TWO BITS: Sturgis improving, Verducci excited

By Adam Silverstein
March 30, 2011

1 » The Florida Gators may have won another game or two in 2010 if junior kicker Caleb Sturgis had not injured his back and missed the majority of the season. Fighting back from two injuries – a stress fracture and herniated disk – Sturgis is feeling better and beginning to get back into a groove. “I’m getting close [to 100 percent],” he said, according to The Gainesville Sun. “I haven’t done kickoffs or anything like that yet. But I’m feeling real good. Field goals…I’m 100 percent on those.” Sturgis also discussed being forced to sit out most of 2010. “That was obviously really rough,” he said. “I never really in my life had an injury before that kept me out. It was something new for me, especially being a kicker and not really expecting it would happen to me. That was definitely rough.”

2 » Opening up about his family, life and decision to join the Florida coaching staff, offensive line coach Frank Verducci explained to University of Florida senior writer Scott Cater that head coach Will Muschamp asked him to join the team before it was known that offensive coordinator Charlie Weis – who he worked with at Notre Dame in 2009 – was on board. “The interesting thing is that I didn’t know Charlie was involved at that point,’’ Verducci said. “So I couldn’t figure out how [Muschamp] came up with me. I could tell he saw the game the same way I did. His standards for what he expected out of a football team were very compatible with mine.” He discussed a number of other topics in the feature story, which you can read by clicking here.

Q: Who is a favorite player you have coached?
A: Emmitt Smith, a former Gator. He was a consummate pro. He was the most prepared guy that I had ever seen. Every day he was completely prepared for whatever we were doing. He made you a better coach because you had to have the answers. He was going to ask you the most detailed questions of any guy I have every coached. He made me a better coach, but he did it in a way that you just enjoyed being around him.


  1. Gatorgrad79 says:

    Why do I feel that in terms of coaching staff we just moved from amateur night to the big time…? (We will always owe Urban & staff for the 2 NC’s, but last year was a black hole, and there are a number of people responsible for the team “marking time” waiting for Meyer to leave. Not cool and especially not fair to the Srs on that team!) PERSONAL OPINION

  2. Ken (CA) says:

    I used to have a lot of respect for Emmitt, I had a couple of classes with him, and he was always really nice and humble, never seemed to buy into the celebrity. When he totally dissed UF and completely ignored his 3 years here in his NFL HOF speach, though, I lost almost all respect for him. It seemed like he wanted to totally forget his UF years, even with all of the UF, SEC, and NCAA records he broke in his freshman season alone…

    • Goldengator says:

      Get over it Ken. Emmitt is a class act and a great story of success for the University of Florida.

    • Have to agree with Goldengator. He apologized for omitting – not ignoring – UF and did so on numerous occasions over the 24-48 hours following his speech. I’d take his word for it.

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