TWO BITS: QBs praise Roper, Parsons good deed

By Adam Silverstein
December 27, 2013

1 » Two very important Florida Gators players have already conveyed their excitement about the team hiring Kurt Roper as its new offensive coordinator. Junior quarterback Jeff Driskel on Thursday congratulated Roper via his Twitter account and said he is “excited to get to work with him.” Incoming freshman QB Will Grier expressed a similar sentiment. “Coach Roper is a great fit,” he wrote on Twitter. “I will learn a lot from him and Chris Leak. It is an amazing opportunity to play for such a great staff.”

Grier (Davidson, NC) has actually met and practiced under Roper before. According to The Gainesville Sun, Grier met him one-on-one during a visit to Duke in the spring, has attended two Duke summer camps (as a freshman and sophomore in high school) and even worked out for Roper during one of his Davidson Day High School football practices. “Coach Roper has a great reputation for developing quarterbacks,” said Grier’s father Chad Grier. “Will’s got a very high opinion of Coach Roper, his track record and what he’s done at Duke and everywhere else. We’re excited to have him in place at Florida, and Will is ready to go to work.”

2 » Houston Rockets forward Chandler Parsons has been having an outstanding third NBA season, averaging 17.3 points, 5.3 boards and 3.8 assists per game – all career-highs. But Parsons’s life has also been more exciting off the court as he has been getting a lot of attention for his looks both from female fans and now brands (he is the new face for Buffalo Jeans, see below).
Even as his career is taking off, Parsons has found a way to remain humble and proved that to be the case recently while visiting 10-year-old Patrick Hobbs-DeClaire, a cancer patient he has befriended. Hobbs-DeClaire, whose specific form of cancer attacks the autonomous nervous system and keeps him in significant pain, told Parsons that the pain does not bother him as much as the fact that he is no longer resembling his twin brother. So Parsons, much to Hobbs-DeClaire’s surprise and delight, decided to shave off his signature fauxhawk as a gesture so his friend would have someone else to resemble. He also makes personal gestures to him during games and gave Hobbs-DeClaire his personal number in case he ever wishes to talk. Top-notch stuff all the way.


  1. Shea Diesel says:

    Why did I watch almost a full minute of the Chandler Parsons commercial?

  2. Oldfyer says:

    Two good stories on different levels.

  3. gradygator says:

    Muschamp has silently built a stable of backs that we haven’t seen in a long time: in the 80’s we had Neal, Hampton, James Jones, Henderson. That group paved the way for Emmitt Smith to get on board and we’ve had many ggod ones simce: Eric Rhett, Fred Taylor, Ciatrick Fason, DeShawn Wynn, Terry Jackson, etc. Somehow, Meyer was never able to land one and as his closest catch slipped to Clemson. CWM has changed that! The cupboard in strong and bright for 2014.

    Matt Jones is a hammer, Kelvin Taylor is a beast, and Dalvin Cook’s breakaway speed are going to be tough to stop once Roper gets his hands on his new toys and unleashes the cumalative potentional at the position.

    Couple that with two nationalyl rated dual-threat qb’s in Driskell and Grier. Yes Driskell was the consensus # 1 recruit and the Gatorade Nat’l player of the year. I have all the confince that Ropers tutelage of Driskell wiil lead to the same results as Eli Manning and he will be an NFL baller when he leaves us. Then sprinkle in some pro-caliber receivers in Dunbar, Demarcus Robinson and A. Fullwood and its not hard to tell why a guy that had everything going for him at Duke and was a top 5 finalist for best assistant in the land has decided to come to UF.

    If your scared of the chomp don’t come to the SWAMP. The Gators are back!

  4. Ken (CA) says:

    That’s a really attractive model, but I wonder if they remembered it was a jeans ad and not a smut film? 1 1/2 minutes and I don’t think she was ever actually in a pair of jeans!

  5. hilldw says:

    Adam, Did you see ESPN named the #1′ Not Top Ten’ play of 2013 as the play where Harrison and Dunbar blocked each other during the Georgia Southren game?

    • Ken (CA) says:

      I didn’t see that, but they certianly could have included Easley tackling our own guy who would have had a Td, or it seems to me there was another one where someone else tackled another of our own guys running for a TD. plenty of bottom 10 plays vailable this year.

  6. Skinney says:

    Adam, I keep reading things that give me a bad feeling about the commitments of Lane and Cook. Any thought/predictions/input on this?

    Also, I think a post on how our commits are doing at the UA game practices and then how they do at the actual game would be pretty interesting.

    Thanks and keep the material coming.

    • Skinney- There’s just a bit too much going on right now for me to have time to put that together until after the new year. I’ll have a preview before the UA game on Jan. 2 as well as posts that day depending what happens.

      Not really sure what to say about Lane and Cook. Some recruiting analysts believe both stick with Florida, but a recent video interview I saw with both of them led me to believe that was far from the case. All I know is that wherever Cook ends up committing, Lane will be there too.

  7. aziatic41 says:

    Skinney- If Jimbo Fisher takes the Texas job both guys will attend UF. If he elects to stay at FSU then they both will be FSU bound. Plus I think both guys would rather play with WInston as there QB any day over Driskel. IMO

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