TWO BITS: Will Powell or Tebow play tight end?

By Adam Silverstein
September 6, 2013

1 » A nugget of news was buried deep in a well-written Yahoo! Sports feature on Florida Gators redshirt junior linebacker Ronald Powell. According to Eric Adelson, Powell revealed that there have been internal discussions about him seeing some time at tight end once it is determined that he is fully healthy. “Once I’m feeling good,” he said, “I’m sure they’ll work something in for me.” Powell was recruited by then-Florida head coach Urban Meyer at both defensive end and tight end and told he would have the opportunity to play both. Once Meyer left and head coach Will Muschamp took over, Powell transitioned to the BUCK position and the Gators simply did not have a need for him on offense with Jordan Reed still on the roster. But with Florida now struggling to find playmaking ability among its current tight ends and Powell finally healthy, his versatility may very well be utilized by the coaching staff this year.

2 » According to Peter King of, quarterback Tim Tebow turned down an “inquiry” from an NFL franchise to join the team’s roster at a different position. King reported this nugget Thursday night on NBC, noting that the player remains focused on playing quarterback in the league. “I will remain in relentless pursuit of continuing my lifelong dream of being an NFL quarterback,” said Tebow in a prepared statement after being released by the New England Patriots.


  1. Michael Jones says:

    I’m the biggest Tebow fan ever. But his refusal to humble himself (a la Warner, Flutie, and others) to go refine his skills in a league that will let him play (Arena, Canadian) is starting to annoy me. He needs to get better (even I had to finally admit that). To get better, you have to play.

  2. dp says:

    I wish we had him back in Gainesville. Driskel is Brantley reincarnated.

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