TWO BITS: Muschamp, Meyer discuss new gigs

By Adam Silverstein
February 11, 2011

1 » Hired as the Florida Gators new head coach as the team was preparing for the 2011 Outback Bowl, Will Muschamp was immediately thrown into the fire. He continues to be busy day-in and day-out, from morning to night, figuring out what schemes he will run, who he will be looking at as starters and who his staff will concentrate on recruiting in 2012. Muschamp spoke with a handful of writers on Friday and relayed his high level of excitement about the upcoming season, his first as a head coach. He also told them that he plans to keep the traditions former head coach Urban Meyer added to the program – singing the fight song and alma mater after victories, the Gator Walk, etc. – while making sure to participate in multiple Gator Club speaking engagements. “I’m going to do as many as I can,” he said, according to The Gainesville Sun. “I think it’s important to get out and meet the people who fill the stadium.”

Muschamp even went into a bit of detail about the type of head coach he will be. “As a leader or in a leadership role, you have to be yourself,” he said. “I’m not a CEO. That’s not my M.O. I’m going to be involved with the players. I’ve always envisioned myself in that [head coaching] chair, but when you get in it, it’s different. Still, I enjoy scheming. I like drawing up Xs and Os. As a head coach, you can get pulled away from that job. That’s not going to happen.”

2 » Meyer was a guest on 1070 the Fan in Indianapolis, IN and discussed a number of topics about his future now that he is no longer coaching. You can read the entire transcript here or listen to it below, but we have also included a few choice quotes:

Urban Meyer on 1070 the Fan

On a feature he may do with ESPN: “The next thing is going to be the draft and spring practice, and then we are talking about doing a series before the season ‘Training Camp’ like a coaching one-on-one where you break down offense, defense, kicking game and I really look forward to doing that.”

On if he will ever coach again: “I don’t know. I don’t know that but everybody keeps asking me that. I was watching that Super Bowl and sitting there, if you could just do the part of coaching that is allowed and not have to worry about all of that nonsense that has really developed in the college game, that is what I am familiar with. It is out of control with that stuff right now and we have got to get that back on track. 25 years ago, and I am sure you know, if you had to deal with some of the stuff you are dealing with the off-the-field, the agent issues, the violation issues and all the garbage that is out there right now I certainly would not have gotten into coaching. Hopefully with the powers that be and all the right people, I know one thing the NFL Commissioner has got a great outlook the way he is attacking the NFL right now and trying to bring respect and order, and I just love the way he is approaching it. If college football gets that we will have a chance to get back to that great game we all love.”

Photo Credit: GatorVision capture


  1. Ellis says:

    Great insight into what both coaches are planning on doing and how they really feel about the moment and into the future!

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Coach Muschamp is a man of the people.

  3. Preston says:


    The Urban Interview was on of the best (if not the best) that he has ever done. Very candid, open and honest.

    The 2 quotes you posed doesn’t do it any justice.

    Here is a link to the fully audio interview that was located at the bottom of that page (weird way to link audio, so maybe you missed it)

    Anyways, it is a MUST listen for all college football fans.

    • I included a streaming audio file in t he post, thanks for the heads-up. I disagree with all of the heavy praise, but it was a good interview.

      • SaraGator says:

        Why don’t you think it’s a great interview, Adam? I agree with Preston. For once, Urban sounded honest and and open with his true feelings.

        • It’s a very good interview, just nothing special as far as I’m concerned. The two interviews Meyer has done with Joe Rose were better, IMO. Just didn’t see the necessity for that level of praise.

  4. jay d says:

    Muschamp knows what it takes to become great on the field…& I think the players will connect with his energy…which in turn will help him relay that message… I will always respect what the ol ball coach & meyer did as gators…but they have no current direct impact as to what happens on game day anymore…therefore..all my support is now for the new ceasar…

  5. Timmy T says:

    I was seriously “jacked up” when Muschamp was announced as the new HC, and every time I read an article, a quote, whatever, I get even more excited. This guy is the perfect fit, and has done a phenomenal job of hiring a quality staff. I am counting the days until spring practice.

  6. Ken says:

    Wow Adam, I just had a chance to get settled in from work and grab a beer, and checked out the weekend schedule, you are gonna be doing 12 bits by Monday! What a busy weekend. Nice to see the softball ladies are starting out on a good note, was surprised Gym is tomorrow rather than tonight, though. Wish they would show some of the lacrosse games out here, I would love to watch them (and maybe figure out what the heck the rules of the game are!)

    P.S. they are singing the fight song, not signing it (my typos are worse than yours, when I do something like that, my programming gives wrong data, yours just require reading fluent typo 🙂

  7. Ken says:


    “When Commissioner Slive levied his suspension against me for eight games, I think he really punished me by allowing me to come back by going to Rupp Arena and the O-Dome,’’ Pearl said on the SEC media teleconference earlier this week. “What a wonderful reward to be able to come back and go to those two places.’’

    I can’t say as I feel any sympathy, just the way the schedule unfolds. He should just feel fortunate he wasn’t fired for what he did istead of complaining, most other coaches would have been…

  8. Ken says:

    was the softball today exhibition? looking at gamecast, it seems to have ended 0-0 after 3 1/2 innings, that seems odd

  9. Gatorgrad79 says:

    How does WM’s statement , “…I like to draw up X’s and O’s …” fit in with Weis running the offense? Are they so close on offensive philosophy so as not to conflict, and can both egos fit on the staff? (Not saying either one has an ego issue, just wondering if there might be a power struggle which would not help our team). I certainly hope that the strength and conditioning staff has explicit goals during this winter season to form this team into a tight bunch who are accountable to each other and unified towards the team success. I know some players have to step up and be leaders, but the mental game starts in the weight room. IMO the strength & conditioning coaches are some of our most important, because of the toughness and mental attitude they can impart, as a team philosophy.

  10. Zooker says:

    Someone tell Meyer that its okay if he goes to the NFL, we don’t care…. Gator Nation is so over him

  11. joe says:

    I wish the players would sing the fight song and the almater after every game not just the wins. In all kinds of weather we all stick together should mean just that.

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