Gators WR Dunbar, DT Orr announce plans to stay

By Adam Silverstein
December 16, 2013

In a response to seven members of the Florida Gators football team deciding, over the last week, to continue their respective careers elsewhere, a pair of the team’s upperclassmen spoke publicly in support of the program while seemingly announcing they intend to stay put for a fifth season.

A source close to redshirt junior wide receiver Quinton Dunbar divulged Sunday, in a report published by this writer on, that the pass catcher planned to return for his senior season. He appeared to confirm just that on Monday.

“I came back to school to leave as a champion I won a championship throughout every faze of my life It’s a must I get one in college,” he wrote on Twitter.

Dunbar set a Florida record this season by catching a pass in 28 consecutive games with the Gators. He was one of UF’s most consistent receivers in 2013, especially early in the season when junior quarterback Jeff Driskel was healthy, and should be a big part of the offense once again in 2014. He finished the year with just 40 receptions for 548 yards and never found the end zone.

Redshirt junior defensive tackle Leon Orr, who took a major step forward in his fourth year and finished with 2.5 sacks (third-most on the team), echoed Dunbar’s sentiment but was even more impassioned, taking a shot at some of his former teammates who left the program this offseason.

“Everybody jumping like we got a sunken ship …. Put it on my mama we gone take off next fall with no mercy for anyone!” he wrote on his account, which features a display name of “Loyalty’s Everything.”

Starting in the middle of Florida’s defensive line, Orr picked up 4.5 tackles for loss on the year and also recovered two fumbles.

Both players considered leaving early for the 2014 NFL Draft though each likely would have either been a late-round selection or gone undrafted.


  1. cline says:

    Cheers to the Gator Faithful!!!!!! GO Gators!

  2. Keith says:

    Where were they going? (Sarcasm)

  3. Gatoralum88 says:

    Finally some good news! Although, had Dunbar left he’d have gone undrafted and Orr would have been a late pick at best. There’s no “Wow” factor from either player but they’ll both be good senior leaders. Also, both are durable! Hopefully Powell will follow suit. He hasn’t been the same since his knee injuries. I doubt anyone will pick him before the 5th-round if he decides to leave. I’m thinking Roberson may leave despite having a bad, injury plagued, junior year, I’m hoping he stays! He’s a good player when healthy.

    • Tractorr says:

      Both are solid players, and Dunbar was coming on as a very reliable target as the season progressed. Too bad for him that the line couldn’t block anyone for longer than .5 seconds or else he may have had some more grabs.

      • Gatoralum88 says:

        Valid points Tractorr. Honestly, I’m struggling to see many positives with the program at this point. I’m glad Billy’s competence with his team helps ease the pain.

  4. Croc says:

    The latest I am seeing is that Dalvin Cook didn’t meet with Muschamp and FSU was his last in-home.
    Not sure if this has been confirmed, but Dalvin Cook commiting to the gators is all but dead.

    Huge huge loss for the Gators and another sign Muschamp should have been canned.

    • This post has nothing to do with that topic. Also, that information is not confirmed and absolutely a reach to draw a full conclusion by that.

      • Croc says:

        Its the most important Gator news of the day and this is a gator blog. Where am I supposed to talk about it.
        Also it was just confirmed by Zach Abolverdi. So bye bye Cook.

        • When there’s a story or nugget written about it later in the day, I guess. You’ve been very contentious these last few weeks. Calm down.

        • Also, Zach gave an opinion based on a fact. He did not report where the kid was committing.

          • Croc says:

            but he did confirm that Muschamp didn’t have his in home with him.
            That seals the deal. It would be a shocker at this point if he picks UF.

            • It doesn’t seal any deal. That’s an opinion. Unless he spoke with Cook, he knows as much as anyone else what his ultimate decision will be. Thanks for hijacking the post.

              • ScottyB says:

                Croc, please don’t celebrate any victories next year or sing “we Are the Boys”…That would be very hypocritical…

        • Tim says:

          What the heck does Cook have anything to do with Dunbar and Orr? You lost me. Unless your intent was to manufacture something to complain about. The good news here is that the team appears to be rallying around itself rather than wallowing in misery like some of our fans. Eh hmm…

      • Tractorr says:

        If all that info were true it is possible that Cook had made up his mind and was giving Jimbo one last shot to sway him.

        • John says:

          He shouldn’t of come anyways to be a backup behind Kelvin Taylor for 3 years.

          • Tractorr says:

            Seems to me that many teams are using multiple backs these days. There just aren’t that many backs who are durable, fast and shifty enough to play every down especially in the SEC.

    • nugent1021 says:

      Let’s not jump out of a second story window over Cook.

      Cook looks like a great player. He’s been committed to UF and he has recruited for UF in the past. He’s also a high school guy who’s got to make the best decision for himself for his future. Sometimes these guys don’t pan out anyway, and we’ve got Taylor and Adam Lane. I think we’ll be okay. We’d all love to have the guy if he wants to be a part of our Gator Nation. Hopefully he does. None of us can get in his mind and figure it out, so it’s a waste of time to speculate.

      Here’s hoping he joins us….

    • Champ supporter says:

      I don’t mean any harm, but why should anyone be falling over this kid or any kid. His comments aren’t too appealing. I am all for confidence, but he thinks he’s an absolute game changer. Please tell me a recruit who instantly changed the landscape of the team they played with as a freshman. I am seriously asking because I cannot think of one. There have been plenty who have been hyped to do so, but…no one is that good. Tebow and harvin had an impact as freshman, but they didn’t completely changed the landscape of that team their freshmen seasons. It would hard for me to believe that Cook is that good. If he wants to go to another school then so be it. Get on!

  5. superg8r says:

    I just want someone to please explain how one can jump off of a sunken ship. It’s crap like this, people….

  6. Joaqui says:

    This news makes sense but Orr’s comments should be the bigger focus. Here we are in December after one of the worst seasons ever and we hhave players that are focusing on having better year and begining to take the leadership roles that we lacked this past year. I love this and feel much better about next season. Its on his mama!!!! Go Gators.

    • Uf_84 says:

      Yeah Orr sounds pissed. Everyone should be pissed, I know I am. I had completly forgotten how insufferable fsu fans could be but have been very much reminded these past few weeks. I was seranaded with a chant of: “it’s great, to be, a 4 and 8ter.” as I walked into my office yesterday. Another nole “friend” told me that every time his wife tries to tivo the show Biggest Loser, it keeps showing Gator games when she goes to play it back. I give as well as I get so there’s nothing I can do but take it right now. I do however, remind them that every time they’ve played an SEC team for the national championship, they’ve lost. War Damn Eagle!!

      I sure hope that some of that anger will serve as motivation.

  7. kinggator says:

    Go gators

  8. GatorBoys4Life says:

    Champ Supporter if you really think that Percy Harvin didn’t change the landscape of that team then it’s clear you didn’t watch that team, nobody had an answer for him from the minute he got to Gainesville, migraines were the only thing that could get in his way, SEC Championship game MVP, and great in the Natty, he was that offenses X factor period. No Percy, no 06 National Championship, Tebow was marginally used but Percy was the catalyst on offense

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