Gators add three-star athlete Deiondre Porter

By Adam Silverstein
January 20, 2014

Just one week after extending a scholarship offer to the three-star prospect, the Florida Gators received a commitment from athlete Deiondre Porter (Tampa, FL).

Porter, who was committed to South Florida when offered by UF but immediately decommitted and officially visited the Gators over the weekend, played quarterback for Jefferson High School last season.

He will join Florida as an athlete without a position. The Gators are also expected to work the 6-foot, 163-pounder out at wide receiver, cornerback and kick returner.

“I feel I can play anywhere. Whatever the team needs, I’m there. I’m not a selfish player,” Porter said when making his announcement live on television. “For Florida, if they want me to play corner, I’m here. They want me to play receiver, I’m here. If they want me to play quarterback, I’m also here.”

Interest in Porter has been widespread recently with Georgia, Miami and Wisconsin all trying to get him to visit. In the end, a trip to Florida was all he needed to seal the deal and officially put an end to his recruitment.

According to’s Robert Lopez, sophomore cornerback Vernon Hargreaves III was instrumental in helping Porter feel comfortable while on campus.

“They just said that I have an opportunity here at Florida. They stressed that,” he said.

Porter is the Gators’ 22nd overall commitment and 12th from the state of Florida.


  1. TST says:

    Welcome to Gator Nation Deiondre.

  2. Welcome to Gator Nation!!!
    Da’ Swamp——-

  3. GatorGrad98 says:

    Has the tone of a Trey Burton to me… Very cool!!! I am so excited for this season, we have a lot of awesome coaches & talented players. I still have all the faith in Champ! Go Gators!!!

  4. gatorking says:

    Yzzurr gatornation lets go

  5. Kaleb Wolfe says:

    Does this mean we don’t have a shot with Athelete & no. 9 ESPN overall player Andoree Jackson this could be very telling , I just wanted OT Damien Prince, Adoree Jackson and DE Lorenzo Carter please please please

    • No, that is not the case. Florida feels like it has a great shot at Jackson.

      • Kaleb Wolfe says:

        Oh I knew that but I just feared since we only have room for just 4 spot in this year’ a recruiting class iffy be things with Adorree had maybe taken a bad turn behind the scenes so to speak and thus here The staff just pulled the trigger on the last best opportunity on a player that fits that fits an Athelete skill set that can play WR/DB/ST KR /RB

  6. aziatic41 says:

    Also we are in the lead for the #2 juco wr in nation Eric Lauderdale. When need him desperately. He is going to choose between UF and Arizona St this week.

  7. Kaleb Wolfe says:

    Well if we are fortunate enough to get Lauderdale then that will definetly help take the sting out of losing Lane and thanks Adam I had no idea they were after Porter , maybe they’re after him because the coach in staff isn’t too sure about J.C. Jackson’s commitment ??? Who knows but I know it’s a long shot but I’d love to forus to flip Jeff Jones from Minnesota he was very impressive in the Under Armor All-Anerican game he will be visiting Gainesville but I just don’t see how we are gonna be able to finish that strong when we only have so scholarships left ? I fear we will won’t get Zo Carter especially now that the so called ” great recruiter Pruitt ” is now at Georgia , adding DE Carter would give us one very nasty & very wicked Defensive Line Class especially with Ellis, Clark, and now Holley plus with Adoree we’d have one nasty secondary unfortunately no linebackers that hurts especially with Ropo leaving early he’s got no business leaving early he could’ve greatky improved his draft stock next year but of course being injury prone I don’t blame him but he’s a 5th or 6th round pick at best hopefully the linebackers we signed last year get back healthy and can make an impact it was a shams losing that linebacker commit early in I forget his name but he was very close to D-Line Coach Brad Lawing oh well maybe we convert Justus Reed to Linebacker but we definetly need Carter to place Folwer at the Buck position for sure because Dante Fowler is gone after next season unless he’s gets injured god forbid infact I pray next season we don’t even hear the damn word injury lol whew fingers crossed & knock on Wood guys.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      Not sure why you think Jeff Jones is a long shot. After being worked on by friends at the UA game, he scheduled his official to UF and many are expecting him to ultimately flip.

      • jimmyjohns says:

        He’s more than a long-shot at this point. More of a no shot. Good chance that he will not have the grades to qualify and probably not making to trip down this weekend.

  8. Jay McK says:

    @Kaleb I’m glad u got all that off ur chest. We’ll be fine at LB and WR. Hoping for Lauderdale, but there is plenty of talent there; I think McKenzie is more of a need in the slot. Wud love to get Adored (cuz he’s a special talent) and Carter (he cud be a beast at the Buck), but their pledge won’t make or break the class. Btw, the lineman name is Willis.


    • Kaleb Wolfe says:

      Lol thanks Jay McK I appreciate the reassurement I know regardless of wether we get the pledges we’ve still got a great class considering all the bad press however we have addressed our actual true positional needs and thank you for the correction I’m on my iPhone and the auto-correct has got a mind of it’s own sometimes to say the least anyways thanks Jay Mck and Go Gators!!!!!!!!

  9. aziatic41 says:


    Eric Lauderdale is from Fayetteville, Georgia so I can see him wanting to be closer to home by choosing UF over ASU. Plus he’d have a chance to start day one for us. Because we have talent at wrs but no one that’s a game-changer so to speak. Dunbar is a good kid but he is not a game-changer. And in Roper’s uptempo offense he’ll get plenty of looks.

  10. Kaleb Wolfe says:

    I say get as many guys that wanna come Florida start Geey Shirting just like all our opponents Do like Bama & LSU has all done , FSU does it not Tennessee with Butch Jones is doing it’s time to start leveling the playing field I say I know it’s a raw deal but hey Bama has been cheating since Trent Richardsons Esalade and his mother new found job & home in Tuscaloosa that boy was from Escambia Florida also les miles lets the vote on wether Jeremy Hill should be able to start the season after what he did and don’t even get me started on Forced Sex University , look I honestly wish everyone played it fair and didn’t get in trouble and get passes atleast Muschamp kick Janoris Jenkins off the team plus he practically suspended Marcus Roberson his entire Junior Season so we’ve played by the rules our opponents are our opponents are winning we are losing look if we’ve got the opportunity to get a special talent I see no reason in taking a scholarship away from non hacker or some player whose on the practice team who’ll never see the field or maybe even. Kicker whose just not cutting it to open a spot for possible potential player who could make a difference in year 1or year 2 , look nots kid ourselves I live college football more than anything it’s amateur football it’s a conplety different animal than the NFL but it’s still a business and it’s been a business and it’s becoming more & more a business look how much the SEC & the NCAA head staffs make off of college football and now with the playoffs coming up along with the BCS bowls it’s going to be very very lucrative the SEC Network deal with ESPN/ ABC I mean it’s a business so go win games without cheating but do all that you can to be as competitive can you can be with in the rules that are in place and in the end no one hears on ESPN about all the players that get scholly’s taking away from them at Alabama or LSU or FSU it’s just about how talented the players that are playing for the teams making plays for their teams on ESPN and they get all the press ESPN is in love with Alabama , LSU and also FSU all they care about is them winning games so who cares why not we try and catch up and level the playing field these player weren’t brought here to get engineering degrees they’re brought in to win balk games and if they don’t graduate they leave early those player after an NFL career are always welcomed & encouraged to come back and Finnish their college degree are they not , look weren’t not Vandy or Harvard we are Florida we will always be known most for our football success which benefits many many things throughout the university no matter how many championships or final fours or great eight appearance they make & thank god for Billy Dovovan but this isn’t UK or Duke or UNC or Loiusville or Syracuse we will always be a football school though I live my gator basketball team or yeah and free Chris Walker signed the petition to get him I’m the basketball court anyways time to start doing whatever within the rules to win games it’s weird cuz I thought that the SEC forbid their teams from Gray-Shirting but none the less they’re still doing it and if there was a season to do it especially with 3 brand new coordinators and a new offense it’s time to get the correct personnel in there ASAP we have to change from the pro style big ten style power running game to the no huddle spread offense and out as much speed and playmakers out there as possible and put the the foot on the pedal on don’t let off Coach Roper ok I’m don’t lol Go Gators

  11. Aurelio says:

    Lauderdale was just out here at Arizona State on his official visit and tweeted out that he was going to announce his decision on this coming Saturday. Maybe we should be a little worried that he tweeted that out as he was still in AZ.

  12. bakhari says:

    He could make are next trey burton .. kick return n wild cat qb

  13. Michael Jones says:

    All of this is exciting and we all do this every year, me included, but we still have a ton of talent at the receiving/skill positions from last year’s class that hasn’t been developed or even seen the field yet. Talent has never been a problem at UF. We have plenty of talent, always have had, including the years when we complain about not having talent.

    . . . . and I’ll just leave it at that.

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