10/26: Will Muschamp’s SEC teleconference

By Adam Silverstein
October 26, 2011

With the Florida Gators coming off a bye week and set to face the Georgia Bulldogs in a rivalry game on Saturday at 3:30 p.m., head coach Will Muschamp spoke during the Southeastern Conference coaches teleconference to provide some insight about where his team is at heading into the contest.


Muschamp addressed his potential starting quarterback’s health in his opening statement, noting that, “John Brantley has continued to progress well through the week. He’s expected to play on Saturday unless something shocking comes up through the latter part of the week.” He went on to say that, “He’s throwing it well, throwing it well here in practice. We’ll progress through today and Thursday and then have the walk-through on Friday to see how he continues to improve.”

He also said that Brantley’s return will help the team not only from a physical standpoint but also in improving confidence that may have been lost after dropping three-straight games. “There’s no question psychologically as a senior quarterback and how well he was playing and how well we were playing offensively when he was in the game, it was a psychological advantage for our entire team,” Muschamp noted.

“The quarterback position is just such a critical position on your football team – different than any other from the standpoint of having that guy that’s been there, done that, that’s had success, that gives confidence on both sides of the ball and special teams and creates some good momentum for your team.”

[EXPAND Click to expand and read the remainder of this post.]» On the health of senior running back Jeff Demps: “Jeff has practiced well. We feel like the off week obviously helped. We feel like he’ll be at top speed.”

» On the transfer of sophomores tight end Gerald Christian and Robert Clark: “The discussions were private. Let’s talk about the players that are on our football team right now. Those two young men are not a part of our football team anymore.”

» On if he’s building up rivalry week with the team: “I don’t think I have to stand in our team meeting room and explain to them how important this rivalry is to the University of Florida and to our players and with what’s at stake to go to Atlanta for us. We need to win the game. They understand that, and they see all of that and what’s at stake.”

» On playing in a rivalry game: “There’s no question that there’s a little more juice involved in the game as far as a game like this when it is one of the great rivalries in all of sports. There’s certainly a little extra juice involved. If you’re a competitor, you go out and compete regardless of the situation. Whether it’s practice, whether it’s a game, whatever is. That’s just kind of the way I try to approach it.”

» On Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray’s talent and ability: “He throws the ball very well. He’s completing over 60 percent of his passes. You don’t really look at their passing game as an underneath passing game; they’ve got a lot of vertical throws. So when you look at a vertical passing game and the guy’s competing 60 percent, that’s impressive number one. Number two is mobility. He runs well, and I think he’s got a great presence in the pocket as far as feeling rushes, getting away from rushes and getting rid of the ball on time.”[/EXPAND]

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  1. gatorgrad79 says:

    and you don’t suppose every Ga player will be aiming at JB’s ankle ????

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