11/2: Florida vs. Georgia post-game report

By Adam Silverstein
November 2, 2013

The Florida Gators (4-4, 3-3 SEC) fought back from a rough start but still fell 23-20 to the Georgia Bulldogs (5-3, 4-2 SEC) at EverBank Field in Jacksonville, FL. After the tough loss, Florida head coach Will Muschamp met with the media to provide some of his thoughts on his team and its defeat.


“Very proud of our players and the effort and the intensity and the fight and the resolve to battle back. We dug ourselves too big of a hole especially with the big plays on defense early in the game. … Field position got us a little bit. … Settled down in the second half. I think we had about 250 yards in the first quarter and 155 for the rest of the game. But we dug ourselves too big of a whole. We moved the ball offensively. I thought we did protect well for the most part. … We ran the ball effectively at times. We threw the ball well at times. We just go to somehow figure out a way to create some more explosive plays for our football team to gain momentum.

“I give our guys credit defensively. Third down was a killer obviously there at the end, not being able to get off the field. In those situations, we’ve got to be able to convert some third downs and force a punt in that situation, especially with that much time on the clock. Disappointed in that but very pleased in our players and how they continue to play hard.”


» Georgia holds a 49-40-2 all-time advantage over Florida in the series between the two teams. The Bulldogs also lead 32-37-1 for games played in Jacksonville.
» UGA has won three-straight games over UF for the first time since 1987-89.
» Neither Florida nor Georgia were ranked heading into the annual rivalry game for just the second time since 1980.
» Saturday was just the Gators’ second loss to an unranked opponent under Muschamp.
» Muschamp is still winless in the Florida-Georgia series as a player (0-4) and head coach (0-3).
» Muschamp is 5-7 against UF’s traditional rivals of Florida State, Georgia, LSU, Miami and Tennessee. Three of those victories have come against UT.
» The Gators have forced at least one turnover in 18-straight games.
» Florida is now 7-12 under Muschamp when rushing for fewer than 150 yards, 8-8 when an opponent scores first and 4-11 when tied or trailing at the half.
» The Gators forced a safety for the first time since Sept. 10, 2011 vs. UAB.
» Florida committed seven total personal fouls on Saturday though some were not counted due to offsetting penalties. The Gators still finished with seven penalties for 70 yards lost, slightly over their already-high average.
» Georgia went 7-for-12 on third down against the top-ranked third-down defense in the conference in Florida’s unit.
» The Bulldogs gained 335 yards of total offense in the first half but picked up just 79 in the second half.
» UF scored 17 unanswered points in the second half while holding UGA scoreless.
» Florida won the coin toss and chose to defer possession until the second half for the third-straight game. Georgia, like Missouri two weeks ago, scored on its opening possession, putting UF in a deficit right off the bat.
» The Bulldogs ran the final 8:17 off the clock with a three-point lead, putting together a 15-play, 67-yard drive that included four third-down conversions (one via penalty).
» Florida gained just 34 yards on 23 first-down snaps (1.47 yards per play).

» Redshirt junior wide receiver Quinton Dunbar has extended his stream of games with a reception to 24. His 83-yard catch in the first quarter was the longest for Florida since Sept. 17, 2011. It was also the longest completion of redshirt junior quarterback Tyler Murphy’s career.
» The Gators registered a two-point conversion for the first time since Oct. 13, 2012. Murphy hit junior tight end Clay Burton in the end zone for the latter’s first reception of the season. (It will not count in the stat book, however.)
» Redshirt junior defensive tackle Leon Orr registered a fumble recovery for the second time this season on a heads-up play in which he jumped on top of a dropped lateral pass thrown by Aaron Murray.
» Freshman cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III picked up nine tackles, leading the team in that category for the first time in his career.


» On the defense struggling early: “I don’t know. We’re going to go back and look. … But we need to get out of the gate quicker to create more momentum for our team.”

» On missing tow field goals: “The first drive we need to get points out of the drive. You hit the ball on the second play of the game. That’s what we wanted. We just got to convert those situation. We got to get some red zone touchdowns. Very disappointed we couldn’t get the field goal in either situation.”

» On Orr’s fumble recovery: “It was a great play by Leon. In that situation, we always talk about scooping and scoring, and it was an outstanding play.”

» On what Florida needs to do to win crucial games: “Have more points.”

» On how the players were reacting at halftime: “They were fine. Our guys are pretty technical about what was going on. you give up two big play sand a couple chunks defensively, frustrated with that. You hold them to field goals, which were lifesavers in the first half. We’ll just continue to battle and play. … We’ll rebound and we’ll be fine.”

» On the state of the Gators after the game: “We’ve improved. We got better from Missouri. That’s what we needed to do. We need to get a win. … We’ve certainly been inconsistent and that’s the frustrating part for me right now.”

» On the play of the offensive line: “I thought we blocked well. I thought we got a hat on a hat. I thought we got good movement. I think we had four sacks, one was on a seven-man protection and was on the tight end. A couple were scramble situations. We had time to throw the ball. … There was nothing that we felt like on the sideline that we were really struggling to handle.”

» On the hostility of Florida fans (Muschamp reportedly screamed at one that flashed him the middle finger after the game): “I don’t spend two seconds thinking about it, you know? I just move on. We got to coach the football team, control the things that you can control and we’re going to be fine, I can assure you of that.”

» On what the team has left to play for if not an SEC Championship appearance: “You rally around the fact that you play at the University of Florida. It’s a great place to play football. You got a lot of very close locker room and guys play for each other. That’s a lot for those guys. They understand that. It’s frustrating and they’re down and they’re hurt. At the end of the day, guys got a lot of pride and they’re competitors and they want to go out and compete. They want to play well.”



  1. Oldflyer says:

    Coaching decicisons? As in multiple. Other than going on 4th down, what are you referring to? Specifics please.

    • Offensive play calling.

      • Ken (CA) says:

        yes, you nailed it! the play calling was offensive!

      • gatorboi352 says:


        (sorry if you’ve already addressed this) In your opinion what is the root issue of our offensive play calling? Is it Muschamp handicapping Pease’s tendencies and decision making? Is Pease just not who we all thought he was going to be and these are his blunders to own up to?

        What’s the root of it? Muschamp or Pease?

        FWIW Charlie Cheeseburger seemed to have no qualms chucking it all over the field with Brantley (albeit with little success).

    • Michael Jones says:

      How about continuing to call for the drive-killing pussycat formation? Has that ever worked (the only time it’s worked all year was when Burton gave the ball to Taylor at Mizzou one 1 handoff)? How about the fact that–if you must call it–a guy who has actually played QB for us, Trey Burton, STILL hasn’t thrown a pass out of it?

      How about the incredibly reckless defensive call that let Gurley take it to the house on a short pass? Having 3 NFL first round corners play UGA’s wide receivers with 10 yard cushions on 3rd and short while UGA dinked and dunked the ball all the way down the field?

      The ridiculous 4th down call at the end of the half ended up being the difference in the scoring margin. A lack of teaching any kind of discipline and self-control to these kids pushed us back twice with what could have been game-tying field goals (Patton and Ball). That’s coaching. Week in, and week out, our kids lose their temper, lose their poise, (I can’t say they lose their self-control because I haven’t seen any evidence that they have it in the first place), and it hurts us. That’s coaching, my friend.

  2. C. Moore says:

    The penalties are our downfall…hands to the face, taking off the helmet, etc., etc. Really, in my opinion, had more to do with losing the game than anything else. Stupid and undisciplined.

  3. GatorGrad98 says:

    I hope Pease moves on (being nice) & we get in a new OC that properly develops the talented kids we have & the new ones coming in (Grier). We desperately need to get back to the Spurrier/early-Urban days again! We have got to play to save our recruits now or they will defect to FSU & Miami.
    I am super worried about this program right now!!!

  4. Michael Jones says:

    I want to clarify something: I LOVE Coach Muschamp. Have been one of his biggest supporters. I want him to make it. Big time. But something has to give, man.

    Gus Malzahn comes in and takes an Auburn team from the cellar to the penthouse in one year. Coaching is huge in the NCAA. Huge. I’m now convinced that it’s bigger than recruiting (either that or the recruiting services or out of whack). They’re both big–don’t get me wrong–but it’s becoming apparent that a guy who can coach but not recruit will usually beat a guy who can recruit but not coach.

    In a perfect world (see Bama), your head coach needs to be able to do both.

    A Nole friend of mine recently point out that how in the world could a coach NOT recruit well at either UF, FSU, or Miami? The climate, the institutions, the co-eds, the football traditions? The programs sell themselves.

    • Ziggy says:

      You can’t use auburn in your example. Gus walked into the perfect scenario with all of the players that he recruited and that already knew his system.

  5. aziatic41 says:

    We lost to a very bad Georgia team. They have just as many injuries as us. I mean this is a Georgia team that lost to Vanderbilt. Gurley was clearly not 100% yet he still gashed us. All of Georgia’s wrs were missing yet Murray still torched us through the air.

    And if our offense had just a tad bit of explosiveness coupled with just an average coaching performance we could have easily won this game.

    Changes should def be on the way.

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