Florida freshman DT Jafar Mann set to transfer

By Adam Silverstein
November 5, 2012

During his weekly Monday press conference, Florida Gators head coach Will Muschamp announced that freshman defensive tackle Jafar Mann has decided to leave the program and transfer elsewhere.

“Jafar Mann and I met [Sunday] night, and he’s decided to transfer,” Muschamp said. “He and I agreed it was time for him to move on.”

Mann, a three-star recruit and member of Florida’s 2012 signing class who was expected to take a redshirt, had not yet played this season and even spent some time working on the offensive line in an effort to contribute immediately.

He was one of two players from Stephenson High School to commit to the Gators last year though neither will wind up being on the team in 2013. Four-star running back Mike Davis initially committed to Florida but eventually decommitted and wound up signing with Southeastern Conference rival South Carolina.

It is currently unknown where Mann will transfer or when he will make that decision. His departure leaves the Gators with 13 scholarship defensive linemen though as many as five could depart this season due to graduation or a decision pursue an NFL career.

Mann will be the 15th player to transfer off the Florida football team since Muschamp was hired to take over the program in Dec. 2010 and third player to do so since July.


  1. GatorKen says:

    best of luck to him.

  2. KB says:

    This is of all transfers is peculiar. This is a kid champ recruited and this transfer trend seems to be continuing whether is is a Meyers recruited player or not. I am wondering what the story is behind this and if this kid was shown the door possibly because maybe a chance of a better prospect coming on board ie Gilmore or Adams? If so u can live with it but it is disconcerting to see guys transferring as frequent as it has been happening.

    • VO2max says:

      Reckless speculation. You have no idea what is at the bottom of this yet you question the staffs integrity without even mentioning Mann’s integrity. Just blame the staff. Nice work.

      That said, another badly needed scholly.

      • Alex says:

        Agreed. No way the coach is “cutting” kids who’ve already been given scholarships, especially midseason when he could play a role as an emergency backup if something crazy happened injury wise. Every CFB reporter in the country would salivating to interview the kid for that story, and it’d kill the program.

  3. Alex says:

    It’s not a concern unless our scholarship numbers get down to post-Meyer proportions. As long as they keep filling the classes to replace the kids who leave, it’s for the best. What it’s showing is that Muschamp isn’t paying these guys lip service – if they want to work hard they can be here, but if they don’t like the way things are, the door is open for them to leave.

    This is a bummer from a depth concern, as we will lose Hunter, Okine, Alajajian (who never saw the field), Floyd and potentially Easley from our big bodies, though I think Easley should stay. Losing another DT is never good for depth, though I really doubt he ever would have seen the field if he’s transferring.

  4. Donnie says:

    From what I have heard, there’s a good chance most of the juniors will be returning next year. It could of been a snap reaction (I heard it the day after the Georgia loss) but Elam and Floyd sounded pretty sure of it. The only one that WAS almost 100% gone was reed but that may change.

    • Alex says:

      Reed needs one more season unless they’re drafting him on potential alone. He still jumps for balls that he could run under and catch on the move, and an extra year of blocking DEs would not hurt. I’m not a member of an NFL front-office, though, so maybe he’d get taken high enough to make it worth his while. If I’m him, though, I’d take another year of practice running routes under Pease (if he’s still here and not HC at Kentucky).

      Elam and Floyd are projected first-rounders. While Janoris stuck around (or at least tried), I think those guys are gone. Nothing against them – I’d take a few million bucks worth of contract and finish my degree in the summers, too. I really hope I’m wrong, because if we keep those guys we can pretty deep at all positions on D if some younger linebackers step up. I just think the money’s gonna be too good to pass up.

  5. Donnie says:

    I would take the money myself but Elam isn’t hurting for money. I’m not sure of Floyd and Easley as far as money is concerned. The talk I overheard with my own ears was. #1 they didn’t achieve the goals that the juniors set for themselves coming into the year. #2 they made a promise to Powell that they would go out together the same as they came in. I can’t see Powell going anywhere at this point and both Jenkins and Easley have missed several games with injury. There young men so they may feel different every day but they seemed pretty sure of themselves as far as coming back. If we sneak int the seccg and a bcs bowl then that may change it all.

  6. Spikr says:

    Interesting Donnie. Though people change kinds I remember Floyd wanting to be at Uf and graduate in 4 years. It seemed a big deal to him. Maybe he does stay. Would be awesome.

  7. Donnie says:

    Yes it would be so awesome! Imagine Floyd,Easley,Powell,Fowler,Bullard,Orr,and Brantley all in the rotation on the dline with Elam and pop at safeties and several others including Hargreaves rotating at corner. Qb’s would be screwed unless there throwing quick and I mean real quick. The defense would be #1 in the country (which IMHO they are now) and teams might not score at all with the exception of bama or Oregon if we played them

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