TWO BITS: Josh Haden to UF, point guard recruits

By Adam Silverstein
March 30, 2010

1 » OGGOA tweeted Monday that running back Josh Haden, the brother of former Florida Gators cornerback Joe and current safety Jordan, was deciding between UF and the Louisville Cardinals for football playing purposes after choosing to transfer from Boston College Eagles. Joseph Goodman of The Miami Herald has pointed us to this video, in which Joe Haden insinuates the decision has already been made. “I have a little brother. He’s a running back at Boston College. He’s transferring now to, probably, Florida,” Joe says. First Draft: Joe Haden (Video)

*NOTE: There is no confirmation of Haden’s decision and Joe could simply be stating where he believes his brother is leaning at the present.

2 » Also piquing OGGOA’s interest this afternoon is a column by The Gainesville Sun’s Kevin Brockway focusing on who the Florida basketball program is going after now that they have turned their attention away from five-star guard Brandon Knight (Fort Lauderdale, FL). Unexpectedly, Brockway does not mention four-star Ray McCallum (Detroit, MI), but rather says the Gators are focusing on three-stars Brandon Young (Baltimore, MD), Chris Denson (Columbus, GA) and Will Yeguete (Melbourne, FL).


  1. Mr2Bits says:

    Isn’t Josh the one with the big BC Eagles tat across his chest? Should be interested….welcome

  2. Yup. Laser removal time.

  3. Malikg says:

    I think Will Yeguette is a wing player (G/F) at 6-6 rather than a point guard. I haven’t heard or read all that much encouraging about Ray McCallum coming to UF, sadly.

    I got a Tweet from a guy who covers recruiting in Michigan who agrees with the sentiment that his father may land him.

    There is a video of horrible quality of Chris Denson on YouTube, but a better one of Brandon Young that looks promising:

    Honestly, if the Gators were able to land 2 perimeter players with one of them having point skills, their job would be done as far as maintaining the momentum of this past season’s NCAA run.

  4. Yes, he is more of a G/F. I didn’t individually list positions for all three players like I normally do. Perhaps I should have. Oh well.+

  5. npgator says:

    Josh was a very good running back at BC. I look forward to him playing in the Swamp!

  6. Joe says:

    Or you can just draw a gator eating the BC symbol/eagle … my 2 cents

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