Could Black and Rainey declare with Pounceys?

By Adam Silverstein
December 9, 2009

Bruce Black, the father of Florida Gators junior strong safety Ahmad Black, has told the Gainesville Sun that the chances his son will declare for the 2010 NFL Draft are 90 percent. Why? Black says head coach Urban Meyer does not respect his son.

“I would let Ahmad stay if they would show him some respect,” he said. “I don’t think coach Urban Meyer respects my son. If he did, Ahmad would have started the first game instead of Will Hill. Coach Meyer favors certain players, and Ahmad isn’t one of them.”

Black also gave his thoughts about some of the other third-year players from Lakeland High School and what their plans are for 2010. “The Pounceys are definitely going to the NFL,” he said. “Chris Rainey says he’s coming out, but I’ve advised him to stay. He’s a little too small right now, but he wants to come out.”


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    I’d have to agree with his dad. Black had a standout year last year with 7 picks to tie Berry for top db and should have been the starter.

    Wright/Hill were getting burned in the SECCG and I rarely saw Black in there. Only when Wright got injured did you see Black play.

  2. Aligator says:

    black is being foolish, he won’t get drafted very high and he will not be on a roster next fall. he would be better to stay in school. there has to be some reason why he was in the doghouse or he just got beat out? rainey is kidding himself if he thinks he will get drafted before third round …. way too many people in front of him ….

  3. I agree in the respect that Black should have started along with Wright this season. But I doubt it was a lack of respect for him that caused the change – Meyer and/or Strong probably think Hill is better. Plain and simple. Even so, like Aligator said, I do not think he will be drafted high enough for this decision to be worthwhile for him. Though it will help Meyer with recruiting because guys like Elam want to see as little competition for playing time as possible.

    As far as Rainey, if he is projected to be like Darren Sproles, then he will be a third- or fourth-round selection at best if he comes out in 2009 or 2010 – unless he was to blow up next season.

  4. O-town Gator says:

    If indeed Bruce Black said what he did, he’s a perfect example of why many coaches decide they don’t want to coach anymore – a relentless parent who complains about their kid not playing and blasts the coach for it. Those types of sport parents make me sick.

  5. Gatorfan33 says:

    I think Black will be a 2nd day pick but will be a late round gem for some team.

  6. Lakeland Gator says:

    Ahmad’s dad has been spouting off about his son and the Pouncy twins for awhile. My Father In Law ran into him last week and Bruce told him the same thing. I think Bruce has dollar signs in his eyes more than anything.

  7. Good perspective and info. Thanks LG.

  8. ReptilesRule says:

    Black would not be drafted. He is too slow for CB and too small for safety. There is not too much demand for either one of those in the NFL. If Black comes out I’ll predict he’ll be back in Lakeland next fall looking for a job in a lousy economy. Without a degree. Good Luck!

  9. Black will certainly be drafted if he declares.

  10. Drew 4 Orange and Blue says:

    One draft board has him as a 3rd rounder and I am shocked….I agree his size should be a major concern….does anyone know what position he is projected to play….as far as his dad’s comments he does sound like the kind of parent that makes you not want to coach on any level

  11. He would probably be special teams for the most part, maybe convert him to corner. He could play safety, I suppose, but would depend how the rest of the team is size-wise.

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