Former Florida Gators in the NFL: Week 11 recap

By Adam Silverstein
November 23, 2010

With the 2010-11 NFL season now underway, a number of Florida Gators participated in Week 11 action, some of whom had an impact on their team’s performance.OGGOA has checked and re-checked the box scores to bring you a summary of what these Gators accomplished during the 11th week of the season.

CB JOE HADEN, Cleveland Browns: Three solo tackles, three passes defended, interception (27-yard return)
DT JEREMY MINCEY, Jax Jaguars: Three solo tackles, two sacks, two Gator Chomps

LB MIKE PETERSON, Atlanta Falcons: Three solo tackles (one for loss), pass def.
WR DAVID NELSON, Buffalo Bills: Target
S MAJOR WRIGHT, Chicago Bears: Two tackles (one solo)
WR ANDRE CALDWELL, Cincinnati Bengals: Reception for nine yards, three kickoff returns for 79 yards (long: 32)
DE CARLOS DUNLAP, Cincinnati Bengals: Solo tackle
S REGGIE NELSON, Cincinnati Bengals: Five tackles (three solo), three passes def.
WR JABAR GAFFNEY, Denver Broncos: Three rec. for 33 yards (targets: 7, long: 18)
QB TIM TEBOW, Denver Broncos: Handoff
DT MARCUS THOMAS, Denver Broncos: Two solo tackles
KR BRANDON JAMES, Indianapolis Colts: Five kickoff returns for 79 yards (long: 26), two punt returns for one yard
DE DERRICK HARVEY, Jacksonville Jaguars: Sack
LB CHANNING CROWDER, Miami Dolphins: Six tackles (five solo)
WR PERCY HARVIN, Minnesota Vikings: Two receptions for 12 yards (targets: 5, long: 9), two rushes for 18 yards (long: 16), four kickoff returns for 69 yards (long: 25)
LB JERMAINE CUNNINGHAM, New England Patriots: Three tackles (two solo)
TE AARON HERNANDEZ, New England Patriots: Reception for eight yards, touchdown
LB BRANDON SPIKES, New England Patriots: Two solo tackles
DT GERARD WARREN, New England Patriots: Three tackles (one solo)
DE ALEX BROWN, New Orleans Saints: Four tackles (three solo, TFL), Gator Chomp
WR LOUIS MURPHY, Oakland Raiders: Three receptions for 25 yards (targets: 6, long: 12), fumble
LB BRANDON SILER, San Diego Chargers: Three tackles (two solo), Gator Chomp
DE RAY MCDONALD, San Francisco 49ers: Tackle
FB EARNEST GRAHAM, Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Three carries for 7 yards (long: 3)

C Maurkice Pouncey (Pittsburgh Steelers), G Cooper Carlisle (Oakland Raiders) – CB Lito Sheppard (Vikings), WR Riley Cooper (Philadelphia Eagles), QB Rex Grossman (Washington Redskins)

LB Andra Davis (Bills), RB Fred Taylor (Patriots), LT Max Starks (Steelers)

– Wright’s action was the first he has seen this season due to injury.
– DE Jarvis Moss was cut by the Broncos this week and was not picked up off waivers.
– After a great special teams sack by Siler, he performed the Gator Chomp – as did teammate and former Colorado CB Donald Strickland.

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  1. Brook says:

    Minor point, but you could at least bold the offensive linemen who start and play all game. Believe me, Maurkice’s play is a lot more impressive than Tim Tebow’s “handoff”??? Are you kidding me? Pouncey plays the whole game blocking defensive linemen and you group him with the guys that don’t play? Tebow hands off and you give him a statline? Dude. not cool.

    • Brook- He’s grouped there because he does not produce statistics; it is not a reflection of his importance to his team. But that’s a good idea. I will bold them. You could be a little less antagonistic when making suggestions though.

  2. npgator says:

    I love watching these guys do the chomp in the NFL!

  3. JayV says:

    I think Brandon James got into the game for Indy.

  4. Mike says:

    Adam, I think Harvey gave a Gator Chomp after his sack of Colt McCoy. I don’t know how you would check it, but it’s worth looking into.

    Great compilation of Gator stats. I enjoy reading this each week.

  5. Mike says:

    Well, I take it back. I found the video of his sack on and it was actually Mincey chomping at Harvey after Harvey sacked McCoy.

  6. SC Gator says:

    The Chomp-o-Meter cracks me up every time, but especially with the addition of the on behalf of/with section.

  7. Mr2Bits says:

    I think you should allow me to win the next caption contest just because I allow your site to touch my IP. I’ve seen the winners submissions and ARE YOU KIDDING me? What a joke. At least make an effort to appreciate me. Like totally not cool.


  8. Mr2Bits says:

    Figured while everyone else was giving you operational suggestions. Just poking fun of Brook’s submission.

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