TWO BITS: Bailey and Anthony, SEC schedules

By Adam Silverstein
May 28, 2013

1 » Four-star wide receiver singee Alvin Bailey (Seffner, FL) may not be on campus yet, but he is still receiving Florida Gators-caliber training this offseason. Bailey has been working with former Florida pass catcher Reidel Anthony (career totals of 2,274 yards and 26 touchdowns) over the last year to improve his game and get ready for the next level. The Gainesville Sun caught up with Bailey and Anthony recently to see how the arrangement is working out. “It’s great to have a mentor like Reidel to put me in the receiver mentality,” he said. “He has a lot to teach me and there’s so much stuff he knows that I don’t. I’m just taking it all in.” Anthony, who compared Bailey to a young Ike Hilliard because of his size and athleticism, is equally excited for the opportunity to play the role of teacher. “He’s really enjoying what we’re doing with him,” he said. “He’s soaking it up. He takes everything in and he’s willing to learn. He will go out and do whatever we ask him to do.” Bailey should be enrolled at Florida in June and will join the football team for summer practices.

2 » The Southeastern Conference Spring Meetings are currently taking place in Destin, FL, and as usual the annual event is being dominated by one topic in particular. This year, the focus is on the SEC’s schedule and whether the league will (a) adopt a nine-game conference schedule, (b) move to a 6-2 format instead of the current 6-1-1 format, or (c) keep the status quo in either or both areas. While a nine-game league slate is unlikely to be approved at this time (as is a switch to a 6-2 format with two opposite-division games rotating each year), the latter has been a more notable topic as it pertains to the Gators. LSU head coach Les Miles continues to pine for the change to 6-2, passionately explaining that he has to play Florida every year while Alabama (for example) gets an easier annual opponent in Tennessee.

Despite Miles’s continued protests, votes will likely be cast to keep the permanent rivalries (if a vote is even held in the first place) with UF still unfazed about facing LSU on a yearly basis. “We’re fine with it,” Gators athletic director Jeremy Foley told “I understand where Les Miles is coming [from] and I appreciate LSU’s point of view. But we think it’s a great game for us and a great game for college football. Yeah, it’s a tough game but we’ve got a lot of tough games in the SEC.”


  1. Michael Jones says:

    Now that Muschamp had good things to say about Demarcus Robinson, I’m equally excited about seeing some of these other young kids, including Alvin Bailey. Got a hunch about him. Besides Ike Hilliard, Jacquez Green and Jack Jackson-type skills also come to mind. I know, I know. . . he hasn’t played a down yet, but it’s okay to be excited, right?

  2. Tractorr says:

    You know my only problem with the yearly LSU game is that as a fan it hasn’t turned into a big rivalry. Yes, it is an important game and it helps our SOS, but it just doesn’t feel that important. Of course I want to see us win it but I want to see us win every game. I think the biggest problem is that the fan bases are just too far apart geographically. Though I don’t live in Florida any longer, when I did I just didn’t run into that many LSU fans unlike say UGA or FSU fans. Though I you don’t run into that many UT fans in Florid either (though seemingly more than LSU) that developed into such an intense rivalry in the 90s when the winner won the SEC East. The LSU game has not really turned into that make or break game partially because it seems like there are few years where the teams are evenly matched. Usually one is rebuilding and the other is making a title run.

    • ConnGator says:

      I disagree. The ’06 game (Tebow jump pass), the ’07 game (LSU 4th down conversions), the ’09 game (Tebow concussion), the ’12 game (God’s play, strip pass) were all tight games that were very memorable.

      Even when LSU won it all in ’03 Florida managed to beat them. Good stuff.

      • Michael Jones says:

        I’m with you, ConnGator. I think it’s a great rivalry and I’m glad we’re keeping it. I don’t need anybody to do anything stupid or classless to make it better either.

  3. Spike says:

    I agree 100 percent with tractorr

  4. Timmy T says:

    I think there is a bit of mutual respect shared by both the teams and fans that gets in the way of it becoming a “true” rivalry. I seldom hear a fellow Gator fan say anything hateful toward LSU. We have no songs like “To hell, to hell…”. We don’t have any cracks like “Free shoes U..”. They’ve never charged the end zone in celebration, etc… Minus the Tebow cell phone thing, ( which was clever by the way), there have been no issues of disrespect between the two teams. There is a lack of disdain which fuels any true rivalry. It is usually a great game and I’m glad they are keeping it going. That said, it would make it that much sweeter if we saw something stir the pot that fueled a fire, so to speak.

  5. Joe says:

    6-1-1 format sucks. Every kid should have the chance to play every team in the SEC during their 4 years of eligibility. And what about the fans. Using 6-1-1 it would take 12 years for every team to play in the Swamp. If Aub-Ga, Ala-Tenn and Ala-Aub are so darn important they have to be protected at all costs, then but them all in the same division.

    • Michael Jones says:

      You’re right. I mean, Auburn and Alabama already are in the same division, but I get your point and I agree with it. The 6-1-1 takes away from being able to tour the entire conference and experience the pageantry and majesty of playing at every SEC venue during a kid’s UF career.

      I know it sounds like I’m reversing myself on the LSU game and I guess that I am. My point about that was that it’s a great rivalry, but Joe’s right. Each kid ought to be able to play every school while he’s at UF.

      • Tractorr says:

        I don’t think that the LSU rivalry is bad, but I don’t think it is great. What might make it great is playing each other a couple times in the SEC championship but that outcome is significantly reduced when we play each other every regular season.

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