Florida kicker Eddy Pineiro will play at LSU despite misdemeanor property damage charge

By Adam Silverstein
November 17, 2016
Florida kicker Eddy Pineiro will play at LSU despite misdemeanor property damage charge

Image Credit: UAA/Tim Casey

Florida Gators redshirt sophomore kicker Eddy Pineiro will not miss Saturday’s game against the LSU Tigers despite being charged with misdemeanor property damage stepping from an incident on Oct. 7

Pineiro allegedly “began pushing over scooters that were next to his” and damaged the vehicles by kicking them and “ripping off side mirrors,” according to a police report obtained by 247Sports. The Gainesville Sun, citing a sworn complaint, reports the damage was valued at $800.

During a weekly press conference on Wednesday, head coach Jim McElwain looked confused when asked whether Pineiro was set to play on Saturday. “Did he do something?” the coach asked. “… He kicked the heck out of it [Wednesday]. Made it rain a couple of times. Did good.”

Pineiro has made 13-of-17 field goals and all 25 extra point tries in his first season — ever — as a kicker with a number of bombs beyond 49 yards.


  1. SL says:

    Although i’m concerned about the bad choice Eddy made as he represents the Gator program, i’m more blown-away by Coach Mac’s response. Either he truly did not know, which how can that be the case as the HBC, (someone correct me if i’m wrong but booked means Arrested) or he is a liar and is ignorant this would not be available publicly. Either way once again I question the HBC.

    • JimmyJohns says:

      I guarantee he knew about it. If a player is investigated, arrested, etc. the coaches definitely hear about it. But, the incident happened 6 weeks ago. It’s probably already been addressed and dealt with from the team side of things. He may not have known that the charges just came down, therefore the surprise/confusion.

    • BULL says:

      Oh, blow it out your ass. So the coach does not want answer some dumb reporter’s question. You question the coach…I question the crap fans that UF picked up in the mid-90s.

  2. cline says:

    The “media” at these pressers are laughable at times. The question was posed in a manner that most would be confused. This person appeared to be fishing hoping to get coach to make a statement that he didn’t have to. Hopefully he has already been punished internally. Go Gators

  3. MAR says:

    I like his answer, because I as well consider this nothing worth keeping anyone out of a game over. In fact, I consider it a perfect answer, nor do I think Coach Mac is a liar. Very proud of this teams decrease in legal trouble, and Coach Mac is the reason why.

  4. Jackie says:

    Charged…..not booked.

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