Trey bien! Freshman Burton scores six times as No. 8/9 Gators trounce Wildcats 48-14

By Adam Silverstein
September 25, 2010

Freshman quarterback Trey Burton scored a school-record six touchdowns Saturday night as the No. 8/9 Florida Gators (4-0, 2-0 SEC) throttled the Kentucky Wildcats (3-1, 0-1 SEC) 48-14 at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville, FL.

Burton, who broke the record previously held by Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow, recorded five rushing touchdowns and caught another on a pass from redshirt junior quarterback John Brantley. He was responsible for all of the Gators offensive points on the night with the only other touchdown coming via an interception that redshirt sophomore cornerback Jeremy Brown grabbed by jumping a passing route in the second quarter.

In addition to Burton’s record night, Florida won its 24th straight game against Kentucky, 24th consecutive regular season game and 16th regular season Southeastern Conference game in a row. The win also marked No. 100 for head coach Urban Meyer, who became the sixth fastest coach in NCAA history to reach the milestone.

The Gators’ offense started the contest on fire, scoring 14 points in the first quarter on an 11-yard run and 11-yard reception by Burton. The points were the first scored in the opening quarter all season by Florida.

Down 21 in the second quarter, the Wildcats found themselves in the red zone for the first time all game. Instead of kicking a field goal on 4th down from the 11, Kentucky had wide receiver Chris Matthews pretend to run off the field on a field goal try. Instead, he split out wide and caught an open touchdown for their first score of the game.

The Wildcats would only reach the end zone once more in the contest with Matthews catching his second touchdown, this time on a 27-yard pass from Kentucky QB Mike Hartline with 6:58 remaining in the third quarter.

Florida’s defense was responsible for two picks Saturday with the second coming from sophomore linebacker Jon Bostic. Brown and Bostic joined senior safety Ahmad Black as Gators with three interceptions on the season. Florida’s defense has now accounted for a nation-high 12 picks and recorded UK’s first two turnovers of the season.

Brantley arguably had his best game of the season, going 24-of-35 for 248 yards, one touchdown and his first interception in his last 156 attempts. Sophomore running back Jeff Demps led Florida on the ground with eight carries for 57 yards but left the field with a sprained foot in the second quarter. Redshirt junior wide receiver Deonte Thompson brought in five balls for a team-high 86 yards, redshirt senior WR Carl Moore caught four passes for 72 yards (all first downs) and freshman WR Andre Debose recorded his first statistics of the season with four receptions for 36 yards.

Burton, the Gators’ star freshman, finished with 42 pass yards, 40 rushing yards and 37 reception yards to go along with his six touchdowns (five rushing).

For the Wildcats, top-tier athlete Randall Cobb threw an 11-yard touchdown and caught seven passes for 67 yards. Hartline finished 21-for-39 for 242 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. RB Derrick Locke took 23 carries for 103 yards, and Matthews took care of the receiving catching six balls for 114 yards and both of his team’s scores.

Coming off perhaps their most impressive performance of the season, Florida will face their biggest test on the road next Saturday against the No. 1/1 Alabama Crimson Tide (4-0, 1-0 SEC) in Tuscaloosa, AL. Kickoff is set for 8 p.m., and the game will air live on CBS.

John Raoux/Associated Press


  1. Matt Burris says:

    Mercy, Trey Burton! What an amazing performance. I just hope this was Meyer’s way of throwing off Alabama and making them pay extra attention to Burton so it’d open up the other players to make big plays. Either that or Burton is the real deal. I wonder if he can pass good enough, too?

    Brantley’s performance was top notch, as well. All those Burton TD’s wouldn’t have been possible if it weren’t for the excellent poise and throws from Brantley. It was nice to see him being unleashed to throw the ball more. It was also nice seeing Debose at the start of the game, but saw little more of him after those 4 catches.

    Alabama, after scraping by Arkansas, don’t look so dominating anymore. I’m glad they won, it’ll be nice when the Gators beat them while they’re ranked #1.

  2. GATOR CREW says:

    Great job GATORS!!!!! Trey Burton was awesome tonight!!!!

  3. Gatorbuc15 says:

    I guess now all the bandwagon Gator fans will come back now. Come on out boys, it’s OK.
    I think that the offense will be just fine people.

    Trey, I’m speechless buddy. What a performance.

  4. liveoak87 says:

    seems to me thomas must have something against catching touchdown pass’s that hit his hands.

  5. Joey says:

    was trey a 3 star recruit?? i guess all of us including myself need to quit complaining about how long some recruits areranked by outside sources……

  6. Daniel M. says:

    Archie Manning yesterday: “Florida is a one man show with Demps.” Sorry about all those whuppins we put on your boy Archie. But you shouldn’t let your feelings of inferiority cloud your opinions.

    DT 5 catches
    Carl Moore 4 catches
    Debose 4 catches
    T-Burt 5 catches
    Omarius 2 catches
    Demps 3 catches
    Clark 1 catch
    Gillislee 1 catch

    That’s called balance and production. I knew this would happen. The WR’s would start to emerge. It had to happen. It will only get better.

    AD4 stepped out of the shadows. Was I correct in thinking all along that the staff has been hiding him?

    Trey Burton will be a very special player when all is said and done. What a polite and affable young man he is. Unbelievable pickup he was for Gator Nation. I’m overwhelmed by the possibilities he presents for this team. I’m looking forward to January 2013 When Trey Burton grabs the mic and yells, “I’m coming back, Let’s do it AGAIN!” Congrats on your MONSTER game Trey.

    Alabama’s secondary definitely looked vulnerable yesterday. Saban is going postal on his entire staff at this very moment. Slow down Ingram and Richardson and this game is definitely winnable.

    Urban reaches the century mark faster than any coach in this era. What an amazing turn of events that saw Machen intercept Meyer when he was being courted by ND. We weren’t even on Meyer’s radar when that happened. And for the record it should be noted that you don’t reach 100 wins in ten years with a “gimmick” offense. Congratulations to you Urban Meyer. We love you man.

  7. dp says:

    Hey liveoak I think Thompson has that same problem!

  8. Wingtee says:

    Yes where was AD after the four catches? Addazio can turn a 5 star to a 3 star in a matter of an hour. Way
    to hold
    em down Stevie

    Tim Tebow wears Trey Burton pajamas

  9. Wingtee says:

    Adam ,Did you actually
    say Brantler have “arguably” his
    game? Hello, what’s to argue? It was easily his best game.

  10. Evan says:

    Adam, could have sworn Tebow had 7 TD’s that game, 5 rushing, 2 passing. Does that not count in the record books? I keep hearing about the broken record, just trying to clarify which record was broken. Thanks!

  11. David says:

    liveoak87, you meant Thompson? And yes, I think he is more comfortable catching the ball with his chest and hands than just his hands.

  12. Wingtee- I do not inject my opinion into game stories, hence the qualifier “arguably.” Yes, I think it was easily his best game.

    Evan- The passing touchdowns do not count when you’re talking about a record like this. The TD is attributed to the player who crosses the goal line or gets the ball in the end zone.

  13. Evan says:

    Gotcha, thanks for clearing that up

  14. Ralph Seegobin says:

    Adam, thought Florida had 10 INTs coming into this game, + the 2 last night giving them 12 total…4 vs Miami, 4 vs USF, 2 vs Tennessee, and 2 vs Kentucky

  15. Ralph, updated it before I even saw your comment. Good timing. Wrote the story on an iPhone last night. 🙂

  16. Ralph Seegobin says:

    Haha, good deal. As always, you do a great job!

  17. Liveoak87 says:

    @David yes I did. Long night and day at work.

  18. Will says:


    Any news on Demps? Hate to think we would have to rely too much on Moody and his dancing feet.


  19. Todd W says:

    WOW! What a performance last night by Burton and the entire squad.
    I found it very interesting that all of our scores were by #8.
    6 by Burton and 1 by Jeremy Brown who also wears #8!

    And kudos to you Adam- this has quickly become my favorite site to follow my beloved Gators.
    I appreciate the hard work you do – keep up the great job!

    Bring on the Tide!!

  20. SC Gator says:

    Hmm… Trey gets his own punny headline but not a listing on the MVP poll for this week? Doesn’t seem fair, especially when my phone just beeped me to ask me to vote for player of the week, the ballet for which does include him.

  21. SC Gator says:

    LOL, now all the options are for Trey. I’m guessing the poll just didn’t refresh for me when I looked at it a moment ago.

  22. Daniel M. says:

    Burton will be the SEC player of the week.

  23. Tampa Tom says:


  24. Scooterp says:

    Finally! Solid performance, all around. And, against the toughest team we’ve played to date. Congrats Trey, on your monster day.

    Up till now, it has been extremely frustrating watching this offense sputter from weekend to the next, with all the talent we have on that side of the ball. But, after reading and hearing Urban continue to emphasize “practice” and “perform on Tuesday and Thursday, you play on Saturday”, it makes me wonder if he’s tearing down the egos and building them back up. Sending a message to the younger players?

  25. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Any update on Demps? I agree Bama at least showed they are beatable and boy did Arkansas miss some golden oppportunities to put that game away when they had the lead……and how do you like Ingram giving the Ark fans the hush sign repeatedly….I guess if you can back it up it’s your right but to me it comes off as complete arrogance….how awesome would it be to silence Bama in their own house!!!!

  26. Luke says:

    Great game. I finally got to see a little more play action and the play call to have Burton throw after all the QB option run plays was perfect. Probably would have been a TD if Omarius didn’t slip.

    This was the way the first two games were supposed to play out…

    Next week is the real test, then LSU at home. If our boys can manage the run game and the crowd like they did at Tennessee and put together some good drives early and manage the clock late, then Boise will be #2 and we might be #5!

    I said after the first game that it looked like it was going to be a long season and now I’m hoping it will be. But this time I’m hoping it’s long because we play in Atlanta and the BCS title game…

    BUT, it was Kentucky and it was at home. UK still hasn’t proved they’re ready for big time or that they’ll be better than fifth in the SEC East, so I’m not ready to crown UF SEC champs yet, but I think they’re vastly improved and ready for some tough road wins in the SEC West. Now I’m hoping for some good news on the injury front. It’s too early in the year for both lines and some skill players to be nicked up as bad as they seem to be…

  27. Drew 4 Orange & Blue says:

    Got to give props to #6 Howard who is playing like a man possessed on the D-Line!!!!! Hunter is really bringing it as well….those guys are doing a lot of dirty work…KUDOS And here’s to McElroy throwing another lame duck pass in the flat that should have gone the other way and put Arkansas up 14-0…talk about blowing your chances to take down the Tide

  28. Andrew says:


    IF we beat Bama in their house we’ll be #2 (or maybe even 1). Boise and the others couldn’t stay in front of us. Ohio State would be the only one that could.

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