TWO BITS: Andrews’s cameo, Muschamp’s gaffe

By Adam Silverstein
August 2, 2011

1 » ESPN reporter and former Florida Gators dazzler Erin Andrews will be up on the silver screen in the near future after filming a cameo in the upcoming movie I Hate You, Dad staring comedian Adam Sandler. Andrews, who will have a very small part in the movie, is part of a cast that also features such big names as Leighton Meester, Susan Sarandon and James Caan. Other actors/celebrities also appearing in the film include Andy Samberg, Will Forte, Ciara, Vanilla Ice and Dan Patrick. “I had like four lines, and it was the coolest thing ever,” she told According to IMDB, the movie is about “A disagreeable father who moves in with his son before he’s about to get married.” It is currently filming and does not have a scheduled release date.

2 » Whether you want to call it a gaffe on his part or a case of someone else taking a comment a bit too seriously, a thought provided by Gators head coach Will Muschamp at the 2011 SEC Media Days a few weeks ago has the University of Florida’s faculty union president John Biro perturbed. Asked about what it takes to build a quality team, Muschamp responded, “You can’t have union guys. Those are the guys who make a great play and then take the next play off because they think they are in a union.” According to The Gainesville Sun, Biro (who confessed that he does not pay attention to football) was not amused by this comment. “Obviously he’s been watching too much TV and all the union-bashing going on,” Biro told the paper.


  1. SB says:

    I agree the union comment shows a bit of nativity on his part about how he represents the university with has a union and contracts with numerous unions for other work. It’s not a gaffe — he said the same comment at the Gator Gathering I was at. There’s really no need for him to be bashing the idea of folks in unions working hard or not. Everyone that flies us around the country safely everyday is in a union. Give it a rest. All that said, I’m a huge fan of Coach Muschamp, staff, team, and university. He just needs to realize how sensitive these issues are and be smart enough not to make comments like that which stereotype hundreds of thousands of people in a negative light.

  2. npgator says:

    Coach Muschamp is spot on!

  3. SC Gator says:

    He doesn’t pay attention to football?

    Then to hell with him anyways.

  4. John S says:

    I’m insulted and perturbed that the University of Florida’s faculty union president does not pay attention to football. He should consider his words more carefully.

  5. The Truth says:

    What kind of dude, that is affiliated with UF, doesn’t pay attention to football?

    • Tractorr says:

      Probably the kind that spends more time thinking about how best to help the people who are educating the future of America. I know people on here are joking but get back to me in 20 years and we will see how the current union bashing and attempts to dismantle unions work out. Of course there are abuses in unions. Anywhere that people can take advantage someone will, but if you can’t understand what unions have done to make this country great perhaps you should read some history.

  6. Mr2Bits says:

    My girl Andrews needs to steer clear of the sinking ship that is Adam Sandlers career. She needs to sync up with Brad Cooper or DeCaprio and stay away from the has beens!

  7. Tampa Gator Girl says:

    I completely agree with Coach Muschamp! He’s saying the truth and if John Biro doesn’t like it, that’s his problem. Biro should have kept his mouth shut instead of starting a petty disagreement!

  8. G8trpls says:

    Hey Tractorr, maybe you should heed your own advice.And while your at it can you explain to me how a public sector union worker deserves more pay, and twice the benefits, as the taxpayer’s who in fact pay their salaries?

    • Tractorr says:

      1) The average education level for public workers is higher than the average education for private workers. A very very small percentage of public workers have only a high school diploma or none at all where there are literally millions of private workers in that group. When you adjust for education level private workers make much more.

      2) The better benefits packages are to make up for this discrepancy.

  9. Joe says:


    Thanks for being smart about the subject. If you don’t understand what he means, then you really don’t understand the work of unions. In every realm other than professional sports those unions keep pay honest for low-income and service workers across the country. They keep your lights on and phones running. They keep people like you and me employed and making a decent wage. Without unions the corporacracy of America would have long ago sold your a$$e$ for cheap labor and you would be jobless. They have set precedents that dictate the current fair labor practices we have today.

    If you wanna pick on unions because your favorite sport might not be on this season, then go ahead, it shows a general lack of insight on the subject.

    Although relatively harmless, Muschamp should have realized the implications of his statement as this affects more than just high paid pro athletes. Furthermore, those who don’t know about the subject should educate themselves before quipping on a message board.

  10. GatorCooken says:

    Hey now, let’s stick to Gator Football 🙂

    Save this for the MSNBC/FOX message boards

  11. G8trpls says:

    Listen Joe, I have educated myself thank you. There are pro’s and con’s with anything, especially unions. I have no problem with private sector unions. Those are agreed upon contracts between a private company and it’s employees. My problem is with public sector unions who think they can pillage taxpayers for their every whim.

  12. Mac says:

    This country would have been just fine without unions!! This country was built by hardworking people, unions a one of the problems in this country!! You talk of sports unions, what about the autoworkers union? That union has destroyed Detroit and caused some of the biggest us automakers to need huge bailouts!! Who paid for that?….we the tax payer not any union!! Unions are greedy that is why they fail!! In other words I’m with Coach!! And yes I know about unions, I have worked in union and non union states!! For example in Missouri the company I was with had to hire one union worker per two of its own employees!! They got $18.65 an hour for standing there doing nothing as we(the company employees) worked our butts off!! That isn’t fair or right!! Period!! Union are a problem!!

  13. Joe says:

    The union’s Muschamp was refering to NFL and NBA were both private.

    Those “hard working people” you refer to would still be working 14 hour shifts if it weren’t for labor unions.

    Union members are people like yourself, they also pay taxes.

    Corruption in any sector should not be rewarded, but that does not mean successes should be overlooked.

    Keyboard silenced, point taken AS and GC, 31 days and counting.

  14. DC says:

    If you’re a guy who works at UF and doesn’t follow football, well there’s just something wrong about that. There’s pro’s and con’s with unions as pointed out in previous posts, but there’s just no excuse for not following football. You can get an education (or be the educator) as well as follow a sport. I guess that’s just a union thing where you can only do one task.

  15. George says:

    Go GATORS!

  16. Will says:

    He was specifically talking about sports unions (i.e. NFLPA, NBA, etc.). He did not mention anything other than taking plays off, which unless I am mistaken, is a reference to sports and sports alone. The fact that the faculty union head had to comment (especially considering he doesn’t pay attention to football) is just a sign of how oversensitive so many people have become today. You cannot state a simple opinion anymore without offending someone and having to apologize on national TV. Enough already!

  17. GatorNsc says:

    Sorry Adam..didnt know if i should email u or not.. I know this is off subject, but does it look good for us, as far as Humphries goes, on friday???

  18. Ken (CA) says:

    Adam, you forgot the cardinal rule of Erin Andrews’ bits…you always have to post a picture when you talk about her!

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