Ealey says Spikes didn’t deserve suspension

By Adam Silverstein
November 3, 2009

Tuesday morning, when OGGOA began to compile Florida Gators news and information to bring its readers, we made it a point to do our best and move on from the hoopla regarding senior linebacker Brandon Spikes and his eye gouge attempt made at Georgia Bulldogs running back Washun Ealey. And we thought we were done, too. That is until Ealey went ahead and spoke to the media on the issue, claiming Spikes did nothing wrong and does not deserve the punishment he has received from head coach Urban Meyer. After two hours of internal debate, OGGOA has decided to post this information because, well, you the readers deserve to be informed.

“[Spikes’ actions] didn’t really matter to me,” Ealey said. “I think he shouldn’t have gotten suspended at all. We were just out there playing football. I had my eyes closed. He really didn’t gouge my eyes. He didn’t really get [his] hands close to my eyes.”

OK, that’s it. We’re done for now. Time to move on.


  1. Kelly says:

    Moving on? Please, lets! Nothing is going to be fair. Florida is always under the spotlight, being scrutinized for everything that they do. All you can do is just smile and nod.

  2. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    This just backs up what I posted before that the Dawgs know they were targeting Spikes and had already done several things to him….they just want this to go away…..interesting in the Tampa area the afternoon sports guy (the biggest in the Tampa area and a Cane fan) said that Richt is the one who should be under the gun and not Meyer….he thinks it was clear that there was a bounty on Spikes and thinks it came from Richt….this whole thing will just continue to keep this rivalry very intense for years to come

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