10/27: Florida coach Meyer’s SEC teleconference

By Adam Silverstein
October 27, 2010

OGGOA had the opportunity to participate in Florida Gators head coach Urban Meyer’s Southeastern Conference teleconference on Wednesday (we will be doing so every week). Below are some notes from the event:


Though Meyer will make his final decision on redshirt junior wide receiver Chris Rainey’s status on Thursday, he is optimistic that he will be dressed and on the field for Florida on Saturday against Georgia. “As of now he’s done everything he’s supposed to do,” Meyer said Wednesday.

Also looking to get back on the field are the Gators’ running backs, all of whom have been dealing with varying degrees of injury. Junior Jeff Demps (foot), who missed one game and has been severely limited in two others, is “not quite full speed” but has been practicing and should be ready for Saturday. Similarly, sophomore Mike Gillislee (foot) is “not full speed,” though redshirt senior Emmanuel Moody (thigh) is “practicing pretty good.” Meyer also confirmed what offensive coordinator Steve Addazio said Tuesday, that Rainey “will be between running back and receiver” if he is eligible to play.


When Meyer took over the Florida program in 2005, his number one stated goal was to make the Gators the fastest team in the country. To that end he has done exactly as promised, but injuries and outside problems this season have taken three of UF’s fastest players – Demps, Rainey and Gillislee – out of action. With all three participating in practice this week, Meyer felt better about the offense.

“It looks faster with Demps and Rainey and Gilly back out there,” he said. “It was very clear five years ago what Florida – shoot from Utah to Florida – I’ve always believed in speed, always believed in big plays. When you take that out of an offense, [it struggles]. Defenses are too talented and are too well-schemed now.”


Reminded that this would be the sixth time he is coaching in the Florida-Georgia game, Meyer was a little taken aback by the notion. “It’s hard to believe that this is my sixth one,” he said. “What makes it great is because you have two quality programs. We have to get Florida where it needs to be, that’s what we’re concerned with right now. It is a great rivalry, obviously, and it is hard to believe this is year six.”

While the Gators do have many rivalries, he has not forgotten the importance of this one. “The old Gators, this is the one that they’re most concerned with,” Meyer said. “I found that out when I first got hired here. This is a rivalry I grew up watching, so I have a lot of respect for it.”

QUOTES (After the break…)

Opening statement: “We’re anxious to get going after a disappointing three-game stretch. Ready to play a talented team in one of the greatest rivalries in college football.”

On special teams’ importance: “It’s been a tremendous impact. That’s how we’ve won big games around here. […] We haven’t blocked a punt this year.”

On junior kicker Caleb Sturgis’ (back) health: “He kicked on Monday, I’ll know more today. Right now, I’ll put ‘probable.’”

On offensive issues and adjustments: “It’s going to result in some changes. It’s just eye-opening the four areas that were breakdowns in the offense that have always been enormous strengths around here. […] There will be some changes but hopefully the [biggest] change is having everybody healthy.”

On what legal transgressions do to the program and giving second chances: “What does it do to the program? I think obviously the initial sting is a lot of negativity brought on toward the program – and disappointment. Then its an opportunity for a young man to clear his name, get himself right like we’ve done with a bunch of guys around here. Bunch of guys all over the place. We’re going to keep a tight reign on Chris Rainey. He’s never been an issue before and certainly better never be again.”

On Florida and Georgia both having legal problems: “One thing Florida and Georgia share is that they’re in a college town and [arrests are] news. Obviously that doesn’t justify some of the stupid mistakes that people make, but I do talk to some colleagues and…a lot of teams deal with the same stuff it’s just not brought to that level [of publicity].”

On suspensions for helmet-to-helmet hits: “I have a son getting ready to go play football next year and I see it and I guess the NFL had it last week which really brought it [to the forefront]. I’m in favor of it.” Meyer added that he is in favor of a suspension if a player projects himself with his helmet first but not for face-to-face hits that just happen sometimes.

On recruiting vs. the Bulldogs in Georgia: “All the time. It’s nose-to-nose every year. They get theirs and we get ours.” Meyer added that recruiting now is more about the opportunity to play early than ever before.


  1. zurbo says:

    More Bull S**t about injuries out of Meyer. “probable” = Not even close to playing. i wish they would just be honest for once. I know they wanna keep UGA on their toes but this is ridiculous to keep lying every week about injuries. Patchman was supposed to be ready for week 1, but I guess he’s “just not quite there yet” huh?

  2. campyone says:

    @zurbo – maybe it would be a good idea to decide that UM has lied until after the game when you see who played and who didn’t. At worst he’s just a prospective liar at this point, at best he isn’t lying at all (which is my opinion).

  3. Tim says:

    What would be the point of telling the truth about injuries? To make you feel better?

    Meyer’s job is to win games, not make sure you (and in turn, opposing coaches) are up to date on Gator injuries. Before you say, “well he isn’t winning games,” you might want to consider whether the stance that we would be winning if Meyer was telling you the truth about injuries is really realistic.

    There is literally no point in giving correct injury information unless it’s the NFL where you can have draft picks taken away by lying.

  4. Tampa Tom says:

    These program bashers like this fool zurbo need to just go away. The real Gator Nation is Sick of hearing from you people, go root for the Slimeinoles

  5. Daniel Mabie says:

    Zurbo = cane troll…unfortunately, they’re everywhere.

    Patchman? Good work troll.


  6. zurbo says:

    Thank you adam for clearing my name as a “troll”…Then why do we even ask about injury updates if there is no point of telling anyone the truth? for fun? I only complained about how they always lie about injuries, its not like I bashed Tebow or anything. RELAX…btw Ill be sure to post when we see sturgis not playing on saturday.

  7. Escambia94 says:

    In the military we call this OPSEC, or operational security. We never want to tip off our hand before “combat”. Quit knocking the coach for protecting what little information he is allowed to control. What right do we have to know who is healthy and who is not? We ask these things because the media needs something to report. The media does this with the military as well, and it screws up the “game”. We demand so much information–injuries, plays, recruits, rumors, Tweets, arrests, girlfriends. Sheesh. Just watch the game.

  8. Joe says:

    “Just watch the game” = amen brother

  9. SC Gator says:

    Urban kept injury info close to his chest when Florida was steamrolling their opponents and looking to win the big one. Why do you think he’d suddenly start handing them out like candy when Florida is struggling and needs every edge they can get?

  10. Timmy T says:

    Even with the sporadic offense and untimely errors, this team should be 6-1. A lot of folks are doing their best “Chicken Little” impersonation running around screaming “the sky is falling”, when in reality the problems result from just what Meyer and Co. have been saying.
    It isn’t the play calling, and it isn’t a lack of effort. Its the lack of execution overall, and the inconsistency of the O-line due to the shuffling of starters. The execution part of it will get better the longer this group of young players are on the field together, and we need to keep a healthy starting 5 on the O-line.
    As far as questioning the injury reports goes, this is nothing new at all. Since Meyer’s tenure began, he has never been completely forthright about the severity of a player’s injury, and shouldn’t be, IMO. Quit worrying and quit whining. Support our Gators through this little blip of mediocrity, so next year when we are again in the discussion for a BCS title, you won’t be branded with the “bandwaggoner” label.

  11. O-town Gator says:

    Escambia’s right. It’s no different in the business world either; often we are entrusted with “trade secrets” and confidential information that must be guarded to protect our clients and our companies – revealing too much can give a competitor the edge and mean the kiss of death to the other party; what’s often discussed in a conference room STAYS in that room. Florida football’s no different; if Urban were to reveal too much about his game-time plans or release too much information to the public and/or media it could sabotage his efforts and potentially cause a lot of damage. He is not obligated to pay lip service to the media or any outsider; he does have an obligation to protect the best interests of both the program he’s been entrusted with and that of our players as well.

    As much as fans and others beg for more “transparency”, there is a fine line that needs to be drawn for the good of the program and I for one won’t knock him over that.

  12. Gatorgrad79 says:

    I agree with several that have said we need the SAME offensive 11 in for more than 3 downs in a row. Establishing a rhythm would go a long way toward improving our play overall. The BEST news is UF is still the place the best recruits want to play football, and that is great for the future!! Go Gators!

  13. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Yeah, that was really me – I have not been taken by the body snatchers, just having faith that the guys that get paid the big bucks will right the ship…

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