TWO BITS: Brissett signs LOI, Murphy to Duke

By Adam Silverstein
February 7, 2011

1 » Four-star Florida Gators quarterback commitment Jacoby Brissett (West Palm Beach, FL) officially sent his National Letter of Intent to the University of Florida Monday morning, head coach Will Muschamp confirmed early in the afternoon. “Jacoby will be a good fit in our program,” Muschamp said in a UF release. “He is an outstanding quarterback and we are excited to have him join the Gator family.” Check out Brissett’s whirlwind commitment process and what he brings to the table.

2 » Five-star 2012 forward recruit Alex Murphy (Southborough, MA), the brother of Florida sophomore F Erik Murphy, committed to the Duke Blue Devils over the weekend after strongly considering UF and several others programs. Alex told FOX Sports‘ Jeff Goodman that telling Gators head coach Billy Donovan he would not be heading to Gainesville, FL like his brother was the most difficult part of the process. “They started recruiting me before anyone else,” Murphy told Goodman. “I had such a good relationship with Coach Donovan, obviously my brother, and a lot of their players. That was hard for me. It basically came down to them and Duke.”


  1. Rich says:

    FYI Adam,
    Just clicked the link for Into the Swamp and ordered it.
    Still supporting your ad’s.


  2. g8rgr8 says:

    C’mon up Momma and feel the “LOVE”, oh and try our BBQ it blows Miami’s BBQ away…. guaranteed!

    • David says:

      Ok, granted I haven’t lived in Gville for some time, but where is the great BBQ?

      • Daniel M. says:

        David’s on NW 39th……C’mon!

      • Mr2Bits says:

        Backyard BBQ in Newberry. Nothing comes close. Do yourself a favor and get the tower of onion rings as well. You haven’t lived till you have been there.

      • g8rgr8 says:

        Dude, did you read “great BBQ?”… I said it is better than BBQ in Miami…. C’mon down to Ocala and Lake county… that is where GREAT BBQ is… since you asked. Look anywhere on the side of the road…. Oh and, Gainesville is where the original Sonny’s is located. Granted Miami probably has much better than “frioles rojo”… LOL

  3. g8ter27 says:

    I am still a bit suprised. Welcome Brissett we are glad to have you.

  4. Aligator says:

    adam, help me understand the thinking behind CW’s choice? He already has one of the top, if not top qb in the country coming in. I know we are thin there, but are we going to have a tow headed monster, because they are so evenly matched? do we have any in the que for next year. this just seems like a josh portis or cam newton all over again?

  5. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Thank god it’s finally official. Welcome aboard Brissett.

  6. jay d says:

    I knew once brissett anounced at his high school b ball game the gators were a lock to receive his LOI…..glad the wait is over….I’m not worried about a 2 QB system…once they zero in on the most talented kid for the new offense…it will be a non issue…..that isn’t to say we won’t see 2 or 3 people line up behind center early…I’m all for stacking the QB spot!

  7. Zooker says:

    If momma ain’t happy, trust me nobody’s happy… Momma knows best, I’m a Gator, but this one doesn’t feel right and unfortunately I feel like Brissett will regret not going to UM, just a feeling…

    • CH says:

      this kid reminds me of cam newton all over again. His momma will be in the press complaining about his playing time and how WM hates on her son. The way he played out the LOI shows me he is only interested in the spot light. I agree with zooker – don’t have a good feeling about this kid. He has a lot to prove to beat out Driskel.

  8. Ken says:

    Too Bad Erik Murphy’s brother didn’t come…He would have filled a “big” need with all 3 senior bigs leaving

  9. Matt says:

    Maybe Brissett needed to get away from Momma. I think it speaks volumes to his maturity to be able to say to everyone, including mom, it’s my decision and this is where I am most comfortable deal with it. Not to mention this kid said he has no issues with whomever he has to compete against bring it! While so many kids cower to the competition or their momma right Timmy J. Big mistake my brother!

  10. Scooterp says:

    Its hard to believe that a grown woman could possess less maturity than her 17 year old son….. and she says Muschamp “disrespected” her. I know he should have taken time out of his busy schedule to drive down to Palm Beach and spend the day kissing her ass, but I guess moving his own family, finding a place to live, getting to know his players, and administrators, hire a coaching staff, move into his new office, becoming familiar with a new campus and other trivial matters got in the way. Shame on coach Boom for not creating time to get to know this nutty lady a little better………………………………………….. Welcome aboard Jacoby, just leave your mom at home.

    • He was restricted from what he could do by NCAA rules. Invited her to come up and she declined.

      • Swampbabe says:

        Haha…who’s zoomin who! Never bothered to make the trip to G’ville herself to a school at which her son was considering spending the next four years, and she thinks it’s Coach Boom who didn’t do his job? Wow… sounds to me like this woman was more interested in getting the red carpet treatment for herself than doing due diligence for her son. You have to like a kid whose head is screwed on this tight at just 17 years old. Those are the kinds of kids we want in Orange and Blue. GO GATORS and welcome aboard Jacoby!

        • Ken says:

          yup, this is a woman who “trusts Weis completely, but doesn’t trust Muschamp at all because he wouldn’t resect her by visiting”, and yet, if he had, he would have broken NCAA rules because he already visited Brisett at Dwyer HS, and invites her up to meet and she won’t go

  11. joe says:

    Well this sucks. First Rivers and now Murphy. We are on these 5 star guys first so Billy knows talent but he just can’t close the deal against Duke. Cmon Pitino the book on you is your a great recruiter so step up and earn your keep.

    • Gatorgrad79 says:

      Joe, Is it possible that part of UF recruiting plan is to encourage these guys to come and stay longer than one year? Look at Duke & Ky tenure of their players – how many are going to those schools just to elevate their draft status and leave after one season? Maybe our coaches are being honest that they will have to share playing time as freshman while they develop and grow (not many 17 yo kids are anywhere near grown). Remember we won our 2 B-T-B titles NOT because of the 5 stars that came & left in one year, but because of the raw talent which was developed and seasoned, and allowed to mature as team chemistry.

      • Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

        I doubt Murphy will be one and done…no doubt we went after him hard but it’s hard to fault a kid for picking Duke…I can’t stand the one and done rule…wish these kids had to stay at least two years but you think any coach in America would turn down Sullinger for a year? I like the baseball rule that allows the kids to go into the draft or go to school but you have to stay three years…maybe something like that would work but 2 instead of 3

        • Gatorgrad79 says:

          yeah, I agree. Can’t football players leave after 2 years? BB should be able to do the same. Uniformity of rules in the ncaa would make lots of sense, therefore don’t look for it soon…

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