FOUR BITS: Beal, Harris, Martin, Donovan

By Adam Silverstein
May 30, 2012

1 » The 2012 NBA Draft Lottery was held Wednesday evening in New York, NY and the potential destinations for Florida Gators freshman guard Bradley Beal may come down to one of two teams. With New Orleans leaping the pack and receiving the No. 1 overall pick (they are likely to select Kentucky forward Anthony Davis) and Beal likely to be selected with the second or third overall pick, he could be headed to Charlotte at No. 2 or Washington at No. 3. Neither Charlotte nor Washington (in any of their incarnations dating back to 1961) has ever selected a player from Florida. Should Beal make it past those three teams, Cleveland at No. 4 and Sacramento at No. 5 are two more options for him. Only Sacramento has ever selected a UF player (Jason Williams, 1998).

2 » The Gators received paperwork from former South Carolina forward Damontre Harris on Wednesday officially indicating that the player plans to transfer to Florida. After informing the team of his intentions on Saturday, Harris spoke with the Fayetteville Observer and conveyed his excitement. “”The best game I had my freshman year was there, and my sophomore year, that’s probably the best game I had,” he said. “The coaches have been joking with me a lot, so I just tell them it’s the gym and their fans, the atmosphere.” Harris said his comfort with the Gators’ coaches is one of the reasons he picked Florida. It is also the primary reason he left USC after the team fired head coach Darrin Horn and replaced him with Frank Martin.

[EXPAND Click to expand and read two more BITS in this post.]3 » Speaking of Martin, he told the Tampa Bay Times that allowing Harris to transfer within the Southeastern Conference was a no-brainer for him because in the end it is all about the best interest of the player. “If that young man does not want to be at this school, then you shouldn’t hold him hostage,” he said. “Now we’ve got to compete against Damontre and I don’t like that. But why should I block him from going to the school he wants to play at, as long as things were handled the right way? […] As long as things are handled the proper way, as long as we all handle things like adults and educators and those kids and those families are up front and communicate with all the appropriate people, it’s no different than me getting out of my contract.” Martin knowing head coach Billy Donovan for quite some time undoubtedly helped him feel comfortable that Harris’s transfer was indeed handled “the right way.”

4 » Donovan spoke about a number of topics while at the 2012 SEC Spring Meetings on Tuesday. One particularly interesting statement he made was on redshirt junior guard Mike Rosario’s first year actually playing for Florida. “He had a lot to learn and a lot to grow up with in terms of being an everyday guy and being reliable every single day,” said Donovan, according to The Gainesville Sun. “More so than any other guy I’ve coached he’s had to deal with a lot of nagging injuries. The one injury that he’s always going to have to battle is he has a legitimately bad back. He’s had a hip flexors and a lot of different issues. He missed 25 practices so it’s hard when you miss as much time as he missed that he was able to get into a consistent rotation there. He had some good moments where I think he helped us in games and he had moments when he was a non-factor. I think playing against some of these older guys that he’s playing against right now and getting into a routine and having to come every single day and have to really play and compete, he needs that. He needs to be more consistent for us.”[/EXPAND]

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  1. Tractorr says:

    I have always found Martin’s facial expressions hilarious during games. Now I like him because he is a stand up guy. Often we forget that this is college ball and the players have to make life altering decisions when they are in high school. I know I didn’t always make the best decisions at that age.

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