2 BITS: Muschamp gets season, UF drug testing

By Adam Silverstein
September 26, 2014

1 » During a radio interview with Mike Bianchi on 740 The Game out of Orlando, Florida, this week, Florida Gators athletic director Jeremy Foley said head coach Will Muschamp will keep his job through the end of the season, at which point Foley will make a decision on the future of the program. “You never judge or evaluate a program based on one game or one season,” Foley told Bianchi. “That’s just not how we do things here. We’re going to evaluate where we’re headed — where the players are, how is recruiting going, what type of staff we have, are we better? That’s going to be plain for all of us to see, but it’s also going to be played out over the course of 11 games, and we’ll see where we are when we get to the end of the season.” Florida’s defense, helmed by Muschamp, has allowed nearly 1,100 yards of offense in its last two games, coughing up a school-record 645 yards to Alabama last Saturday. The Gators (2-1, 1-1 SEC) next face the Tennessee Volunteers on Saturday, Oct. 4; Florida will be looking to extend a nine-game winning streak in the series.

2 » A non-Gators story making the rounds on Thursday was a report from the Austin American-Statesman, which uncovered that under Charlie Strong, Texas has been drug testing is players at more than twice the rate it did under Mack Brown. The Statesman reports that the Longhorns averaged 104 drug tests per year under Brown from 2010-13 but are now on pace to test players nearly 2-3 times each in 2014; Texas has already administered 188 tests and is on pace for 282 before season’s end.

Bianchi, doubling up on his news-making this week with this post in the Orlando Sentinel, contacted Florida to find out how often UF drug tests its players by comparison.

The results were eye-opening: Last year, the Gators drug-tested football players 406 times. The year before it was 377. The year before that it was 350. This year, UF has already tested its football players 300 times, which puts them on pace for another year of 400-plus drug tests.

In other words, Florida drug tested its players nearly four times as often as Texas in 2013 and is still on pace to do so 25 percent more than UT in 2014.


  1. 5wideU says:

    Good news here on all accounts from my perspective. Great to see we’re being proactive with the drug testing. Would be interesting to see how that stacks up against reFSU and others. It appears as if we’re moving forward with our eyes wide open unlike the way reFSU has handled the whole Winston incidents.

    • Michael J. says:

      I think you are wrong about Winston. He had a misdemeanor, which was nol processed, and was suspended from the team he was playing for at the time. Jalen Tabor also had a misdemeanor, processed the same way, and was not given any suspension by Florida. Similar incidents, one was suspended, the other not. The other “incident”, Winston shouting out a vulgar meme. it wasn’t a violation of anything except good taste. There are, literally, thousands of college students that have done the same thing because they seem to think it’s cool. Older people are not the ones that have made it so popular. The only reason we heard about Winston doing it is because he is the biggest star in college football. Was it dumb to do something to impress a bunch of other college students? Yes, it was dumb, but young people do dumb stuff all the time. Why don’t you go to YouTube and you will see how idiotic they can be. A person’s prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain that controls decision making, is not fully developed until around the age of 25. I have a son who is the same age as Winston. He does dumb things too, harmless things just like Winston like going 30 MPH over the speed limit. The only thing you can say is “What were you thinking?’ But that’s the whole point, college kids don’t think sometimes, they just do what pops into their head. There are no other “incidents”. You can’t include someone accusing him of rape because there is no evidence to back her claim, not even enough to charge him. It’s ridiculous how you and many others are treating the young man, to the point of him putting on an uniform is another “incident.” The fact is that he shoplifted and shouted out a vulgar phrase. The first thing is bad and he’s been punished accordingly and still has no criminal record, just like Mr. Tabor. The second, isn’t even worth discussing and is only made out to be a big deal because of who did it. You seem to omit that he’s a natural leader, a very charismatic young man, and an outstanding student that, if he maintains his G.P.A, will have at least cum laude on his degree, maybe with another word added. I think he’s getting a raw deal and that’s why I never hesitate to defend him from scurrilous charges like you make. I’m not about to condemn a young man for shoplifting once, and that’s the only wrongful thing he’s done that we can confirm actually happened.

      • Gator John says:

        First, circumstances would determine whether driving 30 mph over the speed limit is harmless or not. Huge difference between doing it on an interstate than in a neighborhood. So it is with Winston. His circumstances dictate he must carry himself a little bit different than others, being a Heisman trophy winner. like it or not, the rules are different for him. His character and judgement are being called into question and rightly so. Is he a great talent? Sure he is. But he is also a narcissist who is enabled by people like you who try to explain away his behavior as him being a kid, he is NOT a kid. You can spout anything you like about his cognitive development you want. But he is old enough to have developed common sense. Charisma and talent mean nothing without common sense.

        You did leave out some incidents, like the Burger King deal, and the BB gun incident. But that’s ok. They don’t really count, right?

        bottom line here is the more we try to explain away this type of behavior from ANY player, the more we desensitize ourselves to it the next time. At what point is enough enough?

        • Gatorgrad79 says:

          Gator John,

          Here is the proud tradition established by Bobby, who said at the time of the free shoes incident…”we’re just lucky it was only a misdemeanor…” , meaning he could levy only a 2 game suspension, as opposed to suspended for season or until the charges were settled for a felony…
          Quoted from the LA Times:
          “Bowden’s most dominant season at Florida State, a wire-to-wire national title run in 1999, was marred by his decision to suspend standout receiver Peter Warrick after a school-imposed suspension for “only” two games for accepting discounted merchandise at a department store.
          Bowden still hears about it. The winningest coach in major college history says he balks at suspending players because innocent people suffer the consequences. Bowden’s “soft spot” dates to when he was a college quarterback at Howard.
          “My last game, we had seven starters suspended because they went to the fair,” Bowden said, as if the event happened yesterday. “And I’ll never forget that. And we lost. I always said, ‘Dadgum, I’m not going to punish a team for what guys do.’ “I’ll punish him another way: I’ll take their scholarship away. I won’t let them eat for a week. I’ll run them in the morning at 5. That’s kind of been the policy I’ve followed.” (end quote)

          And so, if the team never pays for a players mistake, ultimately the player doesn’t pay and there is no accountability.

        • Michael J. says:

          When you say the Burger king deal and the BB gun incident, there you go again with innuendo and supposition. Just saying someone did something without verification is nonsense, and you should know better. You are correct about him being held to a higher standard since he is college football’s reigning Heisman winner. He should know better and act with more decorum and realize that he is a role model. Him, apparently, not yet understanding that fact is something he needs to correct. The point is that he hasn’t done anything nefarious enough to deserve the venom spewed out against him. He does want to be the center of attraction, but aren’t a lot of people that way? Donald Trump inherited $250 million dollars from his father, yet acts like he’s some kind of genius and wants everyone to know about it. Maybe Winston is a narcissist, but that’s no crime. From the people that know him, I don’t think that’s true, but I do know he likes people and is always trying to be the clown around them to liven up the joint. He’s s certainly not boring. He’s learning a hard lesson that you or I won’t ever learn. That is what it’s like to live in a fish bowl. I see that Fisher has halted his weekly press conference. That’s a good thing, maybe it’ll give Winston time to think and realize that not everyone likes him, in fact there are a lot of people that would like to do nothing better than to help him fail. Winston is getting a raw deal. An example of that is when the headline read, “Winston held at gunpoint by police!”, how awful! Then you read that he had a pellet gun and was squirrel hunting, he is a country boy from Alabama after all, and someone called the police because they saw a large Black man with a gun. I know it’s hopeless to point out the facts to some of you, they don’t matter if you have a preconceived notion, but it is a fact that Winston has not been this desperado that so many of you are so quick to label him. Just because he is college football’s biggest star does not mean he is immune to making a mistake or two, he might even make another one, like get caught for underage drinking, but that is no justification for some of the outlandish comments made by people who should know better. Like The Eagles song “Dirty Laundry”, it’s to be expected, but it shouldn’t be condoned.
          As for my son going 30mph over the speed limit, yes you are right it could have been dangerous. He was on a road with a 45 mph limit and there was no reason for him to be speeding, he was just coming back home late at night after taking a friend home. But he just wasn’t paying attention. What can you do? He suffered the consequences, he had to pay the ticket himself and take a driving class to eliminate the points. If he does it again, it becomes a problem, but just like Winston, I will assume he won’t speed again. It’s over with. If Winston is caught stealing again, then it is a major problem. But why don’t we treat him with a little courtesy, even if you don’t like him, he has done nothing to warrant the perception of him being some out of control villain. An idiot on ESPN, Tom Luginbill, had the audacity to say sociopath and Winston in the same sentence, after he had put on his uniform. Do you see how crazy it’s getting? Probably not, since you seem to think some unverified story about a BB gun and Burger king is relevant.

          • Gator John says:

            I never called Winston a desperado. My only point is that he has not learned from anything that has happened to him. You seem to really want to defend him, for reasons that are your own. I would like to see him clean up his image and become the player and leader he could be, but I won’t look at his issues through Garnett colored glasses as you seem to be doing. You sound like all of the other Seminole apologists…you refuse to admit he has learned nothing from his troubles. Or that his troubles are signs of a potential train wreck. And for this I partLy blame Fisher for not setting a better tone for the leader of his team. But only in part…Jameis is an adult. He is responsible for his own actions.
            You say your son learned his lesson…that’s great. Winston has learned nothing. The mere fact that he would shout the vulgar thing he did after being accused of rape last year shows he didnt learn anything from that experience..whether he was guilty or not is beside the point. He didn’t learn from the experience, and showed further disrespect towards women by his recent actions, and zero humility about the topic of sexual assault.
            I, too, know people who can verify these other incidents. So you can say these are Unverified all you want if it makes you feel better about your opinion of Winston. But he has a history…no denying it. While they have been minor so far, it will catch up to him. It always does.

      • Michael Jones says:

        The “he’s a kid” and “immature” justifications for Winston’s behavior have always made me laugh, particularly since justifying his behavior that way will insure that he will always stay an immature kid with no appreciation for the consequences of his behavior.

        All other immature kids in college who make mistakes have to pay for their mistakes, and then they grow up and become mature. But not Winston. For Winston it’s a license to get away with anything and everything.

        I know we’re all homers (including me) for our own schools, but I’ve never seen an institution sell its soul and its integrity the way FSU has with Winston.

        • Michael J. says:

          What has he got away with? Nothing that I know of and neither do you. I only laid out the facts. It seems you are not interested in them.

      • Dave K says:

        Michael J. Pulleeeezz, Winston’s behavior does not reflect the average student just having a little fun. FSU and the Tallahassee Police are finally conducting a real investigation concerning the rape/assault charge that another FSU student made over a year ago. Will you step in and defend his lack of good judgment (forgivable because he’s just ‘young’) when the charges finally get formalized? The way this jerk showed up in uniform at the pre-game warm ups at the Clemson game that he was suspended from – the way he casually steals food from a market, etc. – clearly shows he’s so full of himself that he lacks the discipline to realize when he’s acting like a piece of excrement. Just sayin…

        • Michael J. says:

          There is no police investigation of Winston. The complaint was investigated and could not be substantiated. It’s over with. There is no evidence to back the woman’s claim. Does the phrase ‘due process’ mean anything to you? It’s over with. Get over it.

          • Dave K says:

            Michael J (resident Jameis Wnston apologist) – If it’s ‘over with’, why is FSU NOW engaged in a full investigation of the rape charges? FSU took your attitude the first time around, but now they are doing what they should have done almost 2 years ago. The police were complicit too…’losing’ evidence like a video tape that shows some of the assault, losing semen stained underwear provided by the victim and never taking a DNA sample from Winston. I realize, you’re probably an FSU Alum…but this ain’t over by a long shot.

  2. Michael Jones says:

    There is really no other position that Foley can take at this point in the season. Anything else, anything less, would only serve to undermine whatever hope Muschamp has of saving this season and his job.

    Hey, I don’t hate the guy. I hope we go 13-1. I just want what’s best for UF.

    GO GATORS!!!!

  3. cline says:

    If the Gators drug tested that many times its a wonder some of the players now in the NFL made it through a whole season.

  4. Steven says:

    It doesn’t really seem fair that each school gets to decide how many times their players are drug tested.
    Also with this country finally realizing rethinking their opinion on how some drugs are classfied.
    I know some will applaud UF for it’s stringent drug testing…, but those numbers mean each player is getting tested almost 4 times a year. That to me seems like overkill and even if not legally considered an invasion of privacy it just makes me sound uncomfortable even as a non-drug user.

    How many of you would like to be tested 4 times every year?

    • Ken (CA) says:

      Actually it doesn’t mean each player is getting tested 4 times a year. If you look at what strong did at UT, they initially tested the whole team, then tested the whole team after coming back from spring break. From those tests, they identified potential “problem cases”, and those were the ones that were retested regularly and still many continued to fail. Those who didn’t test positive ever didn’t keep getting tested throughout the year.

  5. UFGATORFAN100 says:

    Interesting INFO on Drug Testing. I guess some people including myself have to wonder about some College Football Players Strength Gains from one summer to another. I guess you can call it “The Unspoken Language” of College Sports. Sometimes, the Transformations are so great in a limited time in which you start to questions these Programs… I”m Glad we Test as often cause I consider it Cheating IF we are NOT all playing on equal footing.

    PS I guess The Judge, Jury, and Executioner ie Foley has Spoken despite please, Emails,and Pitchforks Muschamp gets the Whole year even IF he Loses to UT….. GO GATORS!!!

  6. Michael J. says:

    That’s the right decision to make by Foley. Firing Muschamp before the end of the season will bring no tangible benefit to the program. It’s not like UF is going to hire Kurt Roper to the coach if he is an interim one. But everyone will know Muschamp’s fate well before the end of the season, I feel. His fate could be decided October 4. Lose to Tennessee and you could get odds of a million to one or so in Vegas on betting that Muschamp is the coach in 2015.

  7. Gator87 says:

    The radio station is actually 740 The Game… Go Gators!

  8. Daniel M. says:

    There is no test for HGH. I’m curious about what exactly they do test for? I’m also curious about what the policy will be if a player with a medical marijuana card tests positive for it? Our marijuana laws are only about fifty years behind.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      they test for lots of different things. Including many illegal drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, meth, heroine, etc. While there is no definitive test for HGH, there is for steroids and for the various blockers or “steroid masks” that give the illusion that you haven’t been taking them.

      As far as Medical Marijuana, has Florida legalized it at this point? If not then the card is irrelevant. If so, I can’t imagine a player with a need for medical marijuana in general. As pain for some forms of cancer or glaucoma, how useful would that person be as a player to begin with?

      I won’t even comment on the marijuana law comment, that has been beaten to death around here

      • Daniel M. says:

        I don’t think you fully understand how widespread marijuana use is in football players, athletes. It relieves pain. Its an after workout sedative/painkiller, NOT during. Conservative nitwits don’t grasp this.

        It’s not a moot question because medical marijuana will soon be legal, bet the house. The “medical” angle is mostly bullsh$t that enabled it to get on the ballot.

        • Ken (CA) says:

          As long as it is not legal, it is a moot question. “I am using this now because I believe in the next 5 years it will be legalized” is not a defense for breaking the law. If you break the law you break NCAA rules, if you break NCAA rules you pay the consequences. It is quite straight forward without getting into the politics of whether or not it should be legalized, the fact is, right now it isn’t, and therefore it is against the rules.

        • Michael Jones says:

          Ha ha. . “conservative nit wits”. . .why is it that people who puff herb are always the enlightened ones? Everybody else is a nit wit. It must take them to a mystical magical height of intellectualism.

          I guess ibuprofen, which is both a pain killer and an anti-inflammatory but without the intoxicating effect or the carcinogenic threat to our lungs that pot has, just won’t do. We’re such close minded nit wits, lol.

          • Daniel M. says:

            Of course the phrase “conservative nitwits” drew one of your typical sanctimonious comments without even mentioning you. That’s called bait, and you would be the stupid tuna.

            Please provide ANY link or study that links marijuana’s “carcinogenic threat” to lung health. My wife is going through chemotherapy and marijuana provides her great relief. We discussed it with her doctor and he was fully supportive. It’s 2014. Of course you have your dated image of pot heads and a bong or whatever which just supports what we already know about you.

            I’ve been enjoying this blog since the first day of its inception. It was some years later when I made a one sentence comment about the teams loss of Jessamen Dunker, to which you rudely attacked me on. And like the typical knee-jerk hypocrite that you are, you mentioned months later that losing Dunker hurt the team. Foot meet mouth. But it was okay from you because you are Michael Jones the ad nauseam blabbermouth right? Get a clue.

            It was later pointed out that you are a chronic here and you got butt hurt and left the blog for months. Nobody missed your rambling 400 word comments. If you ever had unique perspective it might be different but you basically regurgitate what everybody already knows. Editing befuddles you. The absolute best thing you could do would be to uncheck the two “Notify me” boxes at the bottom of this blog. Please don’t ever respond to one of my comments again.

            • Michael Jones says:

              All I will suggest to you is that you re-read all of the ugly, aggressive, venomous, personal attacks and name-calling in your reply, and contrast that to the fact that I’ve never called you anything, and then you tell me which one of us has the problem.

              Beyond that, I don’t really care to engage with you any further. You now officially fall under the “consider the source” category, and I won’t dignify any more of your foaming-at-the-mouth rants by acknowledging them.

              This is supposed to be a fun forum for discussing Gator sports, not a hate-fest, brother. All the political stuff and advancing your pro-marijuana platforms really have no place here (I thought the pot guys were supposed to be mellow?).

              Anyway, we’re done.

            • Michael Jones says:

              Although I would be remiss in not pointing out the irony in calling someone sanctimonious while you employ the royal “we.”

              As for your wife, I am sorry to hear that and I hope she gets better. Her situation and rampant drug use among professional athletes, though, is apples and oranges.

              Okay. Now we’re done.

  9. AJ says:

    We fired Zook mid year and that seemed to work out just fine. Why wouldn’t we do the same with Muschamp?

    • Champ supporter says:

      Go read the entire piece Bianchi did. He gives you reason why Zookeeper was fired.

      I just want to know who do people think is out there to get! Bianchi touches on that too!

  10. Jake G says:

    I have a solution…. Legalize marijuana!!

    • Michael Jones says:

      You think that’s the problem? That marijuana is not legal? As in if it were legalized then coaches would be encouraging their players to stay baked? Because it really enhances an athlete’s performance?

      Cigarettes are legal. Pack a day as part of the training regimen?

      • Jake G says:

        Michael Jones, I think maybe you should smoke a little weed every once in a while. It might relax you a little bit. Calm down bud

        • Michael Jones says:

          lol . . . did you come up with that on your own, bud? Having fun with guys like you IS how I relax, Jake. 🙂

          I’m chill, brother.

  11. Brian says:

    The fact that Will Muschamp is on the hot seat and that Foley will consider letting him go after the season is a terrible scenario for a program to be in. It is disapointing that we are in this place right now, regardless of whether or not Muschamp is retained. For a program to get to the point that the AD has to publically comment on numerous occasions that he is evaluating the direction of the program is never good. When the program is going well, these kinds of conversations never occur. We are down right now, It’s just sad, it’s just sad. I like Foley’s comments, but the fact that this scenario is brewing shows how our program is hurting, and things are not going according to plan. I really hope things change this season and we win some big games! That would solve everything. We need to stand behind this team and these players, regardless of the situation.

  12. W2 says:

    Great read. Go Gators. I hope Champ bounce back. I personally thinks it’s the QB but hey I’m not the million dollar coach. Has far as Winston I think at one point he said if he ever acts like Johnny Football then he hopes someone slaps him. Well he need an Adrian Peterson right now.

  13. MojaveGator says:

    Some people say that we need to keep Muschamp through the end of the season. I say that this does more damage to the program than showing people that the university will make changes to rectify the situation. We are clearly not competitive in the SEC. Kentucky put up 450 yards of total offense against us and Alabama almost 650. Eastern Michigan is ranked as one of the two worst programs in FCS (and our opener against the other one was canceled due to weather).

    We are four years in on Muschamp. The only thing we are waiting on is Foley’s pipe dream that there will be some magical transformation after the bye week. Ain’t happening. Muschamp can’t coach, select a coaching staff, develop players, prepare game plans or recruit. That is pretty much everything we are paying him for. he is great at running players off, including two quarterbacks who are both better than our current starter – Tyler Murphy, who just directed a Boston College upset of USC, and Jacoby Brissett, who is leading the undefeated NC State Wolfpack.

    It has already gotten to the point that skill position players won’t come here, and Muschamp has made it clear that no freshman will play unless enough people get hurt to push him to the front of the line. Of course, the way he runs practice (where most of our injuries seem to occur), that might not take long. Our next recruiting class is shaping up to be one of the worst in decades. Why not let recruits know now that we are going to change things?

    Two words: Foley’s ego.

  14. Rob says:

    Love to see Michael J get his panties in a wad! Please leave this page for good. Do you have that much spare time that you can spend hours on a rival’s website? Curious to the odds of your QB ending up in jail versus being a first round pick. Enjoy your weekend!

  15. Richard says:

    From Spurrier through Meyer, other than Zook, Florida was known as a championship team. Meyer left Muschamp with zero. We as Florida Gators expect a winning team as we should. Muschamp had a “beat up” team last year and we lost our ass. They’re all back healthy now. If Muschamp wins out Foley was right. If we lose to Tennessee or the like, there are no more excuses other than we’re a mediocre team. GATORS won’t stand for that and Muschamp should be gone and probably will be. Evidently Foley and Muschamp know something we don’t. The next month will tell the WHOLE story. Win, he stays. Lose, he’s gone and Foley needs to be looked at as well. Foley just works at Florida. He owns nothing! I hope they know something we don’t! GO GATORS.

  16. 5wideU says:

    Michael J., Just saw your verbose responses. You must just love to hear yourself talk as well. Take off the ketchup and mustard glasses and step out of the Tallahassee bubble. There’s plenty of guilty people walking around that have never been convicted. Winston is pretty clearly a rapist. Other than the fact the TPD let a year slip away until putting forth some half-hearted investigation after the press found out, he likely would’ve have never played a game for your team. I think Willie Meggs and his assistants would agree. Take out the sexual assault charge, and I can buy “boys being boys”. Of course it doesn’t help when the head coach completely enables this kid and keeps trying to convince everyone he’s a “good kid”.

    No, he isn’t a good kid. Good kids don’t sexually assault women and let friends video it. Good kids don’t shoot out windows with pellet guns. Good kids don’t shop lift. Winston is a bad person that happens to be a very good QB, so Jimbo will keep him around as long as he wants to stay.

    • Dave K says:

      5wideU…you are absolutely right on!! Michael J has got to be an FSU weenie! And we will hear a lot more from Winston until he finally gets nailed for the arrogant thug he is.

    • Ken (CA) says:

      Kind of reminds you of the “Gentle Giant” in Ferguson, doesn’t it? The press keep showing pictures of him at 12 and talks about what a good kid he is and how he was just walking down the street and riling up the community without bothering to mention that he had just strong-arm robbed a cigar store.

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