhett does not appear to be wearing the helmet that is shown in the close up picture….that being said the close up picture of the helmet I am not a big fan of as it just looks dirty to me…the cleats however are cool and I would put them right up with the gloves

  19. I have no idea why anyone would want even a shred of green in the Gators’ uniforms. Is the animal green? Sure. But the school color’s aren’t. I would say the chances of their being a primarily green UF uniform, or even having 5% or less of the uniform be green are slim to none. The only thing they could do is change the helmet to the Fighting Gator or the Gator Head…if you really wanted a different look.

    Drew – Rhett was the announcer, not the model.

  20. Emily says:

    I need a side view of the helmet…

  21. matdrow says:

    i know its kinda late to post but i have to agree with though that i didnt like the all whites at all, and yes i will always associate them with the bama beat down we recieved. i have always like the all white with orange traditional helmets like we wore in the national championship game when we beat ou. those are my favorite, but yes these are sick looking

  22. GatorDonS says:

    These UNIs are a dumb idea, a bad idea. In the best of times they are a distraction. And in the worst of times, they are destructive. Maybe it’s an “honor” for a school like Miami or Louisville to be chosen to wear this Nike apparel. They would do it for both the exposure and the significant cash that comes to the program from Nike. But of all teams, the Florida Gators don’t need the money. And can anyone tell us what possible “good” it did wearing last year’s “combat” UNIs in the SEC Championship game? No good. Alabama came out in their traditional Crimson. They knew who they were. The Gators came out in fashion model apparel and got pounded. There is something invaluably intangible called PRIDE that comes with wearing your OWN uniform. A Florida team should NEVER come out sporting anything other than Orange helmets with the cursive “Gators” written in Blue. That stupid forward leaning F on last year’s helmets looked dopey from the get-go. And in the end, the players looked like dopes on the field. There is a reason JoPa and the Nittany Lions still wear those “boring” white helmets all these decades later. IT IS WHO THEY ARE. The Gators are a team looking for an identity and it’s an asinine idea to take money to trade away the only constant those players have – the Gators colors and the classic Gator logo. Not even a million bucks from Nike is worth it. Last year it cost Florida the SEC title. This year it cost them against a critical game with LSU. Knock off the stupid showboating by the coaching staff and administration and let the player show Gator School PRIDE on the field with THEIR own UNIs.

  23. David says:

    I really like the uniforms………about the statement made saying that the uniforms are the reason UF lost is just an excuse. Im a loyal gators fan and its how the team plays not what they’re wearing. You can put together the best offensive play imaginable and there will always be a defensive play that can stop it dead in its tracks. Sorry for the rant

  24. seth says:

    yeah i agree that dude is a dope uniforms dont play the game tha players do i kinda like them i really like the orange shirts against lsu but they should make them orange helmits like they have the orange shirts and the orange pants and have an orange out tell me how sweet that would be

  25. seth says:

    oh and u think the new unis are a hex then why did we destroy cincinati in the bowl game and we beat georga in the new ones all yall that said its the reason bama beat us yall are crazy we beat our selvs and they were a better team than us that day… now i not sying they were better than us just that day they had our number

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