LOOK: Florida Gators football teases black uniforms

By Adam Silverstein
October 9, 2019
LOOK: Florida Gators football teases black uniforms

Every season, fans of Florida Gators football wonder the same thing: Is this the year we break out black alternate uniforms? Considering how popular the black alternates used to be for Florida basketball, one would think that Gators football would have broken out similar attire at some point.

But here’s the thing. It has not happened. Even though official black alternate jerseys have occasionally been sold — and Florida inexplicably broke out disgustingly ugly “Swamp green” alternates two years ago — black has not invaded the team’s uniform.

Until now?

The official equipment account for Gators football tweeted a short video on Wednesday supposedly showing off a bunch of new pants that were sent to the facility. But what … what was that at the bottom? A pair of black Florida football pants?

While we can only speculate at this time, it should be noted that head football coach Dan Mullen has himself teased black uniforms in the past. Also, a number of Gators players changed their Twitter profile photos to all black this week.

Most teams will break out black alternates at home in a big game or in a special game, which leaves only three opportunities for Florida if it is more than just teasing these uniforms. The best potential usage may be Nov. 30 as the Gators host Florida State. However, the Florida-Georgia game on Nov. 2 in Jacksonville, Florida, and the Vanderbilt game on Nov. 9 inside Ben Hill Griffin Stadium are other options.


  1. G2 says:

    Bring out the black ones this week. Loved the throwbacks last week!

  2. Chris Mahan says:

    It doesnt matter what color FLA breaks out, LSU wins this game. To much talent on off and def. FLA not enough on def to keep LSU from scoring at will. The idea of all black is despicable to me. I don’t know why teams ddo it. The school colors are not black. Ask teams like GA about blackouts and what happened to them vs ALA. To be all black to me symbolizes race and has nothing to do with just wearing all black.

  3. Robert Murray says:

    I would like to see orange blue and black as the new football uniform for the Florida Gator’s

  4. SpartanBarFighter says:

    Yeah man that’s exactly what I thought when Michigan State broke out those green neon jerseys my first thought was that neon green symbolizes race to me… what are they f****** Martians?

    And those white on white Arizona State unis are clearly a high-five to white supremacy.


  5. Ladysquirrel43 says:

    Which game this month will the Gators wear something pink for Breast cancer awareness?

  6. Your Welcome says:

    We should be the first to go full Darth Vader… helmet and voice box included. How effing intimidating would that be to see 60 Vaders sprinting out of the tunnel? Imagine Trask calling audibles and players talking trash with that scary ass voice. Some team is eventually going to do it.

  7. Shiggidy says:

    I say let’s start the hashtag #justforwillie

  8. Ladydawg16 says:

    Personally, the all black uniforms are HORRIBLE!😱😩 If the teams have black as one of their colors, and for some reason they have to have black, PLEASE make it pants(black)πŸ‘– OR jersey(black)πŸ‘• NOT ALL BLACK!!!πŸ•΄πŸ•΄

  9. BDaleh says:

    Also, learn the difference between “to” and “too”. It makes you look smarter, if possible.

  10. J says:

    This dude is right that lsu wins…and big, but i comlletely disagree with the comment about black unis being about race, what? Smh, idiot.

  11. How is... says:

    nobody laughing at the Vader imagery? Funny as heck. That’s the logical asymptote of the ubiquitous black uni love fest. Well, maybe Vader with a mere tattoo of the school’s actual colors.

  12. Deez Ballz says:

    12th man scares me in Death Valley, not the LSU Tigers. After last week, I’m convinced we have a shot at any game this season. I recognize the advantage we had last week as well. If we can STOP the turnovers, play clean and trust the plan, we have a shot at a bigtime upset. Go Gators!

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