Which team will draft Gators QB Tim Tebow?

By Adam Silverstein
March 2, 2010

With the 2010 NFL Scouting Combine now complete and the 2010 NFL Draft just under two months away, the speculation has begun about where former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow will be headed. Though there are some front-runners (New England Patriots and Jacksonville Jaguars, in our opinion), ESPN has gone ahead and completed projections for each team in the league.

ESPN ranked Tebow’s potential destinations on the likelihood he is selected by each team. Declaring two-thirds of team’s decisions to draft Tebow as “low” or “no chance,” the network’s bloggers did point out a few as having a “medium” level of potential. Among them were the Washington Redskins, San Francisco 49ers, St. Louis Rams, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, Buffalo Bills, New England Patriots, Denver Broncos, Oakland Raiders.

Of course, the Worldwide Leader in Sports needed to have Todd McShay weigh in on Tebow once again. McShay posted a new ESPN Insider blog entry Tuesday afternoon, claiming Tebow is “still a project at quarterback.” A snippet of his latest entry is below:

Tim Tebow’s performance at the NFL combine could not have gone any better considering how much he struggled at the Senior Bowl and that he opted not to throw at this venue. Tebow’s intangibles and leadership skills stood out, and multiple NFL scouts raved about his interviews. He was clearly the leader of his group and had a presence about him a lot like Mark Sanchez showed a year ago. […]

While this impressive showing doesn’t improve his third-round grade as a quarterback it does gives NFL teams another reason to want to draft him. It shows Tebow is doing everything he can to be desirable to NFL scouts and, as a result, teams could be more inclined to believe in him as he changes his throwing mechanics. […]

Tebow’s pro day will not impact his draft stock, either, even if he can show improved balance in his drops from under center and shorten his elongated deliver. That would not guarantee he won’t revert back to old habits because, after all, he is trying to undo 15-plus years of bad mechanics in less than a month.


  1. cooklyn says:

    Unfortunately I can’t disagree with anything said/written above. At this point, just gotta wait and see.. he’ll get his chance.

  2. Mel Kiper, Jr. says:

    Fuck Todd McShay in the mouth. That is all…

  3. Stan says:

    Why does ESPN hire a worm like Todd McShay, when the cheerleaders knows more about a NFL quarterback, than McShay.

  4. Horse Trader says:

    Sizing up a NFL prospect is like horse trading, you never let anyone know that they are highly interested, to keep the price. If you are going to buy a horse, the man has several horses, I never let him see that I am interested in the one that I want, I enquire about the one I want last.

  5. Eric says:


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