OGGOA Caption Contest Results: Tebow/Jones

By Adam Silverstein
November 8, 2009

Dozens (yes, dozens, I was quite pleased) of submissions were entered, but only two of you won the inaugural ONLY GATORS Get Out Alive caption contest and a FREE Official T Bow Towel!

OGGOA gave away a Official T Bow Towel earlier this week to reader ReptilesRule AKA David for submitting this site’s 500th comment. Seeing as we have some more goodies to give away, there may even be another prize for our 1,000th commenter…perhaps bigger than this one! Be sure to keep participating in the comment sections and let your voice be heard!

Joining David as future wavers of this orange rally towel are…Brittany and Jennifer!

(1) Ref: “Thanks, Tim, I needed a way to pay for my kids’ college education!” – Jennifer
(1) Yo, ref, Imma let you finish, but can I keep this ball? I just broke one of the greatest college football records of ALL TIME. – Brittany

(2) Gators linebacker A.J. Jones was absolutely shocked when he looked around only to find none of his teammates were interested in playing hot potato. – Brittany

Great job ladies, and thank you for participating. Another towel will be up for grabs THIS WEEK in OGGOA‘s second caption contest. Stay tuned!

One Comment

  1. ReptilesRule says:

    Thanks! Best Gator site on the Web!! Always check here first for breaking news!

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