Tim Tebow joining ABC’s Good Morning America

By Adam Silverstein
September 11, 2014

Still unsigned and unwanted by NFL teams entering the second week of the 2014 regular season, former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow by doubling down on his television duties and joining ABC‘s Good Morning America as a regular contributor.

Already an analyst for ESPN and the SEC Network, with a prominent weekly role on the latter’s SEC Nation pre-game show, Tebow will start at ABC on Monday, Sept. 15 as GMA launches a brand new segment, “Motivate Me Mondays.”

From the ABC press release:

The first-ever college sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy will help launch GMA’s “Motivate Me Monday” series, featuring individuals and their amazing stories of triumph. Tebow will appear in studio and live on location in towns across America with a wide-range of reports that motivate and inspire.

Monday will not be Tebow’s first appearance on the program. He sat in as a guest host on Jan. 31 and joined Robin Roberts for a one-on-one interview back in 2012.


  1. Daniel M. says:

    Good Morning America? Oh gawd! Can we ALL finally agree that Tim will never play another down of NFL football. Give it up dude.

  2. Dave Massey says:

    What a great get for an all time Gator great!!! This guy deserves everything that comes his way. He is a perfect example of how to do things right.

    I don’t agree necessarily that he will never play in the NFL again, although I do believe it will take a lot of quarterback injuries in a season for him to get another look. I guarantee you he is on every team’s ‘list’ if that were to occur. There are probably a lot in front of him who would get a look first, but he is there. He still works out like a demon. If he changed positions he would definitely get a shot somewhere but he has been unwilling to do that. He is still too young to write off yet.

  3. Michael Jones says:

    Love Tim Tebow but apparently Tim Tebow doesn’t love football as much as I thought he did or he’d be playing SOMEWHERE. I repeat: If Arena football was good enough for Kurt Warner to play and work his way into the NFL, then why not Tim?

    I don’t get it but I’m starting to get disillusioned.

    • Dave Massey says:

      He only wants to play in the NFL, and he only wants to play QB. It’s that or bust for him, and I do respect his decision on that matter. He is making far more money than he could ever make in arena ball just off his endorsements much less for broadcasting, that is really not an option for him. Tebow nation is still alive and well! Did you see that house he recently purchased in J’ville. The dude is not hurting for arena ball money.

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