Tim Tebow signs endorsement deal with Nike

By Adam Silverstein
April 5, 2010

ESPN‘s Adam Schefter reports that former Florida Gators quarterback Tim Tebow has agreed to an endorsement contract with Nike. The global shoe and apparel brand, according to Schefter’s report, signed Tebow to a deal worth just under $300,000 per year. However, it is said to include incentives that could significantly boost his pay likely depending on a variety of factors including sales and performance.

Since graduating, Tebow has already done a promotional appearance with Gatorade (a relationship that may continue) and is believed to be the cover athlete for EA SportsNCAA Football 11 video game. He has also agreed to a partnership with Palm Beach Autographs for his John Hancock.

Seeing as the findings of a recent study had Tebow already being more popular and appealing than future hall of famers Brett Favre and Tom Brady and more of a trendsetter than Super Bowl winners Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning, there will likely be plenty of additional endorsement money coming in his future.

OGGOA will update this story as more information is made available.

Original Photo Credit: Donald Miralle/Getty Images


  1. vsherrel says:

    I think it is great that Tim is getting endorsement deals, which he has definitely earned. Hes put in a lot of hard work and is both an extraordinary athlete and human being. He has also made a lot of money for a lot of people and will continue to do so. It is only right he gets his fair share. I am, however, a little disappointed he is involved in what is basically an “autograph warehouse.” Its one thing to promote or wear a product, its another to get checks for just signing your name so another guy can turn around and sell it for double. I know you can argue both sides, but to me its just seems a little beneath the standard he has set.
    I own the glove used (although only for one series), after he broke his hand in the 2007 FSU game. My brother (working for the team) picked it up once Tim discarded it, and later got him to personally autograph it to me. He did this because he is a nice guy. He could have easily said no, which would have been fine. I dont think the autograph would carry NEARLY as much weight if I had to go up to Tim and pay him 200 bucks to sign it to me.
    Just my opinion, I cant say I wouldn’t do the same thing if I was in his shoes, and I am by no means judging.

  2. This is the only thing I will say about the autographs as I find the conversation ridiculous at this point. Tebow is not one of those athletes who signs an autograph contract so he can REFUSE to sign autographs otherwise. It is not like if you were to see him out and ask for his autograph he would say that he couldn’t sign it because he is under contract. (If he was doing that, I would 100 percent agree that it is not right.)

    The $ that individuals are paying for his autograph at these events is not as much for the autograph as it is for his time to fly in to wherever, sit down in a chair and go through hundreds of people who want to meet him and get him to sign something. Otherwise you would have to bump into him or seek him out on your own. You are paying for the access, not the autograph. It’s not his job to always be available for everyone. Of course, it is also to make money, but he is allowed to do that, too. (..and most is going to charity on top of all that.)

  3. ReptilesRule says:

    Nike got off cheap…for now.

  4. RR- Your comment came up as “spam” on my program. I was able to fix it…but if any of your comments do not post in the future, please e-mail me and we can look into it.

  5. Jessica says:

    It’s great to hear that Tim will have endorsement project with Nike. This is a great opportunity for him. Nice post you have here.

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