TWO BITS: Jenkins’s dismissal, Gators video

By Adam Silverstein
April 10, 2012

1 » Following up on the Sporting News report published Monday on the end of head coach Urban Meyer’s tenure in Gainesville, FL, The Gainesville Sun’s Pat Dooley dedicated the opening segment of his most recent column to dropping a few tidbits corroborating the investigation done by Matt Hayes. In the paragraph, Dooley calls former wide receiver Percy Harvin “the most coddled athlete in the history of Florida football” and provides one damning detail about the meeting between new head coach Will Muschamp and former cornerback Janoris Jenkins following his second arrest for possession of marijuana in less than 90 days last summer.

When Muschamp told Jenkins he would have to be suspended, Jenkins replied, “Do you know who you’re talking to?” And that was the end of his career at UF.

2 » Something that is probably either a promotional video by or class project at the University of Florida, a new clip appeared Monday on YouTube called “The Gator Grind – Day In the Life.” It depicts a number of Florida Gators athletes including sophomore center Patric Young, junior running back Trey Burton and senior centerfielder Michelle Moultrie (among others) basically doing what they do during a normal day set to music. You can check it out below:


  1. Joonas says:

    Wonder if JJ would have been able to stay at UF had he not said that to Muschamp

  2. Brett says:

    Guess Jenkins didnt know who he was talking to! BOOM

  3. GatorKen says:

    LOL, JJ was my favorite player on the team but this is just funny. Kids need to learn about authority.

  4. cline says:


  5. GatorCooken says:

    Cool video!

  6. caligator says:

    …makes me like CWM even more. GO GATORS!

  7. Daniel M. says:

    College athlete wake up at 8:25a.m.? That is the most scattered one minute and forty seconds of video that I have ever witnessed. I regret that I will never get that time back. Worst …video…EVER.

  8. ken says:

    I was one of Meyer’s staunchest supporters, not because of his success (well, that had something to do with it, he was a great coach), but also because he talked the talk, and seemed to walk the walk. Not knowing what went on behind closed doors I am incredibly disappointed as they are being opened now.

    I was incredibly critical of Muschamp last season considering all of the talent he supposedly had from recent recruiting, even with the departures, but now I have a lot more respect for what he accomplished with what he actually had to work with and the attitudes involved, and understand why UAA quickly gave him an extension. I hope Muschamp’s “the Florida Way” is not just talking the talk and is walking the walk, and i think given his pedigree with Mac Brown and Saban it absolutely will be.

    I now understand why we were so horrible last year, and I think he very probably could be a huge long term success at UF. Foley nailed this one, I think.

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