FOUR BITS: Weis, Muschamp, baseball, Demps

By Adam Silverstein
May 18, 2011

1 » The Florida Gators failed to get a commitment from four-star linebacker Raphael Kirby (Stone Mountain, GA) on Tuesday, but offensive coordinator Charlie Weis was in attendance at the Stephenson High School spring game to check in on commits four-star running back Mike Davis and three-star defensive lineman Jafar Mann. Those onsite at the game note that Weis and his Super Bowl ring (which he let a few fans try on) were a major attraction, and Davis was pleased to see his future coach was in attendance. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Mann ended up not participating in the scrimmage “after violating undisclosed team rules.”

2 » Florida head coach Will Muschamp continues to make his rounds of the state while Gator Gatherings are hosted in his honor. He was in Tallahassee on Tuesday and took the opportunity to talk about his counterpart with the Florida State Seminoles, Jimbo Fisher. “In our profession, we’re so busy throughout the year, it’s awful hard to maintain a relationship with anybody unless they’re on your staff,” Muschamp said, according to Florida Today. “But I’ve got great respect for Jimbo. I obviously know [his wife] Candi and the Fisher family very well. We worked together I think about six or seven years. Any time you spend that much time with somebody, I’ve got great respect for him as a football coach and a person. He does a good job.” It should be noted that FSU is no longer referred to the “Team Out West” and UF’s in-house posted schedules; Muschamp has changed it to read “Florida State.”

[EXPAND Click to expand and read the remainder of this post.]3 » No. 4 Gators baseball (39-14) struggled mightily Tuesday, allowing the unranked Jacksonville Dolphins (33-18) to rout them 11-2 at McKethan Stadium in Gainesville, FL. Jacksonville posted three quick runs in the first inning, and starting junior left-handed pitcher Alex Panteliodis (4-2) was pulled after allowing four earned runs on four hits and two walks while striking out three in 2.2 innings. Sophomore catcher Mike Zunino (1-2, HR, 2 RBI, R, BB) hit a two-run bomb in the bottom of the first, but Florida’s offense stalled the remainder of the contest. Replacing Panteliodis, junior right-handed pitcher Anthony DeSclafani did not have much luck either, giving up five runs (two earned) while striking out four in 2.1 innings. Jacksonville piled on two more runs in the fourth, three in the fifth and a pair in the eighth to cruised to the victory. The loss was difficult to deal with but relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things for Gators baseball. UF is set for a three-game series with Kentucky beginning on Friday that could determine if Florida, South Carolina or Vanderbilt wind up the 2011 Southeastern Conference regular season champion. All three schools are currently tied for first-place with USC holding the tiebreaker.

4 » Putting together his “freaks list” for the 2011 college football season, ESPN Insider’s Bruce Feldman has placed Gators senior running back Jeff Demps at the very top. Here is a portion of what Feldman had to say:

Gators strength coach Mickey Marotti says the back can squat “an ungodly amount of weight.” And despite the added pounds, Demps has gotten faster. “He was a 10.1 guy, is now a 9.9 guy and probably will be a 9.8 guy,” said Marotti, who adds that Demps has really improved his acceleration. […]

“It’s his work ethic and his motor,” said Marotti. “It’s really something special. From the time he showed up here through today, it’s always full-go. This is an overachieving guy that has a lot of gifts. He has an energy and enthusiasm for everything. People feed off him. They love to be around him. He’s the hardest working guy on our football team and I can’t speak for our track coach, but I believe he’s probably the hardest working guy on our track team too.”



  1. CeeThree says:

    As far as bit 2 is concerned, the first half, that’s cool and completely understood. The italics part, I’m not on board with, at all. Maybe I’m taking it too far, but it does seem to me like something that simple could have at least a small psychological effect. Urban hated FSU so much you couldn’t say the name, now it’s cool to say it, makes it seem like it’s not as important, even in the slightest.

  2. Ryan says:

    That could be a big problem for Muschamp then Adam. He better put all his focus on our rivals or he isn’t going to last long in Gainesville. The SEC is all about rivals, come up here to knoxville and ask them how losing to us every year tastes.

  3. Leems says:

    That’s ridiculous. Just because he doesn’t use childish names to refer to our opponents doesn’t mean there isn’t a focus on beating them. It was simply a gimmick he picked up along the way and implemented here. Does nick saban have dismissive nicknames for auburn or Florida? No.

    • It has nothing to do with the “childish names” as you referred to it. Meyer came in and two of the first things he wanted to focus on were (a) taking back the Swamp, (b) continuing the team’s dominance against its traditional rivals (FSU, Georgia, Tennessee).

  4. Bob says:

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who caught the “Team Out West” reference. It’s one of the things I liked so much abt Urban. He really loved the college game and the little things like these deep-seated rivalries that separate it from others. Sorry to see that tweaking go. Of course if ‘Champ beats our rivals like Meyer did, I’m sure I’ll be ok 🙂

  5. Mr2Bits says:

    Something stinks with the Kirby commitment. I have never seen a kid commit to a school he received an offer from just days before and has never visited just because, “he rooted for them every now and then as a kid”. I have decided that I will look at NO recruit as a lock for the Gators anymore. When you have a kid like Kirby who nearly committed on his visit and vocally was in love with Florida yet doesn’t commit, it is just adding up the the frustration on the recruiting side that we are having.

    • It’s not a parallel but…

      I grew up a Miami fan because I lived in South Florida. During my senior year of high school, I applied to Miami, Florida and Northwestern. I got my acceptances to Miami and Northwestern before I got mine for Florida. When I got the letter from Miami, I knew I would go either there or Northwestern. No question about it. When I got the letter from Florida, my mind changed immediately. Not because I wasn’t confident I would get one from Florida – my grades and scores were top-notch – but because I realized how happy I was when I got the letter.

      If Kirby was really a Miami fan and finally got an offer, his response to that could have been just as immediate.

  6. Bob says:

    I agree Adam. I don’t think of them as childish names at all, just good fun IMO. The fact that Meyer accomplished both goals Adam put here (retake the Swamp and beat rivals regularly) made my life more fun around the office & elsewhere. Much more joy in beating the school out west after some of the beatings they’d given us during the late 80s-90s (but nothing will ever replace beating fsu handily in the 97 Sugar Bowl)

  7. Joe says:

    They will always be the SOW.

  8. npgator says:

    I hope we have some other linebackers on the board since we whiffed on 2 within this past week.

  9. Jesse C says:

    I think Muschamp’s off-the-field relationship with Jimbo is the reason why he’s taking a more professional approach to FSU. As far as name-calling goes I thought Urban’s reference was weak compared to the gems Spurrier used. Free-Shoes-U and you can’t spell CiTrUs without UT are two of my favorites.

    As far as Muschamp’s approach to football games, he knows he needs to focus on winning them all. He’s been a coach and player in the SEC for a good number of years, he knows they are all our rivals and they are all important.

    With regards to recruiting, I am going to wait till NSD before I get excited about any 17-18 yr old kid’s decision on whether he will play for my alma mater or not. Once January rolls around and the nation has seen what our new system looks like (successful or not), I think our recruiting class will fill in nicely.

  10. caligator says:

    Demps is a STUD…can’t wait to see the new offense showcase his talent. GO GATORS

  11. Ken (CA) says:

    IT wasn’t Meyer that started “that school out west”, I believe…didn’t spurrier do that when he first came? It has been called that for almost as long as I can remember.

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