Poll Reviews: Basketball, MVP, Spikes and Meyer

By Adam Silverstein
November 8, 2009

This week, OGGOA asked you five poll questions and responses were a plenty. Ranging from whether or not Florida Gators basketball should be in the preseason Top 25 polls to senior linebacker Brandon Spikes’ punishments, responses were both varied and interesting. So let’s stop wasting time and get straight to the results.

See the results of all five polls and a summary after the jump…

Q: Should Florida Gators basketball be in Top 25?
No – 29 votes, 76%
Yes – 9 votes, 24%

Q: Who was your Florida Gators MVP vs. Georgia Bulldogs on Saturday in Jacksonville?
QB Tim Tebow (4 TD, 249 total yards) – 68 votes, 57%
LB A.J. Jones (2 INT, 1 sack, 5 tackles) – 32 votes, 27%
WR Riley Cooper (78 rec. yards, 2 TD) – 16 votes, 14%
LB Brandon Spikes (INT for TD, 10 tackles) – 3 votes, 2%

Q: Was Brandon Spikes’ punishment fitting?
No – should have been a full game. – 66 votes, 37%
Yes – one half is perfect. – 52 votes, 29%
Yes – didn’t deserve any punishment. – 37 votes, 21%
No – should have been 2+ games. – 22 votes, 13%

Q: Was it necessary for LB Brandon Spikes to extend his punishment?
Yes – right thing to do, took pressure off. – 34 votes, 44%
No – didn’t deserve any punishment. – 22 votes, 29%
No – original punishment was fitting. – 21 votes, 27%

Q: What do you think of the $30K fine levied to Urban Meyer by the SEC?
Foul – no punishment necessary. – 50 votes, 70%
Fair – he broke the bylaw. – 20 votes, 28%
Not harsh enough. – 1 vote, 2%

Tough to summarize five polls in one space, especially when some of the polls were up for less than a day, but I will do my best. You all were dead-on with the first two: no way Florida basketball should be in or anywhere near the Top 25 to start the season, and a difficult schedule (well, harder than the last two years) may keep them out of it for most of if not the entire season. Tebow was the easy and correct choice for last week’s MVP, having a great day with four total touchdowns against Georgia. That marks Tebow’s second OGGOA weekly MVP award, and he is up for a third this week (see new poll).

Opinions on Spikes’ initial and secondary punishment were more even than I expected, though most seemed to agree that a one game suspension was necessary and deserved. A better question that I should have asked would have been, “Do you think the media coverage and admonishment have blown Spikes’ indiscretion out of proportion?” Where I am in dead agreement with the majority is on the last question, about Meyer’s fine. I was quite clear earlier this week that he was simply a victim of circumstance.

Be sure to vote in the new poll and pick your MVP for the Vanderbilt game!

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