Gators pick up option on Muschamp through 2016

By Adam Silverstein
February 24, 2012

Head coach Will Muschamp has received a one-year extension from the Florida Gators and is now under contract with the school through 2016.

Sporting News’s Matt Hayes, who first reported the move Friday afternoon, said Muschamp’s one-year extension does not come with an increase in salary and that his original five-year, $13.75 million contract is now a six-year deal worth $16.5 million.

“Coach Muschamp’s original contract was for five years with an option year,” Florida spokesperson Steve McClain said in a statement after the report was released. “The [University Athletic Association] exercised that option year in January and he now has five years remaining on his current contract.”

In his first year at the helm of the Gators’ program, Muschamp led Florida to a 7-6 record, capping off a .500 regular season with a 24-17 victory over Ohio State in the 2012 Gator Bowl on Jan. 2.

He recently corralled the No. 3 recruiting class in the country, according to, and already has 10 high school football player committed to the Gators for 2013.

Muschamp’s first year with Florida was not without plenty of ups and downs. The Gators’ transition to a pro-style offense was a rocky one. However, UF’s defense was ranked No. 8 nationally at season’s end and showed plenty of promise heading into 2012.

He made a splash before the season began by hiring Charlie Weis to run Florida’s offense, but the unit did not produce as many expected and Weis ended up leaving to take the head coaching job at Kansas. Muschamp rebounded by hiring Boise State offensive coordinator Brent Pease, a highly-regarded coach who was also coveted by Alabama head coach Nick Saban, in January.

The Gators also lost director of strength and conditioning Mickey Marotti when former Florida head coach Urban Meyer took the Ohio State job, but Muschamp rebounded again and secured the services of Jeff Dillman, the (now former) head of physical conditioning for the IMG Performance Institute.

Muschamp’s first 13 months have also been punctuated with 10 player arrests including eight for either underage drinking or marijuana possession, one for driving with a suspended license and restating arrest, and one for misdemeanor domestic assault. Three of the nine players arrested are no longer with the Gators’ football program.

Details of Muschamp’s contract as released on May 5, 2011.

Photo Credit: Erica Brough/Gainesville Sun


  1. DRU2012 says:

    Something worth noting when the arrests are mentioned: 9 of the 10 arrests that have occurred since Coach took over from Meyer were of players recruited and brought in by Meyer himself. Our current Head Coach has made honor, self-discipline, motivation and personal responsibility cornerstones to the kind of players he wants at UF, guys who “do things The Florida Way”, as he puts it–and every bit as important as their particular athletic skills. Unlike Meyer, who TALKED a lot about such things (and failed to demonstrate them, either in the standards he held for his players, or, ultimately, in himself), Will Muschamp has applied this philosophy in a strict and practical fashion, even when it has meant cutting ties with once-promising players (in one case his first season with the most talented player on our team, Janoris Jenkins). Difficult as it may be for everyone involved, hard as it may be for short-term success, in the long run this is one more part of why this team is headed in the right direction, and picking up speed as it goes.

  2. jay d says:

    Players will be arrested every year, no matter how strict a head coach is…..who cares….college kids do stoopid shite….they learn to change through dealing with the consequences of their actions…fine with me. Now, what the hell is foley doing extending this man`s contract when he has yet to show any sign of greatness…..don`t forget, our d- would havde been solid this year with or without muschamp comming in. None of it matters if muschamp can`t find the will to win in big time games, coaching a big time school. I`m giving him 4 regular season games to start his second season before I cry bloody murder on our program!

    • Daniel M. says:

      Dumbest comment I’ve seen here in a long time. The “will to win?” Signs of greatness??? Calling out Foley? Bloody murder? Seriously dude, are you a troll?

  3. Luke says:

    Interesting statement, Dru. I couldn’t help but wonder if Muschamp leaves, or is fired, in the next few years, how many will blast him for his complete lack of self control on the sidelines? People will only really care if his “Florida way” translates to wins on the field. As long as it does, we’ll call him “fiery” and “passionate.”. Otherwises, he is still very obscene and vulgar with his profanity laced tantrums on the sidelines. Unfortunately, he promotes an anger and blame game directed at officials and looks like a two year old child instead o practicing this so-called discipline of the “Florida way.”

    Hopefully, both he and the team mature and we have a long term coach with success.

  4. Nick says:

    Looks like a voting of confidence showing that the administration is going to give coach time to get his system in place.

  5. Joe says:

    This is SOP for Foley. He keeps all of his head coaches on 5 year contracts so rival coaches can not tell recruits that the coach won

  6. Joe says:

    Sorry hit the publlish button by mistake. Foley keeps his head coaches on 5 year contracts so rivals can’t tell recruits that the head coach won’t be there for their senior year

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