10/5: Addazio defends Brantley, Pouncey, option

By Adam Silverstein
October 5, 2010

Florida Gators offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Steve Addazio along with redshirt senior left tackle Marcus Gilbert, redshirt senior defensive tackle Terron Sanders and senior punter/kicker Chas Henry players spoke to the media Tuesday as the team took a final look back on its crushing loss to the Alabama Crimson Tide and ahead to its match-up against the LSU Tigers at home on Saturday.


With Las Vegas odds-makers pulling down the LSU-Florida line for Saturday’s game due to redshirt junior quarterback John Brantley‘s “questionable” status, his health was a topic of conversation on Tuesday. Even though Brantley said Monday that his rib injury was “nothing major” and that he was just “a little sore…just like every game,” concerns arose. Addazio did his best to squash those rumors, saying Brantley was “doing great” and would be starting as scheduled this weekend.


Questioned Tuesday about senior center Mike Pouncey’s status on the interior of the line and whether or not moving him out of that role has been considered, Addazio was slightly agitated when considering his response. “Change for what? Absolutely not. Are you kidding me? We’re talking about a first-round draft pick, the best offensive lineman in America and a phenomenal football player and the leader on this football [team],” Addazio said. “Unequivocally [that concept has] never even entered the realm of possibility.” He was also asked whether or not Pouncey is more talented as a guard. “When you say ‘play better,’ are you talking about actually playing the game? He grades out a Champion every week. Absolutely not. […] You won’t want to play against him.”

Pouncey’s snaps have also been an issue of contention with fans and the media, but Addazio noted that they are much better than publicized. “I went through the film like a fine-tooth comb for us and we had one low, one wide, one high out of 60 whatever-odd plays there were. You don’t want any. You never want any. But that’s no different from last year at any given point. It really isn’t,” he said. “I know there’s a lot of focus on that right now … but that’s just the truth. You don’t want any, but there’s no more. There was opening day, we all know that. From that last game? That’s all there was.”


Another point of contention after Saturday’s loss was the offense’s continued use of the option with Brantley as a less-effective signal caller in the formation comparative to former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. Addazio, like head coach Urban Meyer insisted that the option is effective and will continue to remain a part of Florida’s offense. How big of a part, however, remains to be seen.

“You’re not going to major in it. We’re always going to operate percentage-wise a little differently based on who our guys are,” Addazio said. “Right now, just so you know in the option game right now with John Brantley, we’re averaging five yards [per] carry. You need to know that. That’s a fact. You need to have an element, an option, in your game so you can keep the defense balanced and keep the defense honest and it’s a part of who we are. That won’t change.

“How many calls…that’s going to be dictated by what we see and what’s happening. You take that element out, however many snaps that element is, you take that out and they no longer have to line up their pressures, their blitzes and you’re in a whole different kind of ball game. As Coach [Meyer] spoke about, that’s a part of who we are. That won’t change. […] It’s like everything else: Get a little better, operate a little better. The element is there, the element will always be a part.”

QUOTES (After the break…)

Addazio on the pick six: “It was a poor decision.”

Addazio on the team’s mood after the loss: “Great. It was great after the game in the locker room. Great. It’s great. It’s right where it should be. It’s a team that is not happy about what happened, wants to get back to practice and get going. It’s a really good attitude on this football team. Really good.”

Addazio on not having his offensive line healthy during practice last week: “It is what it is. […] To their credit, those guys are tough guys. They were rock and roll, ready to go on game day.”

Addazio on how many days all five starters practiced together: “None.”

Addazio on freshman running back Mack Brown playing: “Mack’s getting ready to rock and roll. He’s one of those four guys. Yes, if there are injuries or that exists or as Mack grows. He’s one of those four for sure.”

Gilbert on the team coming back from the loss: “We’ve been down this path before – ’06 and ’08. I think we’ll bounce back and rebound and become a stronger team.”

Gilbert on offensive struggles: “Injuries and different players playing different roles. It’s kind of hard to adjust. I think as the season rolls on, a lot of players will take a better approach to their positions. We’ll do a much better job.”

Sanders on LSU’s two quarterbacks: “That is something that’s been a challenge. They’re definitely going to come out and use both of them. I feel like as long as we contain No. 9 and cause No. 12 to throw, I feel like we can control the game.”

Sanders on LSU vs. Florida: “I love this game. Aside from the Florida-Georgia game, this is probably one of my favorite games to play. LSU, with the exception of ’08, has always come out and play us tough. They had that one win against us in ’07, so we know that they’re going to come out and try to change the outcome of what has been the last few years. This is one game that I always look forward to because LSU always comes out. They try to do something different to surprise us. It’s definitely a good test for us, and it’s going to be a big test for us come Saturday to see how we rebound from a loss like last week.”

Henry on his field goal range: “Anywhere in between 50. When I start getting around 50 then I start trying to push a little more.”

Henry on punting vs. kicking: “It’s a little bit different, something you gotta get into. It’s more of using your hip flexors and things like that, your hamstrings with punting.”

Henry on his overall performance: “It was definitely one of my best days. I’m just trying to do whatever I can to help the team. That’s what my job is, and if I can do it well, hopefully that translates into helping our team out.”


  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    I’m glad that he’s defending the players. But he’s lying through his teeth when he says that the option is working. He stinks as an OC.
    No one is buying it Steve!


  2. Daniel M. says:

    The best o lineman in the nation? The best certainly doesn’t look like a Pop Warner kid in the snow.

    Addz is starting to sound like Shannon with all his B.S. Just tell em what you think they should know Steve. Yada yada.

  3. g8ter27 says:

    Best in Ameica? He may have that potential but what film is Steve watching? The option is working? What? The lineman are slapping the pitch away…not playing a man but the pitch. We are not executing the option worth a darn…how about this question….gonna throw the ball down field any this week Steve? Steve A: huh? what? we have and it has been working great, John is the best qb in America so of course we will continue to throw it deep……

  4. SaraGator says:

    I like Addazio and don’t want to speak ill of him, but I think he’s over his head. He has too many responsibilities and it seems he’s overwhelmed. I wish he would go upstairs and call the plays instead of being on the field. There is no way he can see the whole field from the sidelines.

    Go Gators!

  5. Ed says:

    5 yards per carry? Who cares, how about 30 yards per pass? Addazio sounds like Zook defending the bubble screen.

  6. montanagator says:

    the oc defends his players but hes the one who needs defending, he stinks and the poop about pouncy being a great center is absurd. why didnt they run burton around the end in the redzone like they did against uk and why do they keep running demps up the middle? adzio stunk last year, his only good game plan came against cincy and hes continuing the same pattern this year even though he showed a little promise against uk. its the really good teams that he really stinks at game planning for and i doubt will win any real big games in the future until hes replaced. let him go back to coaching o line only and see if he can do that. i like myer and want him to stay but hes got his head in the sand about adazio. im sure he feels indebted to him for stepping in last december but hes got to move on. get that oc from texas tech and see what he can do. i have to throw in the towel on moody also, too much drama for the last 3 years and still no production, hes just not a very good tailback. gators had more talent on the field than bama but the coaches lost this one for us, very sad to lose that way… go gators

  7. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Steve – watch the tape of the Ala game – the opposing team AND THE REFEREES WERE LAUGHING THEIR TAILS OFF WHEN JB TRIED TO RUN THE OPTION ! Get a grip – let the boy throw the stinkin’ ball!!

  8. DenverGator says:

    I think Addazio needs to be moved back to the OL only. If he is making comments like these, and he truly believes what he is saying, he needs to be fired completely.

  9. Oscar says:

    Addazio is clueless. How can he try to defend the un-defendable? 1st of all, Brantley does not have the body type to withstand any serious hit while running the ball… we saw a bit of that against Alabama. Keep running with Brantley and in 2 weeks we will have to look for a replacement at quarterback once JB is injured for the rest of the season. Florida may have run the option with Tebow… but that’s now who the team is, one would hope that the coaches would play to the strength of his personnel…. can you picture Mark Ingram trying to run like Demps? NO, he is a bruising, in between the tackles back, that is what he does best, and that is what this coaches let him do. If you want to run the option, then don’t recruit pocket passers like Brantley or Driskel.

    And no one is questioning that Pouncey is one of the best offensive lineman in college football, but at GUARD. This experiment of having him at nose tackle is just not working. He may be getting better a little better, but it is just not his natural position. Let him be the best he can be at GUARD. Let a true center play the position.

    Addazio looks lost, unable to adapt and unimaginative when it comes to play calling. I really hope Urban Meyer takes a long, hard look at the offensive struggles and makes a decision… if not for this year, for next.

  10. Mr2Bits says:

    Adazzio is such a lying hypocritical asshole, I would not hesitate to punch him in the face if I saw him. He is a snake. I will not go down the path of his play calling as I have beat that dead horse too much over the last few days. His two quotes below completely shows his disconnect from reality and disrespect for Gator nation at this point in time.

    Lets start with : Addazio was slightly agitated when considering his response. “Change for what? Absolutely not. Are you kidding me? We’re talking about a first-round draft pick, the best offensive lineman in America and a phenomenal football player and the leader on this football [team],” Addazio said.

    Steve, as a guard Pouncey was at best, a second rounder, this was graded out after his best season. You allowed him to call his own shots and fill in for his brother to increase his draft stock, maybe Brantley can play RB to increase his stock in something next year after you ruin his shot at QB this year.

    Back to my point, not only has he miserably failed at filling in due to his failure to grasp the fundamentals at center which is snapping the freaking ball, but he has also decreased his stock to the point he would be lucky to be grabbed in the 3rd or 4th as a GUARD. No NFL team in their right mind will ever draft him as a center with the product he is putting out every week. Not only are his snaps worse than a high school powder puff game, but his blocking is atrocious at the moment. He is missing assignments and getting bulled over by inferior opponents which is screwing up our dive plays and Brantley option plays.

    You and Pouncey will only continue to deteriorate his value week after week if you allow this dog to hunt. The media and fan base are very powerful and influential and can see the “big picture”. They aren’t asking these questions out of the blue you moron, they are asking them because nobody can fathom how you could be so inept to see the obvious around you. As an OC for a top 10 program, common sense and grasp of your environment and surroundings should be basic traits you posses, not having those continues to scare me and will ultimately lead to continual failure!

    “Pouncey’s snaps have also been an issue of contention with fans and the media, but Addazio noted that they are much better than publicized. “I went through the film like a fine-tooth comb for us and we had one low, one wide, one high out of 60 whatever-odd plays there were.”

    What tape did you watch? Back-to-back snaps caused Burton to have to redirect his body on the goal line plays and delayed the whole flow. The game I watched had 7+ bad snaps. I revert back to my point of reality and seeing the big picture. Please continue to give him a mythical champion badge and try and put a band aid on a bullet wound.

    In closing, it’s clear that he is a stubborn asshole. He refuses to adapt or change the game plan when he doesn’t get 3 yards on 1st, another 3 on second all so we can try and get 4 on 3rd or punt. He has a pro style QB that he runs options with but will never run a QB sneak on 4th and inches. Until he can find his common sense or is fired, it will be the same song and story week after week. The main thing that upsets me the most and realized today is that this can and probably will be felt for years to come in our recruiting. We will always have top studs on D because they get it done, but will struggle to attract good offensive players(ala Wilder Jr.) because they know their talents will not be used and highlighted.

    • Calling him an “asshole” is quite ridiculous and unacceptable. He happens to be a good man and role model to young men. Many of the players you want him to utilize better are on this team in large part because of him. You should really stop and think a moment before you insult someone in that manner. Don’t like the job he’s doing? Think he should be fired? That’s fine. Calling him that? Unacceptable.

  11. Aligator says:

    he does sound like zook. i know he is a motivator, but come on, he has to see there is room for substantial improvement.

  12. DevilsAdvocate says:

    Adam, I think Mr2bits is just a little emotional. It’s just getting old seeing Addazio respond to questions somewhat irritated. i know Pouncey is one of the best offensive lineman, but nobody is wanting to see him benched, just moved back to guard which is still an offensive line position. Why is he so irritated, is Robey that bad? It just seems in crucial situations, Pouncey is too worried about the guy in front of him and reverts back to being a guard. Even you should be able to admit that his play calling seems a bit un-inspired many times and he relies on the dive play and short passes way too often considering the type of QB we have. Has anyone asked him why he doesn’t call plays from the booth? Maybe Meyer should make him assistant head coach and O-line coach and hire an offensive coordinator(or promote within), that way Addazio’s leadership is rewarded and we get a fresh mind in calling plays.

  13. John S says:

    Addazio is the team cheerleader, we’ll just have to take his words as a grain of salt. He’s a yes man, so long as Meyer believes that the plays are working we’ll see no changes. I do feel we’re crapping on an opportunity here though. Brantley can throw for ten yards a pop with as much consistency as he can throw for 3 yards a pop. You have to spread the field vertically as well as horizontally in order for the defense to play honest. The safeties play way up close to the line whenever we play a team that’s well coached. They sit on the short routes and turn them into six.

    They know our coaches are pu***’y this year so they can get away with it. The problem is we don’t scare anybody. There is no formation that we line up in where the defense has to gamble. They know we’re limiting our selves and they’re exploiting it.

    My advice to Meyer and company: grow a pair and watch how much easier your life becomes. The kids can play, let them. Let them have fun and keep your foot on the gas. Quit screwing with the tempo.

  14. g8ter27 says:

    I have a great idea for an O coordinator who will really throw it around as well as get tough on these vets…Mike Leach. It might go something like this: Mike, roll that damn snap back to Brantley one more time and I am locking you in a room with the lights off and no furniture…..I don’t care who your daddy or brother is. Moody, your hurt???again???? down to the equipment room!

  15. OBgator says:

    I agree with the need to stay away from ad hominem attacks. No one needs to be punched in the face or called an asshole.

    That being said, I only watched the uf/bama game (if you can call it that) twice now, and even my untrained eye saw about 6-7 bad snaps. I’m calling a snap that throws the QB’s timing off by having him reach high, low or to the side to field a bad snap. I don’t under stand how a guy who gets paid to watch film and dissect these things only saw 3 bad snaps. He’s either lying to protect his player or has a really loose definition of a bad snap.

    We all can be stubborn about things and hate abandoning something we started, but Pouncey does not look like an NFL center, much less a college center. He’s a great, even NFL type guard. With the publicity surrounding his bad snaps being a focus, his chances of being a NFL center has already vanished. We should probably have him do what he does best so we can put Robey in at center and move Halapio out of the lineup until he is ready. Right now the young Halapio needs a ton of seasoning and he is either missing assignments or standing around looking lost.

    I really do hope the team regroups and starts to turn it around. I hate how it takes a loss, an embarrassing one at that, to get this team fired up and going in the right direction. We have had some amazing turnarounds once we got that fire lit under our butts. That second half of the Arky game in the 08′ season was the beginning of something special. We started blowing teams out of the water with a great mix and feel on playcalling…everything from long bombs to sneaky screens when the opposing defenses least expected it. Same with the Auburn loss in 06′. We need gameplans like the one we used against Cinci. We seem to do well on the scripted drives, and fall apart when the chessmatch really begins. Here’s to hoping our Gators go all the way and play hard.

  16. npgator says:

    WOW! Lighten up guys! We are a young team and had to fill in a lot of holes this year from guys that are making huge impacts in the NFL. I honestly thought that are play calling wasn’t that bad Saturday but we lacked execution. I would wait a little bit before you all are ready to burn coach A at the stake.

  17. gatorzone says:

    The Florida offense is in complete denial of its problems and its personnel. This starts at the top. There is no chance of any change unless we lose to LSU or Miss St(who may be better than LSU). Adazzio seemed like the famous Iraqi information officer yesterday. Frusteration has set in by our fan base because many of these problems seem obvious and correctable and fear going through an entire season of this. We thought we had the smartest coaching staff in America but at least OFFENSIVELY we now know that is not true. Hopefully the coaching staff sees the light before its too late.

  18. Timmy T says:

    Wow. Fistful of “armchair coaches” up in here. We lost last week because of terrible execution in the red zone, nothing more. We moved the ball up and down the field running our “terrible” plays.
    My guess is the average age of the regular poster in here is about 27-30 years old. Spoiled ass rotten from the Gator’s winning during their lifetime. Some of us in Gator Nation sat through YEARS of futility, including an 0-10-1 season in 1979 among others that were pretty bad.
    This team, with its QB making his 5th career start, a boatload of players making their second career road trip, lost to the #1 team in the land at their house. There is no shame in that, and for you guys to cast dispersions on Addazio or Pouncey is the shameful part in all of this.
    My advice is to sit back and enjoy watching this team grow up together. We have a championship team in the making, but it won’t happen overnight, and guess what? Even if this team never wins any championships, they are still my team and supposedly your team, so we need to support them and not bash them. If you can’t do that, then get off the bandwagon you fair weather bastards.

  19. Oscar says:

    Everyone that has posted on this thread is a gator fan, otherwise they would not even care to spend their time reading these.
    Being conformist and OK with how bad things have gone on offense is not the way to correct problems, taking action is. You can attribute some of the offense’s problems on execution, but when the offense has looked BAD in 4 of the 5 games played this season, that tells you that there is a problem that goes beyond just the players. It is the coaches responsibility to have their players ready to play, to have a game plan and to adjust during the game, and Addazio is not doing ANY of that. The most puzzling thing is how he insists of having his players try to perform tasks that they are not good at, use your players strengths to your advantage. Can anyone really answer why we don’t throw down the field more? I guess Addazio wants to run Demps up the middle to soften up the deep coverage.

  20. cline says:

    I still believe in the Gators. Let’s get it done this Saturday!

  21. JW says:

    I think that the team will be fine this year. I don’t think any of us really expected them to compete for a national championship this season. While losing like that to Alabama was disheartening, they certainly had opportunities to make it a game. And it wasn’t completely unexpected that a young team would get worked at night, on the road, at the #1 team in the country. While some of the play calling was questionaable(i.e. running the option to the short side of the field with Brantley and Moody), the end around to Hines that almost scored on the first drive was a great play call. I fully expect them to win a tight game against L.S.U., and if they beat South Carolina, they’ll be back in the SEC championship game, and for a young team that lost a lot of star power, that would be a successful season. I also wouldnt’ be shocked if Spurrier got Saban this weekend.

  22. Aligator says:

    I think that we will win the rest of our games, as we do have better athletes and coaches, play in the SEC Championship and then lose a close one to Alabama and then play in the Sugar Bowl against either Boise State or some other top 10 team.

    I still pray someone hires Addozzio away though, as I do not see Meyer making a change there.

  23. Da3ThreatLambda says:

    My biggest problem with Addazio is his attitude. He seems to think he is infallible. Even though we have been having offensive struggles since LAST YEAR, he refuses to admit there is anything wrong with the offense. He refuses to change our game plan to beat the teams we’re going against every week. He lives off of the success of our defense. By definition, he is a leach. If our defense wasn’t able to hold their own we probably would be in the same situation Georgia is in. But everyone seems to attribute the defense winning games to Addazio. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity and it is also the recipe for losing games. Will we get to the SEC championship? Probably, but this is due to having a solid defense that can hold their own against anybody in the country. But Addazio will use winning the east as a justification for his way of doing things. If one person doesn’t execute that’s one thing but if the entire offense hasn’t been executing that is ENTIRELY on the coaches shoulders. I love what Meyer has done for us but he needs to also be held responsible by the fans because he continues to let Addazio run without any accountability. In order to win championships we need all 3 phases to be clicking someone please tell me within the past year and a half when have we faced a good defense and our offense has clicked? We don’t need to score 60 points a game but there is absolutely no reason why we should be held to 6 points by ANY team with the talent we have recruited over the years. They tried to put Brandon James in a position he was not suited for last year to help his draft stock, not only did it hurt our offense but he didn’t even land on a team. Practice what you guys preach, stop playing favorites, and earn those millions the Gator Nation pays you with. DO YOUR JOB.

  24. Mr2Bits says:

    I apologize if you took what I called him offensively as I meant no harm and would never punch anyone. My emotions and anger became infuriated when I read the headlines and content of this article. Reason being is Adazzio is refusing to change and adapt in light of extreme failure. Him continually defending his play calling and other players failures frustrates me beyond belief. I find it extremely hypocritically for someone to continually fail, and then cover it up with lyes so they can continue to do what they want to do.

    To your point of players being here because of him, I read an article that former players have publicity criticized Adazzio because of his play calling and use of certain players. He may have gotten some studs to come here but if you have a Porsche and you drive it 20 MPH, whats the point? These recruits hear and see the same things we do and will stay far away from the program knowing their skill sets wont be used properly.

    Again, I apologize for calling him what I did, it’s just that I cannot stand people that pee on you and tell you it’s raining.

    • Mr2Bits- I’m not concerned with your threat to “punch” anyone, that was an empty threat, obviously. Regardless of how you feel about him, calling someone of his quality person an “asshole” is unacceptable. He’s a good man. A bad offensive coordinator and play caller? Perhaps. That’s up for debate. But that doesn’t change who he is as an individual. There are two former and one current SEC coach who deserve that word, and Steve Addazio is not one of them. That’s all I was trying to say.

      As far as your other point, that I will discuss later today in an article. I was simply trying to inform you that a man you called an “asshole” is exactly the opposite of that to people who actually know him.

  25. Evan says:

    Adam, who is the current SEC coach that you feel this way about?

  26. Mr2Bits says:

    I get what your your saying.

  27. gator347 says:


    Steve Addazio is in WAY over his head. He is becomming a “Zook” who was a good coach but was and is over his head as Head coach. Zook is a great guy and a real good recruiter, so what’s your point?

    Addazio is hurting the Team as well as his players. If we are going to force the “Option Spread” than why do we recruit Burners and Slingers? What happened to making the system fit the players.

    Let Jonny B sling that ball deep and the spread will open up.

    And Pouncey, Urban said NO ONE graded champion this game. How often do you see poor snaps? 1 maybe 2?

    And after every great run or pass we run a Demps Dive? Even I figured that out.

    You want to catch the next DC off guard? Let LSU plan all week for the option then let Brantley throw deep – And watch the “Mad Hatter” have a meltdown.

  28. Evan says:


    Haha, I can probably guess a couple of names. Keep up the good work!

  29. G8rgr8 says:

    Oscar……. I couldn’t resist “lets stop recruiting pocket passers like Brantley and Driskel” Dude Do your research Driskel is 6’4″ 225lbs and runs a 4.4 40 yrd. The kid had a 69 yard run and 61 yard run back to back this season…. I agree with everyone about Addazio he either needs to commit to play calling and being the OC or coaching the OL he has not done an aceptable job with both responsiblities, and needs to be evaluated realistically…. But Oscar try not to let your ignorance be so obvious, you should really check out the recruits better before you bash them!!!! And they say “Ignorance is Bliss”

  30. Joe says:

    Steve is either off his meds or is so far out of touch with reality that he is a danger to himself and others. He needs to be “Baker Acted” each Saturday until the end of the season.

  31. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    He can’t be this delusional…sounds like someone who knows he’s on the hot seat and he is just getting overly defensive to the point it’s laughable!!!!

  32. Oscar says:


    I have seen Driskel being rated as the #1 pro-style quarterback on Rivals.com. He is nowhere to be found on the Dual Threat Quarterback ratings, which I understand as being more of the running threat type quarterbacks. I understand he is fast and mobile, but all reports I have seen on this guy is that he projects better as a passer than a runner. And for the record, I was not bashing Driskel, I guess reading comprehension is not your forte. Since Addazio appears unwilling to change his offense to fit his players, then I implied that they should start recruiting players that fit their offense, instead of making their quarterbacks do things that they are not confortable doing.

  33. armygator says:

    Adam, Though I don’t fully agree with Mr2Bits’ comments, he is entitled to his opinion (but maybe that’s just my opinion). As the saying goes, I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend to the death the right for you to say it.

    People use these websites to blow off some steam. I don’t really think he would punch Coach A in the face. I think he is just a little frustrated at him/the offense/Mike Pouncy. Aren’t we all to some degree? I can at least appreciate his enthusiasm.

    Just my ‘2bits.’ Pun intended.

    Go Gators!

  34. armygator says:

    Sorry for the late post previous to this. The page had been open for a while and I didn’t see many of the last comments.

    • armygator- Mr2Bits had every right to post that comment if he wished. I also had every right to NOT approve it or delete it. Yet I did no such thing. Instead, I approved the comment just like I do 99.99% of every other one that is posted on this site. Then I provided my opinion and criticized him for it. I didn’t tell him he couldn’t comment or that he could not express himself how he saw fit. I simply told him that I felt it was ridiculous to do so in the way he did, which is my opinion.

  35. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I do think Mr2Bits went too far with the insults…I do think he has a lot of good points like who in the world is going to draft this kid as a center…and the fact it was suppose to help his draft status is also interesting since his brother is now staring at GUARD for the Steelers….and if Pouncey is the leader of the team then maybe he needs to be the one to say enough is enough…I’ll move back to guard and stop hurting the team

  36. Adoozio says:

    I noticed a problem in the Bama game no one has addressed. our offensive formations have the look of a Colts huddle, the formation is bunched up and never spreads the defense out. That and the immediate pressure that Brantley had to deal with, to much for any QB, especially a young not so experienced one. I also noticed on that pitch to Demps midway through the 3rd quarter, Bama’s defense shifted no D lineman over the center and guards huge whole in the middle..Brantley pitches it to Demps on the right side of him, where 2 linebackers had shifted to be perfectly placed for the play the Gators were attempting to run..I have never seen a defensive formation like that, and apparently neither had the Gators offense..go watch it yourself the play where Demps had to jump on the ball after the pitch was behind him because Bama was in the backfield by the time Brantley looked up….audible to the dive play for goodness sake it seems to be your favorite. Addazio needs to stop denying the obvious problems or either run for political office he’d fit right in….clueless, but a great liar.

  37. Adoozio says:

    I just watched the play I am referring to….3:30 left in the 3rd quarter..there was a nose guard but watch how Bama’s Defense seemingly knows the play before it’s snapped

  38. SC Gator says:

    I still think the problem is more in the execution then in the calling – and 4 trips to the red zone to get all of 3 points bears that out – but Addazio really does sound like Baghdad Bob in that presser.

  39. armygator says:

    Adam, I guess, this being your site, that you have the right to “NOT approve it or delete it,” but I can appreciate your journalistic integrity in not deleting Mr2Bits comments though you don’t agree with them. I would expect nothing less. I guess that was a big part of my point- you get to express your opinions as you see fit and that others should have the ability to do so also, given they meet a certain level of decorum.

    • armygator- And that’s my point – everyone has that opportunity. I was not in any way restricting Mr2Bits’ right or ability to share his opinion. All I did was condemn it as I thought the way he presented it was inappropriate and out-of-line. But I still published it, and that’s all that truly matters, no?

  40. armygator says:

    Adam, We are on the same sheet. I was just trying to make a point that your opinion can come across very strong based on your position. I didn’t agree that his comments were unacceptable, though I stress that I didn’t agree with all of them, just the sentiment and emotion.

    Thanks for the website and insight.

    Go Gators!

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