Show your Spirit and win a Gators handbag!

By Adam Silverstein
August 30, 2010

With the Florida Gators’ 2010-11 football season about to begin, OGGOA wanted to do something very special for our female readers (or male readers looking for a fantastic gift for their girlfriends). It was with that intent that we decided to partner up with Tracy Zych New York, which has just recently come out with a brand new line of beautiful and trendy designer Team Spirit Handbags – perfect for game days!

Offered right now for only two teams – Florida and Florida State – these luxury handbags come in 11 and seven styles, respectively, and retail from $145-$355! Utilizing a special buttery soft leather surrounded by bold hardware and modern designs, these handbags are sure to capture the hearts of women in Gainesville, FL, in no time at all. Be the first to sport your handbag to a game (or receive one as a gift from your boyfriend) and make your friends jealous by winning OGGOA‘s latest contest!

We think it is important for you to show your Team Spirit, but we also want you to show your OGGOA Site Spirit, too. Between now and Sept. 12 (after the Gators’ second game of the season against South Florida), the reader who BEST and most UNIQUELY shows their OGGOA Site Spirit will win a Tracy Zych Team Spirit Handbag.

That is up to you. Whether you want to paint a panel on the 34th Street wall, wear a custom-made t-shirt into The Swamp, cover the Turlington Plaza cork board with OGGOA flyers, hand out a flyer to everyone at your Gator Club watch party or do something else completely unique – as long as you are promoting and have proof (photos or videos) – you have a chance to win. [Keep it legal, folks.]

Make sure whatever you do contains “” and/or “OGGOA” (extra points for both) and send an e-mail to contest@ with your pictures or video and a paragraph or two detailing exactly what you did. Whoever impresses us the most will win a Team Spirit Handbag shipped for free to your door – it is just that simple!

Should you not win the bag, Tracy Zych has provided OGGOA’s readers with a special 15%-off discount code – type in “onlygators” upon checking out online.


  1. Daniel M. says:

    “as long as you are promoting OGGOA and have proof”

    Shrewd tactics. Now that’s a 4-point stance that die-hard Gators can appreciate. The legend grows.

    “OGGOA wanted to do something very special for our female readers (or male readers looking for a fantastic gift for their girlfriends).”

    This is BS!

    If I, a MAN, want to go to a game with a colorful handbag then damnit I’m gonna go. Would match my orange and blue jorts nicely.

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Calm down dude. No one is questioning your sexuality. If you wanna go to the game with a handbag, then go to the game with a handbag. No one can stop you.

    Don’t know about the jorts though.

  3. Mike says:

    Just call it a murse.
    And maybe you could get OGGOA tattooed on your lower back and wear half shirts…

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