TWO BITS: Futures of Tebow, Brewer up in air

By Adam Silverstein
February 22, 2011

1 » With Josh McDaniels ousted as Denver Broncos head coach, questions immediately sprung up about how secure quarterback Tim Tebow, one of the team’s first-round draft pick last season, could feel about his future in Mile High. Assurances appeared to have been given upon the hiring of head coach John Fox, a man who praised Tebow in the past, that he would have every opportunity to win the starting job and prove he was the man to lead Denver from this point forward.

However, a report by the NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi paints a different picture of the Broncos’ stance on Tebow. “Most members of the Broncos who were there when the Tebow pick was made are looking to distance themselves from the choice, which is a classic way for things to operate in the NFL,” Lombardi writes. He continues, “So Tebow is a man without much support in Denver, making quarterback a huge need.”

2 » As OGGOA reported late Monday, the Minnesota Timberwolves decided to send former Florida Gators forward Corey Brewer to the New York Knicks in a side deal latched on to New York’s trade with the Denver Nuggets for F Carmelo Anthony. Our immediate reaction was positive, that Brewer would be given a fresh start in a system where he could thrive and actually contribute a quality the team doesn’t have – defense.

However, multiple reports surfaced Tuesday that the Knicks may not end up hanging on to Brewer and could trade him once again before the NBA‘s trade deadline passes on Thursday. “From what I’m told neither Brewer nor the first round pick may remain in the Knicks’ possession beyond Thursday’s trade deadline,” Newsday‘s Alan Hahn wrote, “but what either could be used for remains unknown.”

For now, Brewer remains in limbo even as his former teammates praise him. “It’s all a part of it,” Minnesota head coach Kurt Rambis said of the situation, according to the Minneapolis StarTribune. “You have the basketball side of the NBA and the business side of the NBA. This is part of the business side of things. It’s an absolutely horrible spot [for Brewer] to be in. It’s something that has weighed on his mind for a while now. You could just see it. It’s awful that that’s what happens to guys in this league. But, again, that’s a part of the business side of it.”


  1. John S says:

    It’s not surprising that members of the Broncos staff had reservations about the pick, but I don’t think that necessarily means they don’t think he can play. Orton is a fine average QB, but he’ll never win a SB, especially with their defense. I can’t think of any player I’d rather have going into the lockout.

  2. Lee says:

    So one unsourced article and he has no support?

  3. Aligator says:

    okay, so where do things go from here? does he end up with Josh mcdowell? does he go somewhere that can take the time to develop him?

    • Is Josh McDowell one of the brothers that own McDowell’s in NY? I love the Big Mic.

      In all seriousness…it’s too early to say anything one way or another. Just one report from NFL Network. We’ll see what happens.

  4. G8trpls says:

    It’s amazing to me, how all these recycled proven average to below average QB’s get so many chances to prove they are just that. Does someone in Denver think Kyle Orton is magically going to transform into Tom Brady? Give Tebow a real chance to fail or succeed, my money is on succeeding, just like he always has.

  5. sjkoepp says:

    I think the Lombardi post is a pile of junk. He’s just writing stuff to get readers and visitors to his article. I think what Lee was trying to say is that the Lombardi article had zero sources and just fluff concerning Tebow having no support in Denver.

  6. Daniel M. says:

    Just left Roger Dean short time ago during 7th inning stretch. . Gators Were crushing FAU
    12-2. ‘Pants was scratched and Anthony DeSclafani got the start .

    These guys look very strong.

  7. slim says:

    If tebow doesnt start next year it IS OK!!! He doesnt need to be pushed in IF hes not ready. Remember how many QBs have failed early but guys like Aaron Rodgers waited for three years.

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