Pouncey thinks Rainey will be back…eventually

By Adam Silverstein
September 22, 2010

Speaking with the media Thursday, Florida Gators senior center Mike Pouncey divulged his belief that suspended redshirt junior running back Chris Rainey will be back with the team at some point this season.

“He’ll be back,” Pouncey said. “We just don’t know when.”

Asked how Rainey is handling the situation Pouncey added, ‘He’s doing good. He made a mistake. I talked to him yesterday. He’s doing good. He just can’t wait to get back.”

Considering Rainey is indefinitely suspended after being arrested on a third-degree felony aggravated stalking charge, Pouncey’s comments certainly did not go over well with the coaching staff. Therefore it should be no surprise that a team spokesperson made it clear Pouncey’s words were his own and did not represent the position of head coach Urban Meyer or the Gators.

Chances are Rainey’s charge will eventually be reduced to a misdemeanor and he will be punished accordingly by the state. Should that occur, holding the opinion that he will be back on the team at some point over the next three months is nothing outrageous. However, when it comes to offenses that get Meyer’s craw, violence (or threatening violence) against women is at the top of the list.

Photo Credit: Sam Greenwood/Getty Images


  1. i am not trying to defend what rainey did; however, i agree with his attorney that he has been “over charged”…the woman said she did not want to press charges and her sister, who called the police, just wanted them to come and difuse the situation not arrest rainey. rainey has no prior arrests and is basically a good kid. he did make a stupid mistake and i am sure he has learned from this; eventually it will make him a better person. that said i’ll bet pouncey can read the tea leaves and knows more than the coaching staff can admit at this time. urban has to take this seriously since the press has focused on this being #30…..too bad for rainey as he won’t get a break too soon. so, i look for rainey to be back by midseason and starting again shortly there after……

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    This doesn’t surprise me, and it shouldn’t surprise anyone else IMO.

  3. gator347 says:

    Why is Urban and the team bashed by haters?

    What about Auburn? Was not Newsome a Florida reject? Oh, bad at Florida but good at Auburn?

    And then there is Ole Miss. Why do they get a pass?

    As for Rainey, I guess most of my kids could have gone to jail for screaming, “I’m gonna kill you!”

  4. Dru2012 says:

    All true–and I’m gonna say it again: With all the controversy surrounding concussions and their lingering effects (and especially how the “patient” is among the least aware of the extent of the injury–AND any personality changes), I am surprised that so little consideration has been given, at least on the part of the coaching staff and team doctors, as to whether/how much a part this may have possibly played in the whole incident.

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