Tennessee fan urinates on statue of Florida QB Tim Tebow, who outscored his team 112-39

By Adam Silverstein
September 15, 2017
Tennessee fan urinates on statue of Florida QB Tim Tebow, who outscored his team 112-39

Image Credit: ESPN Images

In an ultimate sign of disrespect — and candidly, an unlawful act — a Tennessee Volunteers fan submitted a video of what is purportedly him urinating on the statue of legendary Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow.

The eight-second video, which we will not post here but was shared by a Barstool Sports affiliate, is supposedly of a male fan with a weak urine stream defacing the statue while playing “Rocky Top” on his phone.

In addition to being illegal, it’s disgusting. In addition to being disgusting, it’s juvenile. In addition to being juvenile, it’s pathetic. Why are we posting about it here, then? Well, it’s Florida-Tennessee week and such an atrocious act is newsworthy.

Vols fans have reason to be angry at Tebow, who routed their team by a combined score of 112-39 in the three games he started in the rivalry. The Gators won 59-20 in 2007, 30-6 on the road in 2008 and 23-13 back at home in 2009. Tebow’s also had more NFL success than any Tennessee quarterback since Peyton Manning, which is saying something considering how fast Tebow was in and out of the league.

Florida won 11 straight games against Tennessee from 2005-15 and is looking for revenge after giving up 38 straight points to its SEC East rivals a year ago in a 38-28 loss. UF has not dropped a home game to UT since 2003 and enters Saturday’s contest as a 4.5-point favorite.


  1. Mr. Gator says:

    always said Tennessee fans are the worst and the rudest …!!!

    • Kendra says:

      I find that comment very offensive! To lump ALL Tennessee fans into one group, especially in a group with an obvious moron?? Not fair. I am a very nice Vol fan. I actually used to live in Gainesville & I had to deal with all the Gator talk for 4 years. It wasn’t easy but I held my head high.

      • Julie long says:

        I agree with you. I’m a devout Gator from Orlando and my husband is a die hard Volunteer from Knoxville. This is the one game where we have to be separated in two different rooms, lol..we just moved from Maryville after 4 years of living there. I never had a problem whatsoever with Vol fans. I’m sure there are nasty fans for any team out there, some go overboard and do crappy things..no sportsmanship.
        To the guy who put all Vol fans into a nicely wrapped group is nasty, I bet. I apologize for his comment. Most fans have respect for other team fams.

    • DuckTruckPull2.0 says:

      Then you were always wrong each time you lied when you said it.

    • Robert A Murray says:

      Hey im a die hard gator fan and this guy was from Tennessee u think you know it all don’t you LoL

  2. TheRealCaruso says:

    Not too mention Tebow’s 4th and 1 rumble his Freshman year!

    • Dtnvol says:

      That’s not indicative off all vol fans. Have much respect for Tebow but there’s ignorant fans everywhere

  3. Donna Haller says:

    I am not a Gator fan but I look at it this way. The Tennessee fan that disrespected TIM TEBOW’ S statue is just jealous because he is NOTHING like TIM TEBOW.

    • brenda herring says:

      Agreed. What a shame their are people like that they need to throw him in jail.

    • CharleyN19 says:

      When it comes to Tim Tebow, there are two types
      of people. Those who love to hate him and those
      who love him. I am the latter. He is from my home-
      town and a great young man. And, by the way, I
      bleed blue and orange. I hope the guy will be
      arrested. Maybe his punishment could be to clean
      all 3 of the Heisman Trophy winners statues!!

  4. Carson Bevan says:

    Disgraceful, classless, trashy. From Volnation

  5. DuckTruckPull2.0 says:

    What a typical trashy lying Florida Gator fan attempting to use deception as usual. It didn’t take much for him to play Rocky Top on his phone to trick his own Florida fan base and the idiots they are jumped on it without a second thought like Tabor on a Jennings stutter step. No, Gator, you can’t discredit Tennessee no matter what lies or acts of deception you continue.

    • Rick says:

      Wow, this is some high quality crazy

    • common-sense says:

      My thoughts exactly…for one moment did anyone think it could be someone posing as a Vol fan just to get all this started? I’ve been at both stadiums when these two teams play and Vol fans have never thrown cigarettes or drinks on Gator fans. People…think further than the end of your nose…this was staged.

  6. Tom says:

    I am Tennessee fan and that makes me sick. We are not all like this. This is just embarrassing.

  7. Justin Ray says:

    Same fan base that chanted” fuck you Florida” a few years ago, doesn’t surprise me one bit. They are simply bitter bitches

  8. Tom says:

    Wow a UT fan defending that behavior!!! Its bad enough to produce a fool that would do such a dispicable thing, its a whole different level of classless stupidity to defend it.

  9. Henry XX says:

    Wait- Isn’t Tebow a straight, white, Christian, male, 1%’er? I thought that it was perfectly acceptable, NOBLE even, to vandalize monuments to such evil people these days.

  10. Steve says:

    You don’t tug on Superman’s cape, you don’t spit into the wind, you don’t pull the mask of the old Lone Ranger and you don’t mess around with Tim. 26-20 chomp! Many thanks to Mr Frank’s. Go Gators!

  11. Bill says:

    It’s all about Tennessee fan behavior. The University of Tennessee is who is responsible for their fan and student behavior. This isn’t about football or sports. It is about being a good citizen and rational fan. It’s a dark day for the UT faculty when this is the kind of individuals they show the world they are turning out.

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