ONLY GATORS…three years strong, still alive!

By Adam Silverstein
October 1, 2012

ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive opened exactly three years ago today during one of the most news-packed months in the history of the Florida Gators.

October 2009 featured widespread panic about Tim Tebow’s concussion and preparedness for LSU, the debut of the lacrosse program, the arrest of Erin Andrews’s stalker, concern about the commitment status of Matt Elam and devastating season-ending injuries to a pair of Florida football players.

After 36 months of long hours, stressful days and plenty of late nights, it is my pleasure to say that OGGOA remains alive and kicking entering its fourth year.

As I stated last year, I truly never thought that a phrase I jotted down on a piece of paper a few summers ago would not only materialize into this website but become something that has encompassed my life in so many ways.

OGGOA was always meant to be a website even when it started simply as a Twitter account that quickly gained a strong following and provided this publication with an unexpected but certainly appreciated built-in audience of Gators news-craving readers.

Now three years later I’m proud to say that has amassed more than 6.1 million visits since Oct. 1, 2009. This officially marks the 3,502nd post on the website, and the next comment submitted will be the 19,306th since inception. The @OnlyGators Twitter handle has added nearly 5,000 more followers in the last 12 months (18,367 total as of press time) and approximately 52,600 tweets have been sent out with the news, information and opinions that you crave.

Many of you reading this right now have been with us from the very beginning. You may remember the website crashing when we broke the information about the team’s Nike Pro Combat uniforms. (Luckily the servers have been significantly beefed up since then.) Perhaps you were a frequent reader when OGGOA’s very first in-depth interview (with Al Horford) was posted in early 2010. You might be someone that joined us along the way or maybe you’re even a brand new reader who stumbled onto the site a few months ago.

No matter the longevity or frequency of your patronage, please know that I very much appreciate you for clicking on your OGGOA bookmark, tapping the iPhone home screen icon, reading my tweets or even visiting the site through my work with Yahoo! Sports and Rivals. Without you, the reader, this website does not exist. Period.

As always, plenty of love and thanks goes out to OGGOA’s contributors, the more than 30 Gators athletes who have sat down for extensive interviews with me, those in the industry who have supported and endorsed the website, the great folks at for keeping us up and running, and obviously all of my friends and family who are equally instrumental in keeping the passion going on a daily basis.

Albert Einstein once said, “Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Hard work does pay off; this site is a testament.

Here’s to another year!

Adam Silverstein
Owner, editor


  1. Alex N. says:

    Thanks for running this site! My Gator diet consists of a number of different publications and websites, but this is truly one of the things that I can’t live without.

    Looking forward to many more years and wonderful Gator memories.

  2. Obgator says:

    Congrats are in order. Thanks for the hard work and effort you put into this site.

  3. Joonas says:

    Congrats Adam!

    I can’t remember exactly when or how I found the site (I think maybe through a player retweeting you) but I’m glad I did. My first stop for everything Gators, I feel like I’m never out of the loop.

  4. J.C. says:

    I’m a Gators fan from Missouri. I found your website my second year of law school (2.5 years ago), and it’s been one of my favorites ever since. 🙂

    Congrats and keep up the good work!

  5. sjkoepp says:

    Thanks for everything Adam! We wouldn’t know what to do without you.

  6. Timmy T says:

    Congrats Adam. I really appreciate your hard work and dedication. You provide a great venue for us. Keep up the great work. GO GATORS!!!

  7. liveoak87 says:

    Thanks for all your hard work Adam. Are you gonna make any more shirts?

  8. Kevin says:

    Adam, keep up the good work. 3 years of being the best Gator site on the web!

  9. Joe says:

    Congratulations on another year of excellent work Adam. It’s simply the best site for Gator related news on the interwebs. Thank you

  10. liveoak87 says:

    Sweet. Cant wait. i gave all my other away as gift, cause so many people loved them. i’ll have to order lots of extras this time!

  11. David says:

    Adam, congrats to you! This website is a fantastic and your work is top-notch. Hats off for never being satisfied and always being willing to push for new features andfor the site.

    Go Adam!
    Go GATORS!

  12. Phil says:

    Congrats on another great year. This is the only site that I check daily. Thank you for all your work.

  13. gatorhippy says:

    Wait a minute…there’s shirts?…How did I miss that…

    Adam, this is the best UF site I’ve been apart of from a straight news stand point…it is what sets this site apart from the others that attempt cover UF athletics…they might post a lot and have followers but it’s your obvious love for the Orange and Blue that really sets it apart in addition to the seemingly endless accessibility to past Gator athletes…Others pretend while you supply the real thing and continually do it better than anyone else…

    In fact the only gripe I have is the lack of unapologetic, scathing satire and disdain for the rivals…and I can’t even really warrant it as a “gripe” because you do such a
    top notch job…
    Just a few questions on this historic day:

    Question 1: Is there a reason you don’t allow the use of avatars?

    Question 2: Do you really look like the Dude?

    Question 3: Higher on your hate list – Dawgs or Noles?

    Question 4: Were you worried that Jack Youngblood might have caused you severe bodily harm if you asked the wrong question?

    Question 5: Which of these women’s sports do you find yourself attending the most: gymnastics, volleyball or tennis?

    Thanks for all you do…

    • Thanks for the kind words.

      1) I believe if you create a account and have an avatar there – and sign in with that account here – it will use the avatar. I temporarily at one time tried to include a profile system here but it messed a lot of things up on the website. If I can figure out a way to improve the commenting system, I will.

      2) The Big Lebowski is my favorite movie. I actually saw it the first week it came out in the theaters by accident and loved it. No, I don’t look like the Dude.

      3) I just write and am unbiased in doing so. I think that both rivalries are relatively equal though Florida-Georgia is something a bit special, in my opinion.

      4) Yes, actually. He is a very nice guy though and has a great sense of humor. After we got 15 minutes into the interview it was like talking to anyone else. He has some great stories.

      5) I do not attend any women’s sports as I do not live in Gainesville. However, when I was a student at Florida the women’s games I went to the most were soccer and softball. Now it would probably be lacrosse along with those two.

  14. Marshall says:

    It sure is nice to see someone with writing ability and the desire to get the news out….accurately. Thanks, Adam. I read you every morning or the day hasn’t started.

  15. Thanks to everyone for visiting and commenting and saying such nice things. If you ever have any interesting ideas on things you’d like to see on the website or ways in which it can be improved (content, features, design, etc.) feel free to shoot me an e-mail. My address is on the “About” page, which can be accessed at the top bar of the website.

  16. Jrbishop31 says:

    Again, thank you for this site. It is apart of my daily routine. I really appreciate the information you put out.

  17. Zurbo says:

    Congrats sil !

  18. Fred says:


    i didn’t know the history of the site untiletonight so thanks for the summary. i bookmarked the site after reading one of your articles. 1 like your format as you don’t just recycle the sports highlights. stay true to what you started.


  19. SC Gator says:

    Good lord, has it really been three years? Time sure seems to fly! I think maybe you mentioned that you planned to open a site on one of the newspaper sports blogs I was following – maybe the Miami Herald, back when… uhh… Goodman was running it – and I’ve been here ever since.

  20. Ken (CA) says:

    Who cares about the ex-girl’s school. It is the SEC that matters, and beating UGA!

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