11/16: Addazio discusses Pouncey, Gamecocks

By Adam Silverstein
November 17, 2010

Florida Gators offensive coordinator and offensive line coach Steve Addazio spoke to the media Tuesday as he took a final look back on the tough loss against the South Carolina Gamecocks and ahead to this week’s game.


Perhaps the most important note coming out of Addazio’s availability on Tuesday was him confirming what head coach Urban Meyer said a day earlier – plans are for him to return as offensive coordinator for the Gators in 2011. Asked if he felt his job was safe next year, Addazio furrowed his brow and replied, “Yeah. Absolutely. I think coach addressed that, didn’t he?” When the question about Addazio’s desire to come back in the same role was broached, he was also quick to respond with, “Absolutely. Absolutely.”


There is little doubt that Florida senior center Mike Pouncey will be a first round pick in the 2011 NFL Draft. Whether that will be as a center or a guard is anyone’s guess. According to Addazio, he is hearing that Pouncey could go higher or at least in the same range as his brother did a year ago.

“He’s at the pinnacle of his game right now. He’s projected to be a top 10 pick. Playing lights out,” Addazio said. “That’s the feedback. I’m not an NFL prognosticator, OK? So if he ends up 17 or he ends up 16, is that bad?”

Addazio also discussed the Pouncey twins and why both have been so successful. “They’re really bright guys. They really get it,” he said. “They get it from a schematic standpoint. They understand defenses, blitzes, pressures, packages. Obviously Maurkice – that was evident through the interview process after the season as he went through the combine. The comments and feedback back were he was probably one of the most prepared offensive linemen to come out of college football. That’s why he’s had such a remarkable rookie season. […] Mike can play all three positions. Mike knows everything that goes up in that. He’s a heck of a football player and extremely intelligent.”

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On the team regressing offensively and struggling against South Carolina: “The players are working hard every week. They come out ready to roll. We had a great two weeks going into this last game. We had a great plan. We had a great two weeks. Everyone felt good from the players to the coaches about it. We were not able to move the chains and we were not able to get into the flow and the rhythm of what we wanted to establish going into that game with our tempo. We couldn’t get it going. You can’t do that if you don’t sustain drives. That didn’t happen and that’s where it is.”

On going away from the gameplan in reference to Meyer saying they panicked: “You got to get in a rhythm; you got to get going. You got to have enough plays to be able to rotate guys. […] I think we ran 19 plays in the half. At that point you can’t get your tempo going. […] We couldn’t get into a flow because we didn’t convert. You got to convert first downs to get that [the up-tempo offense] going. It just has to happen. We didn’t do that, that didn’t happen. […] Most disappointing was the fact that we couldn’t get our plan going that we felt great about going into the game. We could never get it going.”

On freshman demanding playing time: “Anytime you’re involved with great players, that’s pretty normal. You’re recruiting guys that are very, very competitive guys. They’re talented guys, they want to come in [and play]. There’s so much hype and build-up and they want to play early. That’s what makes a great player – that they want to play early. That is a part of the sport right now. Period. It’s a little human nature.”

On why running backs sophomore Mike Gillislee and redshirt senior Emmanuel Moody had limited snaps last week: “Not a lot of snaps to be had.” He added that the second half was a throwing game due to the deficit and that both freshman quarterback Trey Burton and redshirt freshman Jordan Reed getting carries reduced those for others.

On the health of junior RB Jeff Demps: “We’re just trying to rest him as much as we can rest him during the week. It’s a real day-to-day, week-to-week situation. He’s doing the best he can with that.”


  1. Jeff Schiff says:

    What a crock. Take some responsibility Daz, they looked totally confused, out of sync and the plays you called trying to get first downs sucked. Please go get a head coaching job somewhere else.

  2. Alex says:


  3. g8ter27 says:

    Huh? Tell me this is all a bad dream and the 2010 season has not even started yet. So let me get this right: Brantley will be our qb next year, we will run the spread, and my man Steve is still going to be O coordinatior? I don’t even know what to say, it is like the twighlight zone. We are basically saying we will try and beat Kentucky and Vandy and perhaps the D-2 teams next year. Other than those, we are at the bottom of the conference.

  4. John S says:

    My dream Addazio interview:

    Mr. Addazio, why does your experienced line get its a** handed to it on a weekly basis? Did that perhaps contribute to the offense’s inability to convert? Did the line undergo a group castration in the offseason? Will App State knock us around too? Are you sure, Miami of Ohio and USF stuffed us through the first half?

  5. Gatormiami says:


  6. g8ter27 says:

    Well I was hoping this article was a bad dream too, but it is still here so I have to just hope that in the offseason Foley and the gang will sit down and help Urban see what is really going on. It is mind blowing Addazio’s comments as if he thinks everything is going just fine.

    • Not sure why you guys would think Addazio would voluntarily give up his job during the season. “Sorry everyone, I admit it, I’m awful at my job. I don’t deserve it and I’ve wasted everyone’s time. I will not be back in the role next year…I just hope Urban keeps me on the staff in some way.”

      He’s saying what any other coach would and should say. Does that mean it’s going to happen? Certainly not. Regardless of what Meyer and Addazio have said, I expect coaching staff changes this offseason.

  7. npgator says:

    As Gators let’s start supporting who we are and not we aren’t.

  8. E-Pain says:

    There will be changes, Foley plus boosters plus outright fan outrage= Addazio AT THE VERY LEAST demoted back down to O-line. It will happen. People will not stand for another season such as this.

    As Adam said, it’s still the season, it’s clear none of the coaches are going to say what is really happening behind the scenes, but you can be sure Foley has this under control. No worries Gators, the only way I see an IMMEDIATE coaching change would be a loss to App State. Cross your fingers?

  9. E-Pain says:

    this press conference is like watching a 5 year old justifying his actions


  10. Oscar says:


    I don’t think anyone is expecting Addazio to say those things. What is disconcerting is the lack of ACCOUNTABILITY that he has shown. When the O-Line and Offense in general have underperformed to this extent, at least be a man and ADMIT IT, Admit that there is work to be done and maybe some changes to the play-calling, changes to how you are trying to teach the offense may help. Week after week he comes out and talks as if everything is fine, as if it is all the players fault for lack of execution, lack of energy, lack of focus, etc, etc.

    To top it all off, he is completely deceiving Pouncey if he is telling him these things about his performance. We have all watched the plays, Pouncey is not good at snapping the ball, he has been flat out beaten countless times by defenders, has been knocked on his ass many other times, etc, etc, etc… how this joke of an offensive coordinator can come out and make those type of statements is beyond comprehension.

    • Oscar- I’m not talking about the accountability – obviously that is an issue. I’m speaking specifically about the one thing I mentioned. Even Cam Cameron refused to touch the subject that he wouldn’t be back the next year when he was coaching the Dolphins – and that was one of the most obvious coaching changes ever.

  11. Charles says:

    Oscar- The whole “I’m a man, I’m 40” played out in my head when I read that he should “… at least be a man and ADMIT IT …”. And I agree about his assessment of Pouncey, who ever is telling him that he will be picked that high, or even in the first round, well, I don’t think it’s a real scout, probably Urban’s son.

  12. Ed says:


    I am just astounded at the arrogant way Addazio comes across to the media. He comes across as completely incredulous when questioned and it is apparent he thinks the media and fans are morons that do not understand what we see. I am shocked the media has not been drilling him and Coach Meyer more on the failure of the offense and the overall game planning in 2010.

  13. Mr2Bits says:

    Insert dead horse….I just hope the Appy State game is a close win with bad offense. I only say this because if we we don’t struggle, then Adazzio is going to think he righted the ship like he did against Vandy and FSU will crush us the following week.

  14. reefcup says:


    Total coach speak by both Meyer (saying he expect Addazio to be back) and Addazio. Part of the problem is that Addazio continues to say more than necessary, which I think frustrates the fans even more. Pouncey will be drafted in the 1st 2 rounds, why say he is a top 10 pick? There seems to be little accountability within the staff and therefore there is no accountability within the team.

  15. Joe says:

    If FSU does crush us (I doubt they will crush us), Addazio will definitely be out of the OC position. No doubt. Hell will rain down on him from our boosters.

    I agree with Adam though. Changes should and will be made at the appropriate time. I know there is no way Foley shares the same sentiments as portrayed by Meyer/Addazio during their news conferences. You can all be happy in knowing that he has the final say and that there is no way he will let the next off-season slide without internal changes.

  16. Scooterp says:

    Great logic guys, ‘hopefully we’ll suck against App St. so we can have a coach fired’. Really? I’m willing to bet any discussions between Urban and the rest of the coaching staff (including Daz), behind closed doors, has been taking on a much harsher tone than what we hear played out in the media. I’m sure it will be dealt with, but it will be done quietly and after the bowl games, as it should be. Meyer is not going to publicly beat the snot out of one of his coaches just because a whiney fan base wants him to. I’m as frustrated as anyone with this season and have come on here many times to vent my disapproval of this teams performance, but I’m not the head coach and I’m not in charge of running a top tier CFB program. You can’t turnover staff in the middle of the season – it never works. Wait for the off season, I’m sure these issues will be addressed.

  17. zurbo says:


    The media are TOTALLY AFRAID of Urban Meyer.

  18. Mr2Bits says:

    @Scooterp : You misread my post there champ. I said I hope we do not come out and tear it up like we did against Vandy. Doing so, instilled a false sense of hope in our offense that clearly didn’t translate against USC. It seems as though a loss or a close win is what it takes to put together a good game plan the following week.

  19. Scooterp says:

    Mr2bit – agree with your assessment. I just won’t feel good at the prospect of struggling against App St, just so Meyer can stick it to Daz. I don’t think it matters anymore how we play here out. I’m sure changes are coming.

  20. Joe says:

    well said scoot

  21. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Well, I’ve been trying to upgrae my seats in the Champions Club for the last two years, and judging from the flood of people leaving early last week, if we lose to fsu, I may get my wish… uhhhh is it baseball season yet?

  22. Gatorgrad79 says:

    that was upgrade my seats

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