FOUR BITS: Tebow’s billboard, Hill’s thoughts, Brown’s new gig, Andrews on Kimmel

By Adam Silverstein
September 30, 2011

1 » The billboard in downtown Denver, CO featuring words and images supporting Denver Broncos back-up quarterback Tim Tebow has finally arrived – just not by the hands of those who promised to erect it in the first place. According to the Denver Post, a company named Multiline International Imports decided to utilize a large digital sign by their business (located just east of the I-25 highway) for this purpose. Check out the Post’s story on the billboard, which also includes one additional picture of it.

2 » Former Florida Gators safety Will Hill, who signed with the AFL’s Arizona Rattlers on Wednesday, told the Palm Beach Post Friday that he did not regret leaving Florida early and he would have made the same move still knowing the path his career has taken. He also said that his use of marijuana at the University of Florida was the main reason teams did not sign him even as an undrafted free agent.

“I had smoked in college,” he told the Post. “It wasn’t about failing drug tests, but the coaches knew I smoked, and that’s what the NFL asked about. My problem was off the field. By me doing this I can stay in shape and still look at the NFL. I had off the field problems like partying and things. That’s what kept me from the NFL. If I clean up my act and show I can still play, I can still get there.”

Read a BIT on Jenn Brown and watch another of Erin Andrews…after the break!

3 » In a company press release, GNC announced Wednesday that former Florida softball player turned ESPN sideline reporter Jenn Brown has been tabbed as the newest GNC LiveWell brand ambassador. “Having been an student athlete throughout my life, participating as an honor student in diving, volleyball, basketball, softball and track & field in high school and as a NCAA softball player at the University of Florida, I know and understand the value of education, health and nutrition,” Brown said in the release. “Being part of the GNC team, I am looking forward to continuing my efforts to inform, educate and inspire fellow fitness enthusiasts on living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.” GNC says she will “educate aspiring athletes and fitness enthusiasts on living a healthy, athletic life – and how GNC products can help enhance these goals – through the use of social media, video, appearances and marketing materials.”

4 » Former Gators dazzler now ESPN reporter Erin Andrews recently made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! on ABC. Below is her entire interview with Kimmel split into two videos (watch top first then bottom).


  1. g8ter27 says:

    Will Hill is such an idiot. I am so glad that POS is gone from here. Hey Will, we would not change a thing either. “if I clean up my act and show I can still play, I can still get there” Still play? When could you ever play? So glad we have kids with good character and are leaders out there now. Lets see, Matt Elam or Will Hill? See ya Will. GO GAORS!

  2. GatorCooken says:

    Erin Andrews…. Wowwww

  3. JW says:

    It seems a bit harsh to refer to Will Hill as a “POS.”

    • g8ter27 says:

      Perhaps JW. Obviously I am not a big fan. For many reasons I feel like he was a cancer to the team and a poster child for what Muschamp is making sure we stay away from in recruits.

  4. SD says:

    Will hill’s interception of Aaron murray in the endzone, and return for 89 yards inside Georgia redzone! That’s sufficient enuf reason to forgive hime 🙂

  5. Brett says:

    Reality check for Will Hill. I don’t think highly of him. In my opinion he represented the school very poorly. I’m embarrassed to be associated with him.

  6. Will W says:

    Erin Andrews is my favorite ambassador for UF.

  7. Basshole says:

    I don’t think I’ve seen Andrews look better than she did in that interview. Wow.

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