Gators fall sharply in latest Top 25 polls

By Adam Silverstein
October 2, 2011

The Oklahoma Sooners held on to their season-long No. 1 spot in the USA Today Coaches Poll, while the LSU Tigers kept the No. 1 ranking they earned from the Associated Press last week when the latest top 25 polls were released on Sunday. The Florida Gators (4-1, 2-1 SEC), fresh off a 38-10 beatdown from the Alabama Crimson Tide, understandably fell in both rankings.

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This Week 1-5: Oklahoma (27), Alabama (21), LSU (10), Stanford, Wisconsin (1)
6-10: Boise State, Oklahoma State, Clemson, Oregon, Texas
11-15: Michigan, Arkansas, Georgia Tech, South Carolina, Nebraska
16-20: Illinois, Virginia Tech, Florida, West Virginia, Michigan State
21-25 Kansas State, Florida State, Auburn, Arizona State, Texas A&M

Last Week 1-5: Oklahoma (32), LSU (20)/Alabama (7), Stanford, Boise State
6-10: Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Nebraska, South Carolina, Virginia Tech
11-15: Oregon, Florida, Texas A&M, South Florida, Clemson
16-20: Baylor, Texas, Arkansas, Michigan, TCU
21-25: Georgia Tech, Illinois, West Virginia, Florida State, Michigan State

This Week 1-5: LSU (40), Alabama (12), Oklahoma (7), Wisconsin, Boise State (1)
6-10: Oklahoma State, Stanford, Clemson, Oregon, Arkansas
11-15: Texas, Michigan, Georgia Tech, Nebraska, Auburn
16-20: West Virginia, Florida, South Carolina, Illinois, Kansas State
21-25: Virginia Tech, Arizona State, Florida State, Texas A&M, Baylor

Last Week 1-5: LSU (42), Oklahoma (12), Alabama (5), Boise State (1), Oklahoma State
6-10: Stanford, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Oregon, South Carolina
11-15: Virginia Tech, Florida, Clemson, Texas A&M, Baylor,
16-20: South Florida, Texas, Arkansas, Michigan, TCU
21-25 Georgia Tech, West Virginia, Florida State, Illinois, Arizona State

*Numbers in parenthesis represent first-place votes.


  1. Basshole says:

    That’s fair. As bad as we looked, I could have seen us dropping more

  2. Aligator says:

    After next week we will be hanging on in the polls after our LSU game. Hopefully we will be able to climb back up the polls …

  3. Brett says:

    Jeez you guys going in with the attitude that we lose against LSU is a terrible way to go into battle!

  4. aziatic41 says:

    Any update on Brantley’s injury?

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