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By Adam Silverstein
October 24, 2009

Whether you want to be the first to know what color uniforms the Florida Gators are wearing, will be stepping away from the television and need score updates or just want extra coverage and game information in addition to what ESPN will provide Saturday evening, ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive has you covered. Visit us on twitter for live updates throughout the game:


  1. FightinGator says:

    Let me say it. Fire Addazio!! The guy sucks bigtime. Deny it all you want but you watch he will be the next coach to be removed at UF

  2. Lifetime Gator says:

    I agree. We are one dimensional.

  3. ReptilesRule says:

    Adam, I am so damn angry at our offensive coaches right now. If we had lost this game, it would have been nobodys fault but theirs and I wouldn’t have blamed Urban if he had left those guys back in Mississippi with no way to get home. GOD PLEASE tell me HE didn’t have anything to do with THAT call…That long pass attempt with 4 minutes to go was one of the dumbest calls I have ever seen in my life!! You open up your passing game EARLY not with a GD 16 point lead late in the game from your own GD endzone! We will NOT beat UGA or South Carolina playing this kind of mindless, careless, stupid, etc etc etc game!! Urban needs to give Adazzio soome help and create a Co-Offensive coordinator NOW. Not blaming everything on Adazzio but THIS IS NOT WORKING!!!

  4. Well, you said it would be “nobody’s fault but theirs” then you are “not blaming everything on Addazio.” Can’t have it both ways. The play-calling is suspect, but the players are also not executing. There were plenty of times when Tebow should have tucked and run that he didn’t and other times he should have thrown the ball away ane he didn’t. I give equal blame to the players and coaches at this point. Addazio and Gonzalez (red zone play caller) are not doing a very good job – but the wide receivers also aren’t getting open and Tebow is not making passing plays. The offense looks anemic.

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