Could Tim Tebow start Sunday for the Broncos?

By Adam Silverstein
December 16, 2010

With veteran quarterback Kyle Orton performing well in front of him much of the season, Denver Broncos rookie signal caller Tim Tebow was relegated to back-up and spot duty. Though he has scored four touchdowns this year (three rushing), Tebow and many of his fans knew it would be a reach for him to start a game in 2010.

That is until things changed in Denver.

The Broncos began playing worse and worse each week, head coach Josh McDaniels was fired and replaced with interim coach Eric Studesville, and Orton injured his ribs on Sunday against Arizona during a terrible performance.

Those events have led to Tebow taking the majority of first-team snaps during the last two practices even though Studesville claimed earlier in the week that Orton would be his starter. Studesville changed his tune a bit Thursday, saying he was “not in a hurry to make a decision” about his starting QB.

“He did a nice job in practice yesterday. He went in there and ran the huddle, he did a nice job throwing the ball, and going through alert systems in the run game,” offensive coordinator Mike McCoy said, according to The Denver Post. “It was great for Timmy to get in there and have the majority of the snaps. As practice went along he got better and better, he felt more and more comfortable with everybody.”

Columnists and fans in the Mile-High City have been clamoring for the No. 25 overall pick in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft to see the field for an extensive period of time behind center. That time may finally come on Sunday.

Photo Credit: Ed Reinke/Associated Press


  1. ziggy says:


  2. Mr2Bits says:

    Can;t wait to see what he’ll do if he starts.

  3. AnObfuscator says:

    Don’t start him until he’s ready.

  4. Broncosfan7 says:

    Tebow time in Denver! Why not it has to come sooner or later, Orton has the stats yeah but he’s not the long term answer.

  5. Kbay15 says:

    TEBOW ! he migh get to prove himself now if he gets a good bit of playing time. maybe he’ll stay starter, Orton needs to go !

  6. TheBrave8842 says:

    It might be a blessing to have his first start in Oakland. Go into one of the worst environments imaginable and cut your teeth there. Go Timmy!

  7. Mr2Bits says:

    Adam : Don’t forget to add a chomp to Siler’s chomp O’ Meter as he made a big stop on 4th and one last night and went off chomping

  8. JW says:

    Orton screwed me in fantasy last week so I applaud this move. Damn you Orton and your negative two points.

  9. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    I thought when the coach got canned maybe they would go with Tebow just to get him some experience…..but this should be a good time to put him in…no pressure…seasons already over…by the way every time I watch Rivers play with the worse mechanics imagineable and see his 3 seasons with 4k yards it’s hard to understand why mechanics is still so important to draft status!!!

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