Florida down to No. 7 in BCS, No. 8 in human polls

By Adam Silverstein
October 28, 2012

The Florida Gators fell five spots to No. 7 when the third edition of the BCS standings were announced Sunday night. Florida, with a .760 (-.171) average, checked in behind four undefeateds and two one-loss teams. The Alabama Crimson Tide (.976) remained No. 1. The Gators are one of five Southeastern Conference teams in the top eight.

Early Sunday afternoon, the ninth regular season editions of the USA Today Coaches and Associated Press Top 25 polls were released with Florida down but still unanimously a top-10 team.

UF dropped five spots to No. 8 in the respective polls. The Gators checked in with 1,024 voting points (-305) in the USA Today poll and 1,075 voting points (-305) in the AP top 25.

The Crimson Tide remained the unanimous No. 1 team in the country. Alabama received all 59 first-place votes from the coaches and all 60 votes from the AP voters.

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This Week 1-5: Alabama, Kansas State, Notre Dame, Oregon, LSU
6-10: Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Florida State, Louisville
11-15: Oregon State, Oklahoma, Clemson, Stanford, Mississippi State
16-20: Texas A&M, USC, Texas Tech, Boise State, Nebraska
21-25: West Virginia, Arizona, Texas, Oklahoma State, Louisiana Tech

Last Week 1-5: Alabama, Florida, Kansas State, Oregon, Notre Dame
6-10: LSU, Oregon State, Oklahoma, USC, Georgia
11-15: Mississippi State, Florida State, South Carolina, Texas Tech, Rutgers
16-20: Louisville, Stanford, Clemson, West Virginia, Texas A&M
21-25: Boise State, Michigan, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin

[EXPAND CLICK TO EXPAND and check out the rest of the top 25 polls.]USA TODAY COACHES POLL
This Week 1-5: Alabama (59), Oregon, Kansas State, Notre Dame, LSU
6-10: Georgia, Florida State, Florida, Clemson, Louisville
11-15: South Carolina, Oklahoma, Oregon State, Boise State, Stanford
16-20: Texas A&M, USC, Mississippi State, West Virginia, Texas Tech
21-25: Nebraska, Texas, Louisiana Tech, Oklahoma State, Rutgers

Last Week 1-5: Alabama (59), Oregon, Florida, Kansas State, Notre Dame
6-10: LSU, Oklahoma, USC, Oregon State, Florida State
11-15: Georgia, Mississippi State, Clemson, Louisville, Rutgers
16-20: South Carolina, Texas Tech, Boise State, Stanford, Michigan
21-25: Texas A&M, West Virginia, Ohio, Texas, Wisconsin

This Week 1-5: Alabama (60), Oregon, Kansas State, Notre Dame, LSU
6-10: Ohio State, Georgia, Florida, Florida State, Clemson
11-15: South Carolina, Louisville, Oregon State, Oklahoma, Stanford
16-20: Texas A&M, Mississippi State, USC, Boise State, Texas Tech
21-25: Nebraska, Louisiana Tech, West Virginia, Arizona, UCLA

Last Week 1-5: Alabama (59), Oregon, Florida (1), Kansas State, Notre Dame,
6-10: LSU, Oregon State, Oklahoma, Ohio State, USC
11-15: Florida State, Georgia, Mississippi State, Clemson, Texas Tech
16-20: Louisville, South Carolina, Rutgers, Stanford, Michigan
21-25: Boise State, Texas A&M, Ohio, Louisiana Tech, West Virginia

* Numbers in parenthesis represent first-place votes.[/EXPAND]


  1. Tractorr says:

    This is the point in the season when the polls get wonky. Why are we behind a team we beat? This never makes sense to me.

    • scooterp says:

      because its 3 weeks later…….. and Kent st could have won yesterday the way we stunk up the joint. I have no problem with where we fell or that LSU is ahead. Week 9 polls don’t mean a whole lot. Besides, the Bengals will get pounded by Bama next week anyways.

  2. Lava lizard says:

    LSU still has to play Alabama, and unless Georgia messes up and loses to Ole Miss, they’ll lose to Alabama in the championship. That should move us into the top five ahead of both of them and give is a good BCS bowl. That will make this a terrific season.

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