FOUR BITS: Tebow, Tebowing, Macklin, Young

By Adam Silverstein
November 23, 2011

1 » Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow will don the cover of yet another edition of Sports Illustrated. This time it is a far shot of him taking a snap from under center before handing the ball off with the subtitle “Tim Tebow Demands…”

2 » Speaking of Tebow, the “Tebowing” meme that blew up on the Internet a few weeks ago has now reached a new level. According to, “Tebowing” is the name of horse from Little Red Feather Racing out of California that is the daughter of a Kentucky Derby winner. “We are so mesmerized by Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow and the latest craze ‘Tebowing’ that we decided to rename our Fusaichi Pegasus filly Tebowing,” LRF Racing explained. Also interesting is the fact that LRF Racing is looking for investors in the horse and will give a 5 percent discount if an investor includes a picture of themselves Tebowing with their offer. The filly is not scheduled for any races.

[EXPAND Click to expand and read two more BITS.]3 » Former Florida Gators center Vernon Macklin is still waiting to step on the court for his first game with the Detroit Pistons. In the meantime, he and future teammate Ben Gordon handed out donated turkeys to underprivileged families at the Volunteers of America facility in Detroit, MI on Tuesday. “I was once one of those families,” Macklin told the Detroit Free Press. “My family had times when we were in need and to be in a position to help out, it feels great to do it.”

4 » Gators sophomore center Patric Young was poked in the eye Monday night while playing Wright State in Tampa, FL. Young’s right eye swelled up a bit and was half shut most of the remainder of the game. For protective purposes, Young will be wearing a pair of goggles Friday when Florida takes on Jacksonville. Teammate and redshirt junior guard Mike Rosario snapped a photo of Young, which you can check out below.



  1. Daniel M. says:

    Just read this on ESPN in story about Meyer/OSU

    “WKMG’s sources said Mickey Marotti, the strength coach at Florida, would join Meyer and become Ohio State’s director of football operations…”

    Losing Marotti would be a huge blow. Yikes!

    • Mr2Bits says:

      Blow? That’s actually the best thing in this whole situation seeing as how our lines have been far from physical.

      In short, I think Meyer caught fire with Tebow and company while he was here. I think he is a good coach but don’t think he will ever have the success he had at UF. If he wants to go to OSU, fine, ruin your UF legacy as that’s your choice but don’t ever think you can say your health concerns were the reason why you left. Meyer left because Tebow and his crew were gone and the situation we were in was inevitable. He will be no better than a 2 loss coach at OSU. If these rumors are true, Meyer is no better than Saban/Kiffin and I hope he finds whatever he is looking for.

      • Daniel M. says:

        Yes, blow. Was Marotti not creating “physical” players when UF was busy sending a long list of horses to the NFL? Wanna tell me that those guys aren’t physical? I wasn’t aware that it is the strength and conditioning coaches’ responsibility to get players to be physical. Silly me, I thought that was up to the coaches…

        Many factors affect physical play. Recruiting, depth, injuries, experience, leadership, coaching, and yes, even strength & conditioning all converge to create what the lines bring to the trenches. To blame Marotti for our young and depthless line play is nothing short of knee jerk and an insult to Marotti as well.

        Maybe S&C coaches are just like other coaches and, depending on the culture of the coaching staff, become ineffective and need to move on. Whether that is the case or not, Marotti has done an outstanding job at UF. While busy dismissing him because of UF’s poor line play, spend a moment considering his “players to the NFL” resume. Pretty sure it is better than anyone else’s in the country during the last five years. Since he was brought in by Meyer and is an Ohio product, it’s hard to see him not jumping on board with Urban’s inevitable move. I personally hope he remains at UF for a very long time but the writing is on the wall. I have nothing but respect for Mickey Marotti.

        Caught fire with Tebow? So Marotti is not worthy and Meyer is just another coach? While Tebow was an incredible coup, Meyer also assembled an incredible coaching staff top to bottom and was amongst the elite recruiters in the country. Last I checked, Tebow didn’t participate on the defenses that were nasty and an integral part of UF’s run of titles.

        Do you ever consider these topics objectively before firing off shortsighted comments?

        • Mr2Bits says:

          Yea, I really sit and ponder things so I can write 5 pages of crap like you do. Losing Durkin and Marotti is not a blow and I could care less what you have to say about it. Their quality of work since the dream crop of players has left is crap. Our players have gained no physical growth and most are extremely undersized for being upperclassmen. No long winded post you dream up is going to change my position on the shitty job I think the both of them have done. I will be glad to see the both of them go.

  2. Scooterp says:

    So he didn’t catch fire with Chris Leak in 06? Or Alex Smith at Utah in 04? I swear you guys suffer from demetia. Say what you want – be pissed at him for leaving if you want. But insinuating he is lucky for having success because he had Tebow makes you sound silly. Last time I checked good recruiting is part of being a good coach at the college level. And stop saying he left the cupboard bare – that’s equally stupid. He didn’t have 8 players leave the program to play

  3. Scooterp says:

    …. elsewhere. Obviously, he wasn’t the same coach last season. Despite what some people think, calling him a “quiter” and the like, I think it took a lot of balls to say – I can’t give it a 100% anymore, maybe I should walk away. Though we are thin in some positions, there is still a ton of talent – the reason we suck is the staff , just doesn’t know how to use them.

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