FOUR BITS: Thompson, Butler, Pouncey, Bonner

By Adam Silverstein
April 15, 2015

1 » Florida Gators junior wide receiver Chris Thompson, who was excused from the team by head coach Jim McElwain while allegations of simple battery (dating violence) were flushed out, had the charge officially dropped by the state, according to Alachua County Court records. The Gainesville Sun‘s Robbie Andreu spoke with State Attorney Bill Cervone, who said the alleged victim – an ex-girlfriend of Thompson – did not wish to pursue charges. Even if she had, it would have been unlikely that Thompson would have been found guilty of doing anything wrong. “He was legally entitled to make what is called ‘defense of his property,’ which in this case was his phone,” Cervone told the paper. “That’s what he was doing, and the injuries that resulted were inconsequential.” It is unknown if or when Thompson will rejoin the Florida football team.

2 » Florida head women’s basketball coach Amanda Butler on Wednesday officially announced the additions of Bill Ferrara and Shimmy Gray-Miller as assistant coaches. Ferrara, a former Gators video coordinator (2003-06), graduated from Florida in 2003 and spent time as an assistant at Central Michigan (2008-11), Hofstra (2011-13) and George Washington (2013-15). Gray-Miller was a four-year player at Michigan who also has extensive assistant experience at Washington (2000-03), Arizona (2003-05), Saint Louis (2005-12) and Nebraska (2012-15). “Bill and Shimmy have left their respective marks in every place they’ve worked. They are proven winners. Both are dynamic, well rounded high character individuals that will complement and enhance our current staff perfectly. I’m excited to work with them,” said Butler in a statement released by the school. Ferrara and Gray-Miller replace David Lowery and Angela Crosby, joining Murriel Page as Butler’s assistants.

3 » During a press conference announcing a five-year, $42 million contract extension that made him the highest-paid center in the NFL, Mike Pouncey of the Miami Dolphins was so emotional over the moment that he broke down in tears. (Skip to 1:52 to see Pouncey’s portion of the press conference.)

4 » The San Antonio Spurs obviously feel good about their postseason chances. Why else would former Florida forward Matt Bonner and company film this Duran Duran spoof – Spuran Spuran – released by the organization?


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  2. Ken (CA) says:

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  3. SW Fl Joe says:

    At this point, hiring new women’s basketball assistants is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. That move didn’t save Muschamp and it won’t save Butler

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